Cowboys could vacate Valley Ranch

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The Cowboys could be looking for a new place to put their boots.  And their golf clubs.  And the rest of their stuff.

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys are exploring the possibility of moving from their headquarters at Valley Ranch, a 28-year-old facility that is now deemed to be outdated.  Per the report, the Cowboys fully intend to make the move.

The team is considering locations in Irving, Arlington, and Frisco.

Since 1985, the Cowboys have practiced at Valley Ranch, and no move is expected until after the 2013 season, at the earliest.  The Cowboys currently have no indoor practice facility; owner Jerry Jones has not replaced the bubble that collapsed during a storm in May 2009.

18 responses to “Cowboys could vacate Valley Ranch

  1. Valley Ranch doesn’t have enough room for the new tennis courts, swimming pools, and the extended golf course.

  2. Frisco? Perfect. They can move into Candlestick when the Niners leave next year. They can practice pass defense in that corner of the end zone where Dwight Clark made “The Catch” that effectively ended the Cowpies’ current dynasty at the time. Romo can pretend he’s Joe Montana, minus the 4 rings of course.

  3. this was just posted as a one liner…..but i understand you havent had a cowboys story in roughly an hour so…..

  4. If you look from above with google maps, they’ve got room to expand in Valley Ranch. Lots of space to add significant square feet. Hell, there’s space to build an indoor field too! Not sure what the motivation is here. If its to gain tax breaks elsewhere with new place, that’s just not okay.
    I always thought the Valley Ranch campus setup was one of the more unique setups in the league, instead of a generic office building with a couple of fields next to it, which is what most places do.

  5. I live in Frisco, that would be sweet to have the Cowboys out here. The Stars are already up here, but hockey is stupid so no one here cares. And since I’m just about to put my house on the market, I need this to happen soon!

  6. This is a good plan as long as they leave Jerry behind at Valley Ranch. Let him pretend to run an NFL franchise there.

  7. It sounds like Jerry Jones wants a Hand Out from the city/county where the facilities are located

    All these Rich guys, asking for Hand Outs !!

    NFL Welfare Bums

  8. Considering the quality of the construction during Jerry’s time of ownership–the bubble, the added seats for the Super Bowl–if I were a Cowboys employee, I’d consider my options if a new facility is built.

  9. apmn says:
    May 16, 2013 11:03 AM
    This is a good plan as long as they leave Jerry behind at Valley Ranch. Let him pretend to run an NFL franchise there.

    Best post I’ve seen in a while.

    Whatcha wanna bet Jerrah doesn’t put much of his money in at all?

  10. Why do people write ridiculous things like it’s all about $$$. Jerry paid for the new stadium w/o tax payer help. And as the businessman that he is, he has the NCAA tournament there, concerts, rodeos, car shows, College FB series and now the Nat’l Championship game in a few years.

    Whereas clowns like Stephen Ross, want hundreds of millions from Florida to build a new stadium for a team that doesn’t sell out….Even after they gave money to J. Loria who had a firesale 1 year later.

    In the article it says, Valley Ranch is outdated at 29 yrs old. The guy wants top flight facilities for his squad that he loves so much, that’s all it is, and he’s investigating alternate locations. Maybe he’ll get favorable property tax rates in a different locale, but it’s about having the best facilities and doing it big.

  11. I think it would be nice if NFL teams would mimic English soccer. Build a stadium with the practice facility on the other side of the player’s parking lot. Everything the team could need woul be in one spot.

  12. SparkyGump says:
    May 16, 2013 10:44 AM
    As long as he doesn’t go grubbing for taxpayer dollars, I don’t care where Jerry moves the HQ.

    How does this comment make any sense? The guy built a billion dollar stadium from his own money. When has JJ even grubbed for taxpayer money?

  13. I am so excited about the move, with Jerry’s 16 year old daughter living in Frisco…they will be able to finally spend time together!

    Good Luck Guys!


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