Nick Fairley: Suh and I are the best defensive tackle pair in the NFL


The bold proclamations from Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley are continuing.

When we last checked in with Fairley, he was predicting the Lions would go to the Super Bowl. Now Fairley is saying that he and Ndamukong Suh are already the best defensive tackle tandem in the NFL.

Of course,” Fairley told the team’s website. “We’re going to give guys trouble, man. It’s like pick your poison this year with our defensive line. You cannot come in and double-team Ndamukong and you can’t come in and double-team me.”

Fairley said that there’s so much talent on the line, with him and Suh in the middle and a three-man rotation at defensive end, that opposing offensive linemen aren’t going to be able to block them all.

“You won’t be able to double-team Ziggy [Ansah] or Jason Jones or Willie [Young]. You have to pick who you’re going to bring your back to chip. We’re going to feed off each other, and when we get that chemistry down, it’s going to look real good for us,” Fairley said.

Fairley came on strong in his second season and was one of the Lions’ few bright spots in a disappointing year. The Lions will need Fairley and Suh to be as good as he says they are, if they’re going to be as good a team as he says they will be.

101 responses to “Nick Fairley: Suh and I are the best defensive tackle pair in the NFL

  1. I don’t doubt that front as being top rated. It’s the lions secondary that loses them games tho

  2. Ah, Geno Atkins is better than them combined no matter who plays beside him, Domato, or one of their young studs from last year.

  3. Nobody needs to double team either of them. They will be rendered useless by the teams deploying misdirection into their game plans.

  4. I like Fairley, and think he can be a heck of a player. But to be honest, Suh & a tunafish sandwich would be in the top 10 DT pair in the NFL.

  5. You both got to be on the field to take advantage of that, so if neither of you get suspended for anything this season you may be able to take advantage of that.

  6. There’s a couple of guys in Cincy that says different nick. Geno Atkins and Domata Peko says you talk to much.

  7. He should feel that way..good for him. To bad his GM didn’t want to get him some quality secondary players in the off-season to help him.

  8. They may be in talent, but they certainly ARE NOT in on-field production. Once they get their act together we can talk about them being best. Until then, they are just pretenders, like the rest of that team.

  9. Oh, really? Kevin Williams and his rookie partner might have a different take.

  10. Match tackles and sacks between Atkins and Peko and Fairley and Suh….Who wins? Atkins has blown Suh away for 2 years straight.. And we wont even talk about the DE’s comparisons…. Dunlap and Mike Johnson with Wallace Gilberry and James Harrison coming off the edge….Dude please..Stop smokin.. LOL

  11. Yup, just like you couldn’t double team Suh before because that would leave Vanden Bosch alone and he would.. oh wait.

    Every year the Lions have the best DL on paper.. and then reality sets in and you see how overrated Suh and the rest of them are. This will be yet another year of them disappointing their fans but not surprising anyone who is paying attention.

  12. This article makes me miss the William’s tandem in Minnesotta and Stroud-Henderson in Jax.. Now those were DT tandems that gave teams nightmares…

  13. It’s nice to see Suh’s performance in the championship game still carry this much weight

  14. To label one’s self in such a way is silly. If it’s true, others will do it for you. If it’s not, you just look stupid.

  15. Fairley and Suh combined for 13.5 sacks during 2012, second most among defensive tackle duos. Cincinnati’s Geno Atkins and Domata Peko totaled 14.5 sacks, with 12.5 belonging to Atkins.

    And keep in mind Fairley missed the Lions’ final three regular-season games.

  16. You sir, are one drug test away from irrelevance. You have a long way to go before you can be Robin…

    I’d like to see you live up to your potential though.

  17. JJ Watt and Antonio Smith are better than Suh and Fairley. Actually JJ Watt and a homeless guy are still better than those two.

    Yeah, yeah, I know Watt and Smith are 3-4 DEs. But 3-4 DEs and 4-3 DTs are basically the same position.

    Anyway, I think the interior of Houston, San Franciso, and Cincy’s D-lines are better than Detroit’s.

  18. Profootball focus has Fairley and Suh rated in the top five at their position using an objective evaluation system. Ah, yes they are the best DT tandem in NFL.

