Eagles experimenting with Jeremy Maclin as punt returner

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DeSean Jackson isn’t the only Eagles receiver who may be returning punts this year.

According to Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com, receiver Jeremy Maclin will get a chance to fill those duties, too.

“Yeah, we’ll look at Mac back there,” coach Chip Kelly said, via Mosher.  “Again, it’s May, so we’re going to take a look at him and Damaris [Johnson] and DeSean and Nick Miller.  Russell Shepard is a guy that’s returned punts before, one of the rookies that’s out here.  So we’ll get a bunch of those guys because you never know in a game; all of a sudden two guys are hurt.”

Maclin, who returned punts and kickoffs in college, has 76 career NFL punt return yards.  In 2012, he returned no punts or kickoffs for the first time as an Eagle.

“When you’ve only got a 46-man [game] roster, someone has got to go back there, and hopefully it’s someone that’s fielded punts before,” Kelly said.  “[Maclin] has got some experience at it, but we’ll take a look at him.  But does that mean he’s going to be our starting punt returner?  I have absolutely no idea right now.”

The added duties could be a blessing and a curse for Maclin.  In his contract year, the versatility could make him more attractive to a new team.  But it also increases the risk of injury, which if bad enough could significantly limit his market value.

15 responses to “Eagles experimenting with Jeremy Maclin as punt returner

  1. I don’t think Maclin will be returning punts. Yeah, he was an all world returner in college but so were DeSean and Damaris. Those extra plays of Maclin getting hit will just increase his number of Jevon Kearse “stingers” this year.

  2. As an Eagles fan, no way do I want this happening. This guy can get injured passing a wet fart, so let’s have 11 people running towards him at the same time?

  3. ill bring up a saying i havent heard in a long time. could this be a smoke screen ???

  4. Using both DeSean or Mac back there is risky because they are so injury prone.
    I’d use someone else if I could and let them just catch passes but what do I know..
    The team isn’t going anywhere far this year anyway so I guess they have nothing to lose(but games..)

  5. That experiment will fail just like the Chip Kelly experiment. No Eagles, we will NOT trade you Richard Crawford to return punts because even DeShaun Quackson would admit that Crawford’s punt return ability is SUPERIOR.


  6. desperate times comes desperate measures. you go chipper drive that empty trophy case team into the ground in year one. chipper one and done then back to the drawing board. crash egirls crash.

  7. Maclin does seem to be a little fragile to be back there, but so does DeSean. Maybe split duties? Either way, it’s really refreshing to actually see somebody in Philly trying something different for a change.

  8. As an Eagles fan it is nice to see a coach who is going to play the best person for the job instead of Andy Reid’s approach of giving someone a job and then seeing if they can do it.

    I swear Andy started treating the team like a fantasy football team, including his coaching staff, and as we’ve learned from the Redskins of the late 90’s/early 2000’s that never works.

  9. i love how the front running redskins fans are popping out of the woodwork.
    Do you forget that the skins have been irrelevant for the past 20 years??
    throw that Jersey back into the hiding place.
    IRG3 wont be back till mid season. there goes your entire offensive scheme.


    Eagles, at least 8-8 NFC East Champs.
    Bank on that

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