DeSean documentary reveals rocky start with Reid

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In 2008, the Eagles made receiver DeSean Jackson a second-round pick in the draft.  It was a happy moment for Jackson and his family.

And then Jackson got on the phone with former Eagles coach Andy Reid.

In a new documentary focusing on Jackson’s football life, Jackson shares the content of the conversation to friends and family members, after the call ended.

“Hey, I just want to say one thing,” Jackson told them, via Tim McManus of  “I was on the phone with Andy Reid.  He said, ‘I don’t want your family to be a problem.  I don’t want to deal with your dad.’  He said some bad things.  I just wanted to let you know.  That’s kind of messed up, though.”

Reid’s concerns apparently came from the late Bill Jackson’s heavy involvement in his son’s football career.

“I never gave him time off,” Bill Jackson says in the film.  “People used to say, ‘Why are you doing him like that.  You’re trying to kill him.’  Because he had so much energy, he would be running the streets.”

DeSean’s coach at Cal, Jeff Tedford, shared some observations about Bill Jackson, which surely made their way to Reid during the pre-draft process.

“While I understood what Bill’s motives were he didn’t always go about it the right way,” Tedford said.  “As far as alienating people or really being loud outside of the locker room and things like that.  If DeSean only caught a couple balls in the game, he wanted him to catch 10.  He was driven for DeSean to be successful.”

Based on that reality/reputation, it made sense to let Jackson know from the get-go what would fly, and what wouldn’t fly, in the NFL.  Overbearing parents who think their kids aren’t getting enough opportunities are bad enough at the youth level; by the time those kids become adults, the parents need to completely back off.

And there’s nothing wrong with a coach saying so.  In fact, it’s sort of the definition of coaching.

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  1. Jackson and other idiot athletes are the result of terrible parenting. They all think they are entitled and the moment they are shown the real world they show what they are really made of… I like Andy Reid more after reading this.

  2. I am just trying to figure out why there is a desean jackson documentary coming out. Isn’t that reserved for superstars and relevant players, and not one trick pony headcases.

  3. Yes there is nothing wrong with it, but telling the guy this 10 seconds after you just drafted him is wrong. Let him celebrate and then during rookie minicamp bring him into your office and let him know.

  4. When reached for comment, Reid said: “I gotta do a better job of putting DeSean’s dad in a position to successfully parent. Time’s yours.”

  5. Haha this happens to every team. If you think it’s bad for Reid, imagine the flack college coaches take considering they are actually visiting the homes and recruiting these kids.

    If you want a great example of someone who can take care of the young guys and help them transition into the NFL, look at what Al Groh did while he was at UVA. No the team wasn’t winning championships but he produced Matt Schaub, Chris Long, Brandon Albert, Chris Canty, Heath Miller, Ras-I Dowling, Cedric Peerman, Rashawn Jackson, Chris Cook, Nate Collins, Kevin Ogletree, John Phillips, Darryl Blackstock, Ahmad Brooks, Elton Brown, Eugene Monroe, Brad Butler, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Thomas Jones, Jason Snelling,

  6. I know 7th graders with bigger biceps than Desean. If you told me he has been overworked growing up…I just wouldn’t believe you. The only question Desean faced coming into the league was his size and how he would hold up getting hit…yet he hasn’t gotten any bigger or stronger since coming into the league. That’s not a sign of a guy whose hard-working to me. –Eagles fan

  7. I see nothing wrong with Bill’s actions. Sometimes we fathers know better than the coaches.


    Craig James

  8. 1 member of Deseans family is enough headache for Andy Reid.

    Good call by Big Red. You already have to deal with the player and agent. Time for the parents to let deal w their own bosses once they sign their multi-million dollar deal.

  9. I get what Reid is saying and back him completely, however, the comment should have waited until their first private meeting and not had been blurted out during his “Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles” phone call.

  10. Big Red had every right to let the diva know how things would go.

    If this Eagles fan had his way, Reid would still be an Eagle and Diva Desean would be outta Philly.

  11. A documentary??? About Desean Jackson? Can someone PLEASE tell me why this little nobody deserves s “documentary”? I thought documentaries were for important people and events.


  12. I have some buddies who played football with DeSean at Cal. To a man they all say he is one of the worst human beings on the face of the Earth.

  13. Why does most articles have to embellish in negativity? Why couldnt you focus on something positive? Why is it always about the negative of athletes. Why cant you all write about when athletes do well. Im tired of just seeing story after story of someone getting arrested or what not..Why do you reward negative articles with exposure? Why is there a police blotter? Hockey and the NBA blog doesnt have one? What is the purpose of this? Would it have been hard finding something positive from Jacksons Documentary to make an article about?

  14. @heisthejuan

    I agree with that. As far as I’m concerned he’s always been a pampered spolied athlete. As a birds fan, I think Jeremy is twice the man & team player Jackson is. I know others will disagree but in 2011 he QUIT on the team.

