Evan Mathis shows his disdain for the IRS

Already the least popular of the federal governmental agencies, the IRS has taken a significant hit in recent days amid news confirming longstanding beliefs that the U.S. tax department exercised its discretion to conduct audits and generally give folks a hard time with politics in mind.

Like most if not all Americans, Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis doesn’t like it.  Unlike most if not all Americans, Mathis has opted to make his views known, in an entertaining way.

Mathis posted on Instagram a photo of himself in the universal standing pee position by an IRS sign, with the message “Audit this.”

In response to someone who predicted that Mathis will soon be apologizing “count on that,” Mathis said, “How high are we counting?

Apparently, Mathis is willing to count only to number one.

29 responses to “Evan Mathis shows his disdain for the IRS

  1. As a high ranking IRS agent watched Mathis from his corner office, he was heard laughing and then saying ” dont wory about that guy, he has enough problems”

  2. The IRS targeted conservative and liberal groups that were abusing the tax exemption laws. If you’re a conservative who likes racial profiling and drug testing for welfare applicants, you don’t get to be mad at the IRS for this.

  3. Wanting to drug test welfare recipients is not racial profiling. There are more whites on welfare than minorities. Nice try though.

  4. Drug testing welfare recipients, targeting likely abusers of tax-exemption laws, and racial profiling all apply the same logic: presumptive guilt based on tendencies. Nice try, yourself.

  5. Let’s see how brave he really is. Local law enforcement should question him first, to see if he admits to doing what he boldly claimed to have done. My guess is he will swear he was just kidding and never really wet the marker, as he claimed.

    Then the feds should question him for the same reason. Finally, he should be summoned to NY to answer questioning by Goodell. A suspension should be in order regardless as to whether he did or didn’t wet the ground.

  6. I love this pic, and we all as Americans can agree that we all get the shaft when it comes to the IRS. Glad he didn’t apologize like all of the public figures do when they “slip up and accidentally say what they are truly thinking.” The stones on that guy to make a pic like this is admirable.

  7. Way to sugar coat what happened mike. You do realize only conservative groups were targeted while liberal groups were passed through and in many cases givin the info obtained from the IRS on the conservative groups

  8. You guys still think the IRS is an agency of our federal government? Thats rich.

    I bet you think the federal reserve is also a branch of government- created by Americans, no less… right? Amiright?

    You’ve been washed. Clean as a whistle.

  9. They should do a motivation test to. One called the “I’m just gonna take this money, pop out kids, and never get a real job test” If you fail that, and it’s determined you will live your life like a lazy piece of waste, you can’t get welfare. Suddenly….95% of people are not on welfare. Evan Mathis still remains the man. I mean shoot, this dude was lucky to get another deal after coming to the Eagles lol. Needs to keep that money sine he won’t have that zone blocking scheme to keep him employed this year.

  10. Do you actually see a urine stream or wet spot on the sign?

    He’s probably simply posing for a humorous picture. There’s no law against standing there.

  11. Maybe it is handicapped visitors he doesn’t like? Unless he is aiming up, but then there is wind to battle and it could get messy.

  12. The fact that theses tea party groups classify themselves as “social welfare groups” for tax purposes is completely insane and they absolutely deserved to be audited.

  13. IRS were doing their job making sure that groups claiming tax exemptions were actually entitled to them and not political fronts, terrible comment on Washington that this is seen as a scandal.

  14. “I am not a role model..parents should be role models.” – Charles Barkley

    Get over it. It’s America and whether you think this picture is awful or funny or suspension-worthy it’s Evan Mathis’ right to express himself. He is an average OG on a mediocre professional football team..can we move on and not make this about liberals or tea party conservatives?

  15. Ah Social media-the place where athletes go to expose themselves as complete idiots. If you are an owner of a team, the first rule should be no socail media. These guys are just not competent enough to handle it from an emotional or intelectual standpoint. Well, most of them anyway.

  16. Yeah, nothing will happen to him legally as there’s no evidence in the picture that he’s actually peeing. If he actually WAS peeing, he should apply for an art grant from the NEA as they love giving money to “provocative” artists!

  17. Mathis will apologize after someone explains to him that the IRS was targeting “Tea Party groups” and not “teabagging parties.”

  18. It is amazing that liberals are okay with the IRS doing this against political enemies. How will you feel if the conservatives elect a president and he has the IRS go after liberal groups that you like? You guys have had so much kool-aid that your brains don’t work anymore.

  19. Oh dear. Look at all these poor cognitive dissonance patients who can see a blatant scandal with their own two eyes, but be so invested in the imaginary hope and change they counted on that the feelings of dissonance they feel actually lead them to lie and justify an immoral disgusting event that actually happened. They will actually pretend its not true so they don’t have to admit they were fooled by a fraud. This is all part of his plan. He knows he can get away with whatever he wants because his followers and supporters are in a cult like trance.

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