Raiders announce arrival of Cribbs, McGloin

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The Oakland Raiders, pressed against the 90-man offseason roster limit, have found enough spots for not one but two.

The team announced on Thursday that receiver/return specialist Josh Cribbs has officially joined the team, along with undrafted rookie quarterback Matt McGloin.

McGloin joins the Raiders after post-draft tryouts with the Redskins and Panthers.

The Raiders have not yet officially added punter Chris Kluwe, because for now they can’t.  With precisely 90 players on the roster, the Raiders need to dump a player before adding another one.

14 responses to “Raiders announce arrival of Cribbs, McGloin

  1. Not to sure why they are bringing in Kluwe unless the don’t believe in King. And I can’t immagine Mcgloin holdding a roster spot into training camp. Oh well, we just gotta sit back and enjoy the Big Reg show.

  2. @commitmenttoex…..: Your passion for the Raiders is unyielding. Only a true admirer of Al Davis and the great franchise he created can be so involved, so consumed.

    Go Raiders

  3. Hahaha, just wouldn’t be the same without the Raider Haters. commitmenttoexcrement and humbolt make me laugh.

    Win, lose or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  4. The number of haters on Raiders’ posts usually exceeds the number of posts on their team’s stories.

    Glad to be on the dark side.

  5. Special Teams is an area of focus for Big Mac and he has done real well. SD looks to be rebuilding and KC is well, KC, nuf said. Oakland will challenge the Donkeys for the West and if they add any other pieces, like Charles Woodson, Manning is gonna find it hard to beat them. Just ask him what he thinks of the Tracey Porter signing 😀

  6. 3 QBs to start the season will be Flynn, Wilson and McGloin..bye bye Pryor and Padron is just a camp arm..Wilson is the future

  7. With the signing of Kluwe and Cribbs, the Raiders special team just jumped to top 5!
    I know Reggie is still keeping his eyes out for more talent out there.

  8. Matt Flynn
    Tyler Wilson
    Matt McGloin
    Kyle Padron
    Terrelle Pryor

    All pocket passers except one. If Pryor is being given a legit shot it’ll clearly be in an offense not predicated to his skill set….6’4, 233 lbs with 4.4 wheels and a basketball background…..he’d be the best receiving TE on the roster the second he agreed to switch. Seriously, look at our TE’s. It’s not good.

  9. 3 QBs to start the season will be Flynn, Wilson and McGloin..bye bye Pryor and Padron is just a camp arm..Wilson is the future

    Agree. The QB with mobility as a primary strength will soon get more and more rare due to the likelihood of injury. It simply doesn’t win Rings, just sells tickets. As far as McGloin, he owns several PSU QB records, ‘Most Touchdown Passes’ included. He has consistently kept his composure against good teams and can throw the deep ball. PSU’s offense lost a lot of good players after the paterno sandusky sex scandal.

    Matt Flynn should be the starter for the next two to three years. The two rookies, Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin should get equal time in the preseason. Sorry Terrelle Pryor….

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