  19. Nothing better than early morning jokes from a joke of a team like the lions.

  20. Even if what he says is true, it doesn’t seem to have helped the team win much.

  21. Sharrif Floyd hasn’t played a down in the NFL and Kevin Williams is on thae back end of his career..spare me that nonsense.

  22. Atkins was a one man show last season, but Suh and Fairley are the better tandem. Go look at the numbers.

  23. Miami’s D Line will be better, especially against the run. Cam Wake, Dion Jordan, Randy Starks, and Paul Soliai, with Odrick in for Jordan on running downs. That’s a great line.

  24. tremoluxman says:
    May 16, 2013 10:32 AM
    Oh, really? Kevin Williams and his rookie partner might have a different take.
    Floyd may be a tad overrated. Check out the Florida-Kentucky game highlights from this past year and watch how Larry Warford abused him all game long. The NFL is full of Larry Warfords.

  25. When the media asks a player if they are the best at their position, and they say yes, it’s not the same as the player volunteering that opinion.

    Some players down play those questions and answer in a media savvy way and others answer honestly… “yes I am the best… yes I think we’ll win the Super Bowl”. Every player at that level is confident and believes in themselves.

    I don’t think anything here was particularly bold.

  26. Newsflash Bengals fans: Atkins and Peko are overrated. Atkins has that many sacks because the line in general (including DEs) and LB core are all very strong as a “front seven.” He also plays against Ben Roethlsiberger, Joe Flacco, and Brandon Weeden who all hold onto the ball so long that it starts to deflate… I’m not saying he isn’t a great player, just that he gets far too much hype for what he actually does. I point to week 17 when Geno Gradkowski (Ravens center in his 1st start) completely nullified Atkins with no help! Fairly and Suh are obviously the best 1-2 DT tandem in the NFL. K-Will is getting old and Shariff is unproven in the NFL. He struggled against top-tier talent in the SEC when he was matched up. Watch out for Ngata and Brandon Williams this year!

  27. You also forgot to mention that you don’t have cliff avril this year taking away the attention. If anything, I see their numbers declining

  28. Sorry buddy, while Nick Fairley is sitting on his couch smoking weed watching his days at Auburn where no one blocked him into his first round draft status, and Ndamukong Suh is driving 120mph down Detroit streets after school lets out…

    Paul Soliai and Randy Starks are making Probowls, combining for close to 20 years of NFL experience, creating one of the most versatile DT tandems in the league. Backed up by first round draft pick Jared Odrick, and before that Kendal Langford who is now starting on the rams for a nice chunk of change, they also give way to Cameron Wake a perennial Pro-bowler now, and 3rd overall pick Dion Jordan out of Oregon.

    Good luck Suh and Fairley. you have the potential, but put some time in the NFL first, watch some games of other DT;s who have been doing it longer, and try to have some sustained success. As of now you haven’t, so don’t pull a (vontae davis and sean smith) and let your mouth write checks your butt cant cash

  29. And last year we had the best DL hands down by far and it would have been a shocker if we didn’t lead the league in sacks.

    Newsflash – we didn’t come close.

  30. I think Lions will be a playoff team this year, and I even expect them to compete for the division – perhaps they have the best DT combo. Their DBs and LBs are far from solid, and this is a team sport.

  31. I think they are the top tandem, last year both were getting so much pressure up the middle and I don’t see other teams doing that. The negative though is the get run on for too many years and that’s part of being a DT. Dolphins DT’s were as stout as can be but not the same pass rush pressure.

  32. They have 3 picks in the top 14…They SHOULD have a top rated defensive line, if they don’t they need to reevaluate who’s drafting their players.

  33. Compare the entire Front 7 of both Detroit and Cincy…Compare the DE’s along with the DT’s…How many sacks did Detroit have as a team vs Cincy? Where did Detroit rank in Run defense vs Cincy? What about tackles solo and assisted? What about total defense for 2012?? Atkins better than Suh Hands down… Fairley and Peko I call a wash…and Devon Still and Brandon Thompson will quickly get to Fairley’s level… SOME of Detroit fans are delusional along with Fairley….LOL

  34. Atkins and peko? Lol. Please. Id rather have fairly and suh. You morons look at numbers and not in between the lines with all the little stuff suh and fairly do.

