Giants “put their toe in the water” for Charles Woodson

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Increased interest come to those who wait.

More than once this offseaosn, Charles Woodson has commented on the lack of interest in his services around the league since he was released by the Packers. Those complaints seemed justified since he had only met with the 49ers and they decided to move in a different direction by signing safety Craig Dahl and drafting another one in Eric Reid. Things have heated up of late, though.

Woodson has an offer from the Raiders, just visited with the Broncos and, now, his agent Carl Poston has thrown another name into the mix. Poston told Josina Anderson of ESPN that the Giants “have just put their toe in the water again” in regard to Woodson’s services. The Giants were one of the first teams mentioned as a landing spot for Woodson when he left Green Bay, but nothing developed there earlier in free agency.

The Giants lost safety Kenny Phillips earlier this offseason, but signed Ryan Mundy to go with Stevie Brown and Antrel Rolle in the three-safety packages that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has been fond of running. While there would still likely be a role in various packages for Woodson, it probably wouldn’t be bigger than ones he could find elsewhere and it would be unlikely to pay much better either.

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  1. The 3 safety defense is a perfect fit for Woodson. He’s the type of player that can move anywhere.

  2. wish him the best and he’ll be a Raider for life but time rolls on, I’m fine with not signing him and it seems maybe he doesn’t have as much as I thought left in the tank? Good luck Charles, great career regardless who you sign with…peace!

  3. Woodson doesn’t want to be a Raider again, he did nothing but complain about them like everyone else that was unfortunate enough to be drafted by them. Giants by far seem the best fit with the pressure they put on the quarterback Woodson will be a turnover machine yet again. Hang it up after this year Charles.

  4. “While there would still likely be a role in various packages for Woodson, it probably wouldn’t be bigger than ones he could find elsewhere and it would be unlikely to pay much better either.”

    The Giants run a lot of 3 safety sets, so he’d get a good amount of playing time even as the #3. And he could probably split a good amount of time with Brown as well. If he wants to play for a contender and Denver isn’t interested, the Giants are a much better option than Oakland.

  5. No such thing as a bad player. Just a bad contract.

    Vet min. Backup role. Mentor Prince and Hosley. Welcome to East Rutherford Mr. Woodson.

  6. The Giants could win a Super Bowl. Ain’t happening in Oakland.

    Money don’t matter, Woodson. Go play for the Giants. They need him anyway because Aaron Ross sucks.

  7. He obviously doesn’t want to go to the faiders. Its his last resort to be able to play. He is just like the rest of the league. No one actually WANTS to play there. Just have to go in order to play. Cribbs did the same.

  8. It probably won’t be an issue now, but can you imagine Woodson and Coughlin trying to co-exist ten years ago? No way.

  9. C wood ain’t going to a backup! So the best fit for him would be back in Oakland! All the contenders don’t want him to start Woodson doesn’t sit on the bench while a team goes on the a playoff push,anyways who’s to say the raiders can make one. look at all the super winners regular season record form the last 10 year’s!

  10. I would love to see him on my GIANTS. He still has some good years left in him, and another veteran on a good team would only help things.

    He also has as good a shot to get one more ring on the GIANTS as he does anywhere else he is going to realistically sign. I am kind of surprised the Pats did not at least kick the tires on him.

  11. vincelombardisghost says:
    May 16, 2013 1:20 PM
    Woodson = defensive holding penalties, a step slow, injury prone.
    Sounds like an upgrade to me.

  12. If he’s a real
    scheme fit surely he’d be an upgrade from Chris Crocker (currently still on the street) for the Bengals? I’d suppose Marv & Zim would know best.

    Jus’ dreaming my Bengal pipe dreams here …

  13. you forgot to mention the Panthers as suitors. They have some dough thanks to Deangelos restructuring and could easily afford Woodson. Gettleman made the call, we’ll see how serious he was. The Panthers would be a better fit than Oakland in terms of contending and he would start at SS instead of being a nickel as in NY. Woodson behind the Panthers front 7 would be perfect, hes the ballhawk theyve been missing for quite some time now

  14. If I were the giants I would let Corey Webster go and sign Charles Woodson to play cornerback. We have enough depth at safety that we don’t need hint I start in that position. I think ourDefense at a whole would be better with him at corner and we could give him Corey’s restructured contract if need be. Just my option though.


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