With Whaley, Bills now have youngest front office in NFL

The Bills may have the oldest owner in the league (94-year-old Ralph Wilson), but their football decision-makers are the youngest.

According to Chris Brown of the team’s official website, the promotion of 40-year-old Doug Whaley to General Manager (replacing 73-year-old Buddy Nix) gives the Bills the youngest trio of football executives in the league.

That calculation includes CEO Russ Brandon (45) and head coach Doug Marrone (48), and was part of the team’s larger plan.

“I stood here on January first and made some promises to our fans and quite frankly to people in our organization,” Brandon said. “One of the things that I mentioned was we were going to do whatever it takes to restore the pride in the franchise moving forward. We talked about being progressive and forward thinking and attacking in everything that we do. We also talked about identifying top talent and empowering those people with making impact decisions. We did that today, by naming Doug Whaley the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills.”

The Bills’ story mentions the Browns, Lions, Jaguars, Eagles, 49ers and Chargers as being young at the top as well.

And while (the lack of) age doesn’t automatically equate to wisdom, the Bills are smart to embrace a new approach.

They haven’t gone to the playoffs since 1999, and the combination of an old stadium and the meteorological realities of Western New York make it a less-than desirable locale. Honestly, they have to overspend to get free agents to go there and freeze.

That’s going to make it harder for them to be on even footing, revenue sharing notwithstanding. Frankly, they have to be better-organized and better-run than teams in nicer locales to compete.

Replacing Nix wasn’t necessary because he was old, but simply because the Bills weren’t getting anywhere. Playing the same game as the rest of the league hasn’t worked for a generation, so trying a new method is a valid idea.

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  1. Can we stop acting like weather matter in reality? The players are gone when it’s freezing here and snowing anyways. They just got in a week or two ago and it’s 80 and sunny. Is that not warm enough??

  2. Your weather argument is absurd. FA go to where they are being paid first and a potential winner second. Weather has very little concern for a player.

  3. Isn’t Ralph Wilson, Jr. still the same bad owner who’s been the constant in this bad product besides that brief 10 year period ushered in by Bill Polian and Marv Levy? Just checking.

    You might also want to add that since everybody in the family’s basically waiting for him to die so they can sell the team, everyone from management on down has job security akin to a radio DJ.

  4. The reality is if you want a ‘real’ life, sans the media circus and not being able to take your family to a meal, Western NY is an exceptional place to live for a football player: exceedingly high academic standards, easy access to NYC, Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc., and great outdoors activities (year round). if you’re interested in those things then Buffalo is a destination. The one thing that has been holding us back (team wise) was the owner and he saw fit to replace himself. Since that time, this organization has seen a metamorphosis which should make them fun to watch again in the near future. In the mean time, it’s still one of the best tail gating destinations!

  5. The weather issue hasn’t hurt the packers. Although they aren’t usually big spenders in free agency. They are however pretty awesome at keeping their core guys and drafting. That’s the recipe for success in buffalo too.

  6. The weather should actually be a plus. Its usually around 70 when the guys are in town for mini camp and training camp is usually around 80 – Games from Sept thru November its around 60……

    But if you go down South or out West your training camp and September games will be possibly over 100 degrees!

  7. Dude, seriously. The weather is not that bad there. December games average in the 30’s and 40’s in recent years. Yes, the occasional blizzard every few years, and the wind coming off the lake can be brutal at times, