Steve Smith’s glad Sanchez isn’t feeding him the ball


It’s apparently open season on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, inexplicably, was the latest to pile on, suggesting  (we think) he did not care for the former Southern Cal quarterback.

He sucks,” Smith said in an apperance on WFNZ radio.  “I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

While Smith bagging on opponents is nothing new, choosing Sanchez as a target seems unusual.

And truth be told, Smith has caught passes from worse quarterbacks than Sanchez, even if that’s not the case right now.

64 responses to “Steve Smith’s glad Sanchez isn’t feeding him the ball

  1. It’s easy to kick somebody when they are already down; and to think I used to think Smith was one of the nicer guys in the NFL. Guess I was wrong…

  2. This is getting ridiculous!

    Don’t you have someone else to pick on day in day out???

    Just getting tired of you jerks constatntly critizing my New York Jets!!

    Get a life!!

  3. “And truth be told, Smith has caught passes from worse quarterbacks than Sanchez, even if that’s not the case right now.”

    Exactly – Steve Smith has ALWAYS talked too much & like many people that talk too much he says asinine things.

  4. While I normally can accept Sanchez criticism, not sure why Smith had to say something at all. Particularly since the way he said it sounded like Sanchez was a bad person or something (Vick) and Smith wanted nothing to do with him

    See how many catches that loud mouth gets when they play the Jets this year. Bet he gets shut down. Jets secondary was 2nd in the league last year in passing yards allowed (without Revis). So, I suspect they will be even better with Dee Milliner.

  5. Who cares what this lunatic thinks? Anyways, it’s pretty obvious to even casual fans that you’d rather have Newton than Sanchez. I’d love to know what if anything prompted this.

  6. I’m sure Sanchez is also celebrating that he doesn’t throw to Steve Smith.

  7. Smith can talk he’s been an all pro countless Super Bowls on his way to the hall of fame yada yada yada, But……I’m really starting g to root for Sanchez just cause I’m an underdog guy and I hope he shuts alot of people up with a good season.

  8. I wouldn’t want him to throw me a paper bag sandwich either….sounds like it would taste terrible.

  9. This is a bit silly, I know Sanchez is not the greatest, but Smith has worked with worse QBs in the past (like the article mentions). Also, Sanchez isn’t even a division, or conference opponent for that matter. Normally, I like to see a bit of trash talk among players, but this one just doesn’t seem right.

  10. It’s funny because even the most casual observer has known for a while now that he’s terrible except the Jets and they owe him like a billion dollars in guaranteed money.

  11. the Jets are the new Bengals now in terms of dumb A– decisions and play on the field by their players… No history comparison or anything like that just comparison in terms of drama that is currently going on….. But we also know that Steve has some loose screws….LOL 🙂

  12. I know that public criticism is part of an NFL player’s job description and they get paid a lot of money in return. However, I am starting to feel kind of bad for the guy.

  13. I don’t get it..the jets go 6-10 and now every 7-9 team thinks they can talk? worry about big ol baby wool shawl wearing newton cause as bad as sanchez was, HE HAS WON PLAYOFF GAMES ON THE ROAD..newtons last winning season was..wait for it..wait for auburn.

  14. Look for Sanchez to get traded to Carolina, or a team in their division. The NFL is great at creating stories, and this just ramps up another one.

  15. I just want to comment on the first two comments. First of all who thought Steve Smith was one of “the nicer guys in the NFL?” That’s crazy do you know Smith at all, he has quite a mean streak and is one of the angriest players I have ever seen play. That’s what makes him so effective and awesome though. As for the second comment, Smith was on a Super Bowl team, he went with the Panthers in 2003.

  16. Absolutely classless on the part of Smith. Totally uncalled for from a player that’s never won a thing in his entire life.

  17. Whats his point? Sanchez is just trying to do his job and stay in the league. Why would he talk about any other player that has zero to do with his (Smith) situation. There is no need to make a public comment about another player, I think he knows it will get press and makes him feel relevant or something.

    He will be forgotten 1 month after he is done playing.

  18. Dude that said Smith has been an all-pro and to countless super bowls is on crack…One super bowl appearance, and he’s not going to the hall of fame either…He was washed up before Newton got there.

  19. Not sure why Smith felt the need to add his 2 cents but maybe he should worry about his own team cause last I checked they have been real awful the last few years.

  20. I’m a Smith fan, and most definitely not a Sanchez fan.

    That said–This was a no-class move, and none of smith’s business. Focus on your own performance and that of your 7-9 team, Steve.

