NFL players vote Stephen Tulloch ahead of Darrelle Revis


The odd voting on NFL Network’s Top 100 program continues.

On tonight’s episode of the show, on which the league-owned network counts down the 100 best players in the NFL as voted on by the players (or at least the players who felt like filling out ballots), Lions middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch landed at No. 63. Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Reivs came in at No. 67.

Does anyone really think Stephen Tulloch is better than Darrelle Revis?

Yes, I realize that Revis is coming off a season in which he played in only two games before suffering a serious knee injury. But come on. All indications are that Revis will be back at 100 percent this season, and Revis at 100 percent is one of the league’s truly elite players. Tulloch is most certainly not.

Put it another way: Does anyone really think any team would give up a first-round draft pick and $16 million a year for Tulloch? Because that’s what the Buccaneers gave up for Revis.

The bottom line is that the players who vote for NFL Network’s Top 100 rankings don’t take it very seriously. Which is how we get results like this.

82 responses to “NFL players vote Stephen Tulloch ahead of Darrelle Revis

  1. It’s the top players of 2012. Revis tore his ACL and hardly played. Obviously someone that played the full year will be better…

  2. Everyone was getting dinged for not playing a full season, and that is perfectly understandable. Kaepernick was dinged for that reason, as was Percy Harvin earlier in the countdown. Not sure how one should even make the list playing 2 of 16 games.

  3. It’s the month of May and the NFL Network has made the headlines. Great work fellas!!!!

  4. Well, if we are voting on how they performed last year (when Revis missed much of the season), this isn’t that crazy. If we are voting on their careers, obviously that is a different story.

  5. Derrell Revis should not be on this list, just as Peyton shouldn’t have been on the list last year.

    Assuming that, I have no qualms with Tulloch being on a list of the top 100.

  6. Actually, Revis Island should be fortunate wheres he at. Last time I checked he missed well over half the season and the rankings are top 100 OF 2013. So I think the pick is justified.

  7. Well, this proves the NFL allowed the Lions’ players to vote.

    scene: a hazy, smoke filled room

    Lion 1: Hey man (cough) ima put Tulloch on this ballot (chuckle) (giggle)

    Lion 2: (giggle) oh man! Awesome! (cough) Me too!

    Lion 3: Don’t Bogart that pen my friend, pass it over to me (laughter)

  8. Isn’t it the top 100 players of the 2012 SEASON?!?!? If that’s the case why is Revis on the list at all?

  9. “All indications are” that Revis played 2 games all year and you and no one else knows what he will be when and if he comes back. Tulloch on the other hand was there for 16 and played pretty well. NFL players know who plays and who doesn’t. I’ll side with the players on this one.

  10. Four straight 100-tackle seasons and stability at MLB should not be underrated. Last year he was better than Revis. Revis was hurt.

  11. Or maybe the players on the field playing against each other every day who have been playing football their entire lives against the best of the best have a better understanding of the quality of their peers than a journalist. You never know.

  12. At this time Revis’ ranking is immaterial. We don’t even know if he will ever play another down. So, in my opinion, having anyone ahead of him is completely justified.

  13. “Put it another way: Does anyone really think any team would give up a first-round draft pick and $16 million a year for Tulloch? Because that’s what the Buccaneers gave up for Revis.”

    Just because the Bucs took a ride on the insane train and gave the premier locker room cancer in the league a huge contract doesn’t mean he’s worth it.

    There are good reasons that none of the other 30 teams that could have traded for him made the slightest move to do so.

  14. It also means that Stephen Tulloch is underrated as a player by the media, who don’t even really know who he is.

  15. From what Ive seen that top 100 is a joke. Seriously how many games do most NFL players watch a year? Not many.

  16. no other team was giving up a 1st round pick and 16 million dollars either bucs bid against themselves

  17. The problem is I believe the ballot only allows for a player to vote for his top 20. So yeah, players actually listed jacoby jones as a top 20 nfl player.

    What is there like a 500 way tie for the bottom 40 spots?

  18. Been saying forever that MEvis is overrated, and overpaid.
    The East Coast media has overhyped him and bamboozled the simpletons that dwell on the wasted coast.

    The best CB in the game is Mr. Richard Sherman. I can easily rattle off 99 better than Greedy Island.

  19. At 63 through 69, it’s all just throwing names on the board. Tulloch is a solid player. Revis is hurt. The real debate is why wasn’t revis much higher on the list since he allegedly is the best at his position in the NFL.

  20. Maybe part of it is just that some of the players were getting tired of Revis’ act and it affected their voting.

  21. For anyone with a semblance of cognitive ability, it would be easy to understand the ratings were based entirely on the production for the 2012 season. Nice try to manufacture a storyline however.

  22. It’s how the player did in the 2012 season, am I correct?

    Well, he hardly played in 2012 so I don’t see why it’s a problem.

    If you’re going off just overall best player on any given day, then yes he should be a lot higher, but it’s the 2012 season and he’s lucky to even be that high.