  15. It clearly would have been better for him to have an absentee or noninvolved father like alot of these other knuckleheads who end up in trouble once they get a little bit of fame or money. SMH at Andy Reid and Jeff Tedford.

  16. OK if Andy Reid wants to straighten the kid out about football and being a professional, but he’s one of the last people on earth that should be talking about parenting.

  17. First thing Desean’s dad has passed away due to cancer, and number two this diva and punk and so called terrible teammate has been at the forefront of stop the bullying campaign with young people and has started a foundation to help bullied kids.

  18. The only people I like less than Reid are his players. You have been in the league five years and have produced sub-par, what a waste of time doing a documentary. The problem with the eagles is they all think they are great – last year was not a fluke you’ll end up the same this year- at the bottom.

  19. “captainwisdom8888 says: May 16, 2013 11:24 AM

    I know 7th graders with bigger biceps than Desean…”


    Careful there monsignor.

  20. anyone who disagrees with reid’s approach is obviously someone who has never had to lead people. input is one thing but when input becomes interference, everyone loses.

  21. I see nothing wrong with Bill’s actions. Sometimes we fathers know better than the coaches.


    Craig James

    -says the parent of the biggest headache/spoiled punk on any given youth sports team.

  22. Here is the funny thing about parents, I was in a special waiting area after a Raider game. the game Jamarcus was taken out of the game. Standing with Huggy Bear, Justin Fargas Dad, listening to him complain about playing time then looking over at the Russell family rant and rave about the Jamarcus playing time. Blaming the coaches. have run a softball league for girls for 15 years I thought to myself, am i back in All Stars for 10 year olds. parents are parents.

  23. Andy Reid may have been aware of a previous Philly sports icon whose family made his team relationships very rough – Erik Lindros

  24. Just like the press to take the only somewhat negative thing from the doc and run with it (without mentioning – later – Reid calls Desean to congratulate him on being named to Pro Bowl at WR / PR / KR) without mentioning other cool moments.

    First, why is there a doc about Desean? It is about (believe it or not) how hard work can get you to your dreams. His brother is a filmmaker who has shot video of Desean’s entire career (including pee-wee, visits from Pete Carroll, etc…) and his father pushed him to work everyday to achieve that dream.

    As for great moments, one of the best occurs when Desean visits the KC Chiefs in high school (his brother was on the practice squad or something). We watch as he catches his first footballs at an NFL training camp at the age of like 16. An assistant coach pulls him aside (paraphrasing):

    “What grades you get in school, Jackson?”
    “Some Bs, some Cs.”
    “Oh, you happy with that – Bs and Cs? You know what people will think of you – there is another black athlete getting by on Bs and Cs. You want to impress people? Look at Scott (Fujita). He went to Cal and got straight As. You think it was hard to draft a guy who played like him and got straight As? You think there was any doubt he could handle the mental part of the NFL with straight As?”

    And in a powerful moment, we watch a young Desean Jackson stare at Scott Fujita with his awe and his mind racing and realizing it isn’t all about football.

    Look, I’m not saying it is a great doc, but there are a lot of moments in it that are great (for any NFL fans and especially Desean Jackson fans) because they apparently documented every single thing the kid ever did.

  25. Wait a minute….2 points. 1 of which has been mentioned, but bears saying again….
    1. The kid was just drafted. What db to have to “set a tone” on that day on that phone call. TOTALLY could’ve waited until the first behind closed door meeting between coach and player. Shows no respect IMHO.
    2. WHAT THE HECK HAS ANDY REID WON AS A HEAD COACH? Aren’t they judged by CHAMPIONSHIPS at certain levels? How about he learns how to properly utilize a running game. And please no “WCO has built in short passes to act as a running game” malarkey. Pure nonsense. He wouldn’t know how to sustain a balanced drive if was at the steering wheel of a CLS.
    3. (so I lied) So yo uhave a parent that had a hard time understanding where his parenting ends and a coach’s coaching begins…why not man up and talk to the father and tell him “you’ve done the best job possible to get him here, now that he’s here we’re going to make sure we do our best to keep him successful here – and I can use your help by being there for him when he needs you because I’m not going to go easy on him.”

  26. In vacuum, it may have been fine. But people don’t live in vacuums. Andy’s reputation was that of a stubborn donkey, who was out to prove people wrong, just for the sake of proving them wrong (even if they were right). That’s why Andy didn’t win a SB in Philly and why he never will. As long as he’s trying to double super secret outsmart everyone just to prove he’s smarter than you are, he won’t win.

  27. I honestly am unsure what Desean and his dad were even trying to communicate based upon those quotes. You have every opportunity in this day and age not to be an idiot and yet so many people choose to talk in broken english.

  28. Andy should take a step back and look at his own kids he did a great job. Fathers need to be apart of a man’s adult life. That’s when things are tough

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