Mike Wallace: Ryan Tannehill will be one of the great QBs

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New Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace says Miami’s quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, will be just as good as his old quarterback, Ben Reothlisberger.

“Both have strong arms. Ryan has a cannon, can really fling it,” Wallace told the Miami Herald. “Ryan may be able to throw the ball a little farther than Ben. Obviously, Ben is more experienced in game time experience. The way it’s going, it won’t take long for Ryan to be one of the great quarterbacks. I feel like we can make a lot of big plays.”

Wallace said he and Tannehill have put in so much extra time together that they’ll have all the chemistry they need long before the regular season starts.

“By the time we get to training camp, we’ll be fine. We throw two to three times after practice every day,” Wallace said. “I like this team. I like how everybody works. Not much talking, just grinding. That’s the way it should be. I’m one of the older guys on this team, so it’s different than being in Pittsburgh.”

But what’s similar to Pittsburgh, Wallace thinks, is that he’ll still catch passes from a great quarterback.

55 responses to “Mike Wallace: Ryan Tannehill will be one of the great QBs

  1. Will likely break all of Marino’s single season Dolphin records this year! Will be the 3rd Dolphin QB to be inducted in the HOF! Go Fins!

  2. 1st Bowe, now Wallace. Wide outs with wide mouths.
    A little less lip before September would be nice. Until then, avoid injury through OTAs & Preseason.

  3. Hahaha. I love that Wallace is gone from here. Maniacal ego maniac. Old stone hands will be begging for big Ben, once he sees tannehill can’t scramble and throw it 55 yds down field only to watch Wallace drop it! What an overpaid diva! Good riddens!

  4. It doesn’t matter how far Tannehill can throw it, Hands of Stone Wallace is only gonna catch 1 out of every 3 balls thrown to him, unless of course, he’s thrown to on every single play so he “doesn’t lose his concentration”. What a joke!

  5. “Old stone hands will be begging for big Ben, once he sees tannehill can’t scramble and throw it 55 yds down field”

    Yeah, and ex WR with great speed and a cannon of an arm can’t throw it on the run.

    There’s this thing called YouTube. Check it out and you may rethink your comment.

  6. Someone forgot to take their journalism pills this morning. Wallace never said Tannehill will be just as good as Big Ben. He made a few comparisons, and that was it.

    Ya just gotta laugh when writers start crap like this, and laugh even harder when commenters get their panties all up in a wad over something that never happened.

  7. Keep chucking that long ball this year and everything will be great. Wallace was awesome before the Steelers turned into a dink and dunk offense. Still did pretty good. I heard they need WRs bad over there. Ben will have to juke defenders again as he tries to carry that awful team to 8-8 again.

  8. Can we just STOP already, the Fish are a SECOND place team at best!

    Don’t we hear this crap every off season, last year the Bills signed Mario Williams and they were going to challenge NE for the Division. Now the Fish get some overpaid fast WR and have some second year at best AVERAGE QB and they are the new off season team to beat.

  9. mike Wallace had a 95% catch rate last year. twice as good as wes welker. why to the hateful steelers fans always make comments about him not being able to catch? u loved him when he was on your team….just saying

  10. So the former WR who was praised for his ability to throw on the run lacks an ability to throw on the run?

  11. Tannehill’s greatness will have a lot to do with whether Wallace can re-learn how to catch a football.

    The number of drops he had last year was alarming.

  12. Let’s see…… Larry Fitz said Palmer is going to be great….Golden Tate said Wilson is going to be great….Witten said Romo is going to be great….Jackson said Barkley is going to be great….Garcon said Griffin is going to be great….Bowe said Smith is going to be great.. catching my drift? What else is the top WR going to say about their QB? No one knows how these QB’s are going to end up. Is there potential, sure, but predicting to one of the greats is a bit of an ambitious statement. Just say to the media that you are impressed with his skills, and feel he has potential of having a good year.

  13. “How on earth are two world class athletes supposed to play football on such a subpar, terrible field? And I’m concerned that our fans will be watching from a dangerous, unsafe Stadium environment. If we fail this year, it’s the taxpayers’ fault not mine.”

    -Stephen Ross

  14. Yeah I’m sure working with the Miami Dolphins is a total breath of fresh air compared to what it’s like working with a perennial contender like the Steelers every day. Miami’s really got it all figured out.