  21. Sanchez should be making sammiches, not throwing them. MeatBall sub for Rex, Order Up!

  22. It would have been more apropos had he bagged on USC WRs since he played with two who didn’t do what they should have considering what they were paid to help lessen coverage on him. The last time he had 2 other receivers good enough to help lessen coverage on him was 2003.

  23. Stevie is a little P.O. with the Jets cause Revis will shut him down twice a year now. And Homie don’t like dat.

  24. If the Jets try using Sanchez as the No.1 QB I feel they will hurt their attendance numbers. The Jet fans have had enough of Sanchez and feel it’s time for him to move on, either move him or have him carry the clipboard for a year and then cut him. Just look at the post on PFT day in and day out, it’s at least 80 to 90% against Sanchez, the fans have spoken.

  25. I could be wrong but I believe the panthers and the jets both went like 6-10 last year if you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones (or footballs) trade rumor of the day panthers trade smith to jets for sanchez lol

  26. I just don’t get all of the Sanchez hate. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think given the right team and system, I think Sanchez can be a decent QB.

    This is a guy who did take his team to an AFC Championship after all. I understand that his performance has been bad since then and he certainly deserves some of the blame for this, but let’s be real here. The Jets are a complete mess on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. They have no running game and are there any receivers on their roster that put the fear of God in opposing coaches? No way.

    I’m not saying this guy is a top 5 QB or anything, not by any stretch of the imagination could he get there, but he could be a serviceable starter or a good back up for the right team. There is a good list of QBs in NFL history that got off to slow starts to their career, but were able to rehabilitate them later. Testaverde, Young and Gannon are but a few that come to my mind right now. Heck, Warren Moon had to play in Canada before he could have a good career in the NFL.

    So it can be done.

  27. I may not like the Jets but that was a total classless response from Steve Smith but then what else can you expect from a player who suckerpunches his teammates ?

  28. Did I miss something, or was there any possibility that Sanchez was going to the Panthers? Or any possibility that he was going to supplant Cam Newton?

  29. Anyone care to wager who appears on the NFL Police Blotter first….

    Smith or Sanchez??

    Whatever Sanchez turned out to be as an NFL player, he went to two conference championship games his first two years, and more importantly he is a decent guy who works hard and hurts nobody.

  30. I love how the people in here claim to hate political correctness but when someone then truthfully answers a question then they’re the first to cry and whine about it. I’m sure a more PC answer like, “we’ll he did struggle last year but I would welcome him on my team” would have made a real interesting read. I hate Smith for what he does to my Bucs but I love when players aren’t complete bores and actually say something interesting or different.

  31. Why do I think it’s Smith who we will be reading about being broke three years after he leaves the NFL?

  32. From someone who actually watches Steve smith week after week… this is just smitty being smitty. Not one person can deny what he has said. And if so please supply the stats to back up your argument. Given a Great not good, because we’ve had “good” quarterbacks, Steve could have been one of the greatest of all time. He has more heart in his 5’8 frame than the entire jets locker room.

  33. It’s funny that people are made at Smith here. Would you rather hear him lie? Sanchez does suck. We all know that. It’s nice to see an athlete say what he wants instead of giving the politically correct answer all the time.

  34. Its obvious by reading all of these comments that none of u have ever watched a panthers game unless we were playing your team. Steve smith may lose his stuff on the field every once in a while. But that’s because he puts his heart and sole in every play. And expects the same from everyone on his team. But to act like he is a criminal is just assanine . The man washes homeless peoples feet for Samaritans feet and is a great community figure.. never been in trouble with the law.

  35. If O.J. Simpson knocked the Jets for any character reason, I guarantee the readers (trolls)
    would still give a Thumbs Up to his words.

    I ‘ve seen pure truths here where the hatred for the Jets allowed the trolls to go against the truth.

    Selling one’s self to trash a sports team is sad and pathetic.

  36. shut up you midget! Sanchez’s stats compared to yours for his 4th season aren’t even close to sucking as much as you did!

    1 for 6 for 60 yards

  37. “Smith you are a cry baby and you will never be on a super bowl team”


    Smith has already been on a Superbowl team. He played really well in that game too. They probably had a good chance in winning if Kasay hadn’t of kicked the ball out of bouds on the kickoff.

  38. Smith played half a game in season 4 because he broke his leg, game 1 against the Packers in Charlotte and his stats that season were still better than those of Sanchez. Smith is the Mt. Rushmore of the Panthers… keep pounding!

  39. “Sanchez sucks.” Said not only Steve Smith, but every Jet receiver in the locker room and every Jet fan in the entire country. That’s why we got Geno.

  40. I haven’t liked Sanchez since I saw him wipe his booger on Mark Brunell’s jacket. I don’t really feel sorry for him, and honestly I’ve always been a fan of Steve Smith too.

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