  23. It’s the top 100 players of 2012 season. Revis shouldn’t have even made the list. Just as Peyton Manning shouldn’t have made it the previous year.

  24. “Darrelle Reivs” is currently regarded as “overrated” at #67 by a 4:1 ratio on’s list of top 100 players

  25. aintthenazz
    May 16, 2013, 7:49 PM MDT
    Revis is on the decline, Tulloch still in his prime.


    Tulloch is older than Revis you idiot

  26. Revis is over rated!! He does great against the average NFL WR but he doesn’t dominate the elite WRs like an elite CB should. It just goes to show we don’t have many top notch CBs in this era of NFL. Think about it who is really an elite CB these days? Maybe it’s because of the NFL rule changes but there is no Deion or Woodson or other elite CB right now.

  27. the first comment is inaccurate. it is not the best players of the 2012, the previous season. it’s the best players right now, which factors in both how well they played last season and how well they are projected to play in the immediate future.

  28. You answered your own question. Revis played TWO games and still ranked 67. What have you done for me lately? Nothing, and still 67

  29. melkipershero says:

    From what Ive seen that top 100 is a joke. Seriously how many games do most NFL players watch a year? Not many.


    NFL players are too busy watching film to watch NFL games dude

  30. Best player
    Best players of 2012…he played two games…chill.
    If he’s back for sure, he’ll be back a lot higher next year…
    It would appear that there’s a writer who’s a big Revision fan.

  31. For all of you idiots saying this is the Top 100 Players of 2012, read the headline on Top 100 Players of 2013. This is why Peyton Manning made the list last year after not playing a snap. They are, or SHOULD be, ranking players based on predicted 2013 performance…or…who would you rather have on your team for this upcoming season?

    Well folks? If you could choose between Darrelle Revis and Stephen Tulloch for this upcoming season, who would it be?

    Answer seems pretty obvious to me.

  32. really this is what you have a problem with a guy who only played two games deserves to be higher than Tulloch. How about Dwayne Bowe being higher than DeMaryius Thomas! Bowe had 800 and 3 tds while DT had 1300+ yards and 10 tds! What is the with the “love affair” with the Chiefs first a 2-14 team has 5 pro bowl players and now this!

  33. “Put it another way: Does anyone really think any team would give up a first-round draft pick and $16 million a year for Tulloch? Because that’s what the Buccaneers gave up for Revis.”

    So…..Albert Haynseworth should have been like Top 3 after his contract, right?

    Terrible logic…..I guess the fact that MDS is a lion bashing expert might have something to do with the fact that this is even a story.

  34. If there has ever been an argument for not letting players vote for the players to be inducted into the hall of fame, it is this show.

  35. Actually, it’s “The Top 100 Players of 2013”, not 2012. It’s supposed to be a ranking of how players feel that others will do in the upcoming year. The flaw in that is this: No one can truly predict injuries, and no one is putting a rookie on this list before he takes a snap.

    I’d say the vast majority of players vote based on 2012 performance. The other slice, likely the players who can understand the concept, skews their voting towards how players will do in 2013 – which is how injured players make the list. They correctly capture the concept.

    The merger of the two is how you get odd voting.

    And it’s too late for the NFL to change it to performance-based for last season, unless they don’t mind repeating the year in the title two seasons in a row.

  36. msclemons67 says:May 16, 2013 9:38 PM
    Well, this proves the NFL allowed the Lions’ players to vote.
    scene: a hazy, smoke filled room
    Lion 1: Hey man (cough) ima put Tulloch on this ballot (chuckle) (giggle)
    Lion 2: (giggle) oh man! Awesome! (cough) Me too!
    Lion 3: Don’t Bogart that pen my friend, pass it over to me (laughter)

    Dislike it all you want, squares. Best post so far..

  37. So why should we or any of the players really care? Why would anyone take this list seriously? I’m tired of news stories about the top 100 or which player is complaining about where he landed.

  38. The list is titled Top 100 Players of 2013. Most of you idiots should be prevented from pro creating. For humanity’s sake.

  39. You mean the list that put tebow in the top 100 last year is somewhat inaccurate? I don’t believe it.

  40. The one that really stuck out to me wasnt that he was ahead of Revis since Revis didnt play last year but that he was ahead of Chad Greenway. Im a Lions fan and love Tulloch but there is no way he should be ahead of Greenway and honestly dont think he should have been on the list at all (maybe in the 90s)

  41. I’d take Tulloch over Revis any day. Don’t get me wrong Revis is really good, but not as good as Tulloch. He’s durable, dependable, consistent, and a good leader/team player. Compared to Revis anyway. #overrated

  42. Frankly, I don’t think ANY Cornerback should be included in the Top 100 Players, especially in today’s NFL, with up to 4-5 guys involved in running routes. Everyone else, on both sides of the ball, has to deal with multiple players from the other side, coming at them from any direction.
    A Cornerback lines up in front of one guy and his job most of the time is to cover that one guy wherever he goes. Also, no one is allowed to touch him while he’s covering his One Guy. Until they start covering 2, or 3 guys at once, like maybe a Safety, they shouldn’t be considered for this list at all, unless they have like 7+ interceptions.
    Big Deal, he shut His Guy down while the opposing Quarterback throws for 300+ yards, 3 TDs, and his team wins by 20 points!