  15. Big Ben is getting much slower these days. Unless of course he chasing a waitress around the ladies bath room. Last year Big Ben led his team right into NOT being in the playoffs and they always are talking big. To rag on Tanneyhill after just one year is weak and now without Wallace so are the Steelers! This will be back to back years of no playoffs for Big Ben.

  16. Gotta love the offseason, every single rookie looks like a sure fire hall of famer, every player who came close to a major milestone last year is going to destroy it this year, every middle of the road player is going to become the next superstar and every coordinator and head coach says this might be the best group they’ve ever coached. Did I miss any?

  17. Atwaters right. Everybody’s awesome this time of year. Then we played the Pats and realized how below average we really were. Gotta have optomistic outlook though. Right now ..Were all going to be in the superbowl.

  18. Some creepy deja vu going on down in Miami.

    Brandon Marshall had the same type of things to say about Chad Henne.

    This serves no purpose other than to create unrealistic expectations and unneeded pressure…not to mention providing ammo for those of us in the Blogland that like to remind players of what they said when the time comes.

  19. Phinfan, you’re realizing what us fans of other AFC north teams have known which is that Steelers kids think every player is HOF but when a beloved legit star leaves he’s now a bum. Remember these are the same deluded ppl that invoke 40 year old rings as “arguments” to everything like its relevant

  20. Tannehill has the physical tools and the intelligence to become great. And word is that he’s a very hard worker. Plus, he’s married to a hottie so we don’t have to worry about him being accused of trapping women in bathrooms… Seems like a good QB to have.

  21. Whiny Steeler fans….
    Mike Wallace

    PIT 76 72 4 5.26

    Those are the stats. 4 drop passes on 76 catchable balls. I love when teams lose a great player to free agency then pick apart any shortcomings. In this case they just make them up. He dropped 4 catchable balls. Maybe if Ben could throw on a better line ……. Oh that’s right..….his lines only work on drunken college girls. The bigger problem is Steeler fans, much like the Yankee fans, are whiners. You have a valid history with many championships….congrats. You got lucky in one of your last Superbowl wins and didnt deserve the other. Look at Bens stats in that game. So revert to when you were a dynasty….the 70’s Just like the Yanks and their fans……the 90’s. Wallace makes a fine addition to the WR and TE core that the Dolphins have. If they can keep their RB’s healthy and give Tanny enough time in the pocket, they should score enough to offset last season’s 5 – 1TD or less losses. Plus a little improvement on Defense and they might win 10 games in 2013

  22. All this time I thought Santonio was the ex-Steeler recv’r that smoked too much weed.

  23. Jeff George had a great arm too. Has Wallace ever seen Tannehill in, you know, a real game?

  24. Sounds like these guys are spending too much time talking about how great they are instead of working as hard as they can to be great.

    I appreciate that the Fins made a lot of seemingly positive moves this offseason that should make them a better team. Emphasis on should.

    Until they actually start playing regular season games that count, and win them, there’s no reason to be talking about themselves like this.

  25. Be nice to see the dolphins as a mild threat. aFC east is so boring because jets and bills are horrible.

  26. Usually when everybody tries to get out in front of the “he’s going to be” train, it never happens for that player, which I suspect will be the case with Tannehill. He’s going to disappoint Dolphin fans just like he did at Texas A&M because he couldn’t put it all together at the end of the day.

  27. I like Tanny. I’m rooting for somebody to ATLEAST challenge New England. Good ‘ol Tommy-Boy has made a living beating down Miami, N.Y and Buffalo his whole career. That’s 6 easy wins on average. Time to buckle up or SHUTUP, Miami. With that said, I’m not sure where this strong arm is coming from. I’ve seen Tannehill try to push the ball downfield and noodle it ala Chad Pennington. Wallace is fast, but sometimes, he doesn’t know how to throttle his speed within the intermediate route running. Take away Wallace, and he becomes a non-factor. Overrated for 60 mil.

  28. Ben has slowed down so much the last 2 years he looks like he’s on sleeping pills. Now that Hines Ward is gone he has no go to guy to bail him out. Wallace gone now makes it worse. Talking trash about Wallace for making a one sentence comment about his new qb shows that Steelers fans wish they still had Wallace.

