Jets offered Garrard a chance to coach this summer


David Garrard could end up in Jets camp this summer after all.

The retiring-because-of-a-bad-knee quarterback told Jim Corbett of USA Today he’s been offered a coaching internship by the team.

The Jets offered me the chance to come back if I want to take a shot at that coaching thing with an internship in training camp,” Garrard said. “I told them I’d talk with my wife about it, so I could still work with those guys. “It’s definitely something I’m considering.”

Garrard said his understanding was that the Jets didn’t plan to add another quarterback, saying: “I’m not sure if they want to add any more controversy.”

And it was also clear from Garrard’s early impressions of Geno Smith that he thinks the Jets found a future starter in the second round, though he believes there’s a genuine competition for the job this year.

“I think Geno’s going to be great,” Garrard said. “He still has a lot to learn in the NFL. He definitely has to work. But he has what it takes. Now he has to go out and prove it.

“The one thing the kid has is he’s definitely the guy of the future. He’ll get a whole lot more attention from the fans, because they definitely want to see that new guy, especially since Mark has had a rough couple of years.”

And from the tone of those remarks, it sounds like if Garrard coached with the Jets beyond this year, Smith’s the one he’s expecting to be working with most closely.

17 responses to “Jets offered Garrard a chance to coach this summer

  1. Remember when everyone said Chad Pennington would be a coach one day? “He has such a great knowledge of the game”

    Why the hell aren’t they offering him a coaching job??

  2. gotta start somewhere if he wants to get into coaching… Hell if he could make Sanchez even an “average” QB he’d be getting head coaching opportunities by next season.

  3. Yea, because the Jets ruined Tebow, the Jets are the reason the other 31 teams don’t want him. Has nothing to do with his ability to play QB, right?

  4. Perhaps Garrard can teach Geno how to run out of bounds for a sack 2 yards behind the LOS.

  5. Amazes me that Garrard — or anyone else — can predict “greatness” for someone simply by just watching that someone in shorts and a t-shirt against no one.
    As for Garrard himself: this guy has somehow morphed into legendary status without being able to even survive tryouts. Only the Jets would come up with a coaching offer to someone with zero coaching credentials.

  6. Just wondering, did the Jests offer him an UNPAID internship? That would fit with the way they operate.

  7. bobzilla1001, your comments are interesting to say the least. First of all, the “talking heads” on sports television, with no real experience, have no problem predicting greatness for this draft pick or that draft pick. Secondly, no great, or even mediocre coaches, such as Lombardi, Parcels, Gibbs, etc. had to start somewhere. How do you gain coaching experience unless someone gives you the first opportunity?

  8. David- GO FOR IT! If you can make it there….

    You were really cool here in Jax, just tried to play hurt under a bad coaching scheme for your skill set.

    You were well liked and a leader, go for it!!!!!

  9. Who are the “jests” ? Wacky play on words? Smith will be their starter before long. Sanchez will be out of the league in a year. He has no passion, no leadership ability. Looks like a pouty little spoiled brat out there ,, oh wait, that’s right ,, I forgot, he was a Trojan! Geno! Geno!

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