  43. That list is crap. I stopped watching the list on NFL Network as soon as I saw Cameron Wake ranked 88th. He should be top 30.

  44. People THOUGHT Nnamdi Asomghua was “elite.” Remenber?

    But then we found out that what was really happening was…. Quarterbacks just never happened to throw to his side of the field. People said it was because they were “scared.” Now we realize it was just because the raiders defense left other guys so wide open that opposing quarterbacks just went with anything else.

    Revis is good. Top 5 in the league. But he’s hardly unbeatable. And he also had the luxury of playing under Rex Ryan who helps defensive players shine. And Cromartie would actually take the assignment of covering the better receiver in quite a few key matchups.

    Can we stop picking apart someone’s favorites list and start talking about why defensive players are flagged for facemask or any contact to a helmet… But ball carriers are allowed to grab facemasks or punch would-be tacklers in the head and they just label that a “stiff-arm?”

  45. I stopped taking the list seriously when Donovan McNabb came in at 100 or 99 the first year this was done after stinking it up even by pre-rg3 redskin qb standards. That was the players telling us from the get go that if they even fill out a ballot they are likely only filling out the top 10-20 players.

    If I were a player I would cast my ballots with names such as Matt Cassel, Eyore the Donkey, Vernon Gholston, Shawn Merriman, Fireman Ed’s ghost, Early Cuyler etc.
    That way I would not get a ballot in the future.

    If they want to make things interesting, release the ballots to the public with players name attached.

  46. All indications are that Revis will be back at 100%? Are those the same indications that the 31 other teams in the NFL had that made them choose not to keep or go after Revis? Revis at 100% is the best CB in the league. Only 1 team wanted him, therefore there are pretty few indications that he’ll be back at 100%.

  47. Why pick on Stephen Tulloch? If you’re going to argue about Revis “at 100%” then he’s going to be better than about 90 other guys too. Why pick on Tulloch?

  48. This is the top players of 2013, not 2012. He will be 100% by week one. He goes from 5 to 67?? Okay…

  49. revis didn’t play enough last year. he shouldn’t have been on the list at all. manning shouldn’t have been on the list last year either.

  50. If this is indeed based solely on the 2012 season, then the only Lions player worthy of making the list is Megatron. The Lions D sucked plain and simple.

  51. If anything it’s flattering to Revis that he made the list of top players of 2012 after only playing in a few games.

  52. hmmm for sure Revis is a better cb than tulloch and tulloch is a better lb than Revis. if your going to complain about somebody being ranked higher than another guy at least make sure they play the same position.

  53. myosin10:

    You honestly couldnt make this stuff up? Are you freakin serious?

    You didnt even need to watch revis ever play. Even just a quick glance at the box score would suffice.

    This is just in 1 season back in 2009 when all the receivers below are among the elite:

    Andre Johnson- 4 Catches, 35 Yards
    Randy Moss- 4 Catches, 24 yards
    Marques Colston- 2 Catches, 33 Yards
    Steve Smith- 1 Catch, 5 yards
    Randy Moss- 5 catches, 34 yards
    TO- 3 catches, 31 yards
    TO- 3 catches, 31 yards
    Roddy White- 4 catches, 33 yards
    Chad Ocho Cinco- 0 catches, 0 yards
    Chad Ocho Cinco- 2 catches, 28 yards
    Jackson, Gates, Floyd- 0 catches, 0 yards (All three of these guys had pretty good days that game when matched up against another Jets DB).

    In 2010:
    Calvin Johnson- 1 Catch, 13 yards
    Andre Johnson- 4 Catches, 32 yards
    Reggie Wayne- 1 Catch, 1 yard
    Demariyus Thomas- 1 Catch, 17 yards
    Combo of Hines Ward and Mike Wallace- 2 catches, 14 yards and 1 catch,6 yards

    These are just some examples so give me whatever you are smoking!

    If anything, Revis completely annihilates the top receivers game in and game out. He at times “struggles” against younger and fast receivers like Stevie Johnson. And when I say struggles, he lets Johson average 4 catches for 40 yards for .5 TD’s over 7 games. That would be elite for any other corner.

  54. Quit hating on the Lions. I swear this site never passes up a chance to put the Lions down. Revis shouldnt even be on the list so whats the issues with it anyways? Seems to me you could have made a story about a guy who played in 2 games last year and was still in the top 100.

  55. I disagree with the writer’s assessment. The vote was supposed to take into account ONLY the impact on the field, in games played last season. It’s one thing to argue that Revis is a better player than another. It’s another to try to argue that you would take his two games’ worth of production over a full season of someone else’s work last year. If the players voted for Tulloch, then there you go. Expand your thinking and deal with it.

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