  29. No he won’t Mike, I scouted this QB and reviewed him thoroughly and I’m sure he’s not going to be one of the great ones. No chance. And Miami will be penalized heavily by taking a long time to figure this out. The professionals in charge of that team agree with Mike Wallace on this, and they are going to learn the hard way.

  30. Not on here to bash anyone, but lets just be realistic. Tannehill could develope into a functional QB but stop with the Marino comparisons until they at least win their division while he’s the QB. Next lets talk Wallace….great speed, tremendous athlete, terrible route runner, questionable hands, bad attitude when things don’t go his way. While in Pittsburgh he made mistakes constantly running routes, throws came from whichever QB was in the game and the uneducated fan would say “who was that pass thrown to!” because it looked like it was thrown to an open area or worse yet an opposing player. Usually if you look back at those situations it was in Wallaces’ direction… the problem being that Mike was supposed to run an 8 yard out and instead was still in the process of running a 12 yard out, or it was a read the defender play and he misread the defender and ran a slant when he should have been running an out(you get the idea). Couple that with the 20% drop rate and the bad attitude when the(money,number of passes to,etc.) didn’t go his way and yes as a Steeler fan I am happy to see him gone! Give me a disciplined guy like Brown all day over the undisciplined Wallace type guy. You can always replace speed but it’s impossible to manufacture understanding. Good luck to Mike and the Dolphins hope it works for them especially at what $7 mil a year. Lastly I’d just like to point out to all the doomsday predictors of the Steelers that believe that a replaceable WR can’t be replaced…. remember how we were never going to survive the loss of Santonio Holmes….

  31. Afraid great not in the cards till the #1 receiver can perform like one, cut down on the drops.

  32. I like the confidence Mr. Wallace, but Tannehill has a long way to go to get there.

    Plus he has the added distraction of having a hot wife. So I hope his concentration skills are all there!

    I’m rooting for the kid though, I really do like him.

  33. thestrategyexpert says:
    May 16, 2013 12:04 PM
    No he won’t Mike, I scouted this QB and reviewed him thoroughly and I’m sure he’s not going to be one of the great ones. No chance. And Miami will be penalized heavily by taking a long time to figure this out. The professionals in charge of that team agree with Mike Wallace on this, and they are going to learn the hard way.
    Hmmm I doubt seriously that you have “scouted” Tannehill. I think you watched ESPN and maybe listened to the “Expert” Skip Bayless. I know this because if you watched more then 30 seconds of highlights you would have seen an QB with

    1) strong arm
    2) the ability as a rookie to play the defense
    3) hard work ethic
    4) speed
    5)pocket awareness
    6) developing accuracy

    not to mention a high motor…When the kid threw an INT he would look to see what he did wrong and go back out there…

    but I could be wrong because you are “the strategy expert”


  34. @
    bigbenownsthenfl says:
    May 16, 2013 6:56 AM
    Hahaha. I love that Wallace is gone from here. Maniacal ego maniac. Old stone hands will be begging for big Ben, once he sees tannehill can’t scramble and throw it 55 yds down field only to watch Wallace drop it! What an overpaid diva! Good riddens!
    So can Tannehill NOT scramble and throw it fifty five yards, or does he, and Wallace drops it. It can’t be both, especially in the same sentence.
    Also, it’s good riddance not good riddens.

  35. Big Ben owns the NFL? Last year the only thing Big Ben owned was the couch he sat on to watch the playoff he didn’t quaify for. This year the only thing that will change for Big Ben is him getting a new couch.

  36. Todd Haley ruined the Steelers offensive game. It wasn’t the right system for Wallace. He left for more money. It’s a business. Stop hating on him fellow Steeler Fans. He’s a great receiver and deserves praise as a good one

  37. Nothing wrong with the comments from Wallace, just expressing some optimism and confidence in his QB. Not sure why people have a negative opinion in regards to the comment.

    Also, JETS 2.0? last time I checked Joe Philbin isn’t out there wanking on about a Super Bowl win. The JETS make moves for headlines. The dolphins made moves to improve and the media increased its coverage of them. What, would you rather have them not add talent so they could avoid the hype?

  38. Dear benblows the league..oh i mean Dear benowns the league…you are just sorry that your steelers lost all their players and whats left is some old age garbage that will put you nowhere this year!! Have a great time….LOSING!!

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