  35. I’d say they have as much “potential” as anyone. But so far they haven’t gotten close to being the best DT combo in the league. Far from it.

  36. Suh and Fairley are up there now and you can’t argue their potential. I’m not saying the lions defense is gonna be great but their DB situation is pretty good. Houston and Quinn are solid. Delmas can be great when healthy. Bentley, Green and Slay all show potential as #2’s. The problem last year was injuries (especially to the safeties) and with Speivey now being a backup and the young CBs gaining some experience that helps a ton. The DEs and OLBS are a much bigger concern than the DBs.

  37. IF it were true, you wouldn’t have to say it, others would be saying it for you.

  38. Lets just see if they can stay off the Police blotter for a season. Then talk about being the best

  39. If you have to run around trumpeting that you’re the best, you’re not.

  40. It is a solid front 4 but not by any means the best in football. And you need to play defense behind that front 4 for it to really be effective. Suh I feel is good but slightly over rated based on how much attention he garners. Fairley hasn’t really done much yet.

    I’d take the Vikings front 4 over this one, especially if Floyd can play the nose for a year in Vikes 4-3. There you have Allen, Floyd, Williams, Robison, with Griffen floating around in sub packages. Straight nasty.

    Vikes line led the league in sacks and added a guy most boards had as #3 in the entire draft.

  41. @ jamesmcv72 says:
    Yeah, yeah, I know Watt and Smith are 3-4 DEs. But 3-4 DEs and 4-3 DTs are basically the same position.

    Anyway, I think the interior of Houston, San Franciso, and Cincy’s D-lines are better than Detroit’s.

    The fact that players can play both positions does not make them “basically the same position”. Huge difference in scheming.

  42. hmm they could be, but for all the talent that team has where are the wins? A good pass rush can make a bad secondary look good…so does that mean the secondary is JV league? All the money and top draft picks on your d-line I would expect total devastation? So does this mean your just lazy? IDK

  43. Yea, that’s why the Lions are picking in the top 5 of the draft every year. You two might be good, but the rest of your team sucks……

  44. Didn’t you two play together last year, yeah, how did that work out for you. None of you call for a double team. The only difference between you and every other DT in the league is they are real and you have to stomp on people.

  45. “Best” isn’t the right word. “Most” is more appropriate, as in MOST:

    – overrated
    – arrogant
    – trash-talking
    – undisciplined
    – unlawful
    – dirty

    If you want an example of someone who has been the best over his long career, look at Kevin Williams. He lets his play on the field speak for itself. Something most players in Detroit fail to understand.

  46. Suh and Fairley have the potential to be the best DT in the league. Anyone that disagrees with that simply does not watch football. But they have to prove it this year.

    And anyone that says they have no on-field production is a moron. Just talking crap to talk crap, and they dont know a thing about football.

  47. Suh picked up double and sometimes triple teams on every down last year. I’m gonna go ahead and agree with NFL coaches that he is a beast. Instead of listening to fans who think they know how to scout. I’m sick of the Suh hate. Yes he stomped a guy it was wrong…but GET OVER IT. I mean come on he’s young he makes mistakes. He’s aggressive and I love that about him. He will go down as one of the best DTs of all time. Fairly needs to stay healthy but if he does look out this Dline could be something special. Once Ziggy gets goin and Willie or Jason do their thing. I’m excited.

  48. Funny how has Suh and Fairley rated #1 DT tandem in league. Thats the National Football Leagues website folks.

    Id have to agree with them.

  49. fairley is becoming annoying..thing is i remember him more for his playing at auburn than i do in detroit… stop riding that dirty player suh’s coatails fairley!!! ever heard of that old school rap song “you talk to much,and you never shut up” …..
    be about it,dont talk about it!!!!!

  50. Hey Hey — and Henry and Tommy Aaron are the brothers who combined have the most home runs in major league history!

  51. Geno Atkins was rated +80 this season by pro football focus. The next defensive tackle was Gerald Mccoy at +31.2. So we can assume that Suh’s and Fairleys grade combined are not as good as Atkins. He made more plays than those 2 combined

  52. funny the lions players mouth’s are righting check’s their play on the field can’t cash. 4-12 again??? oh let’s be nice 6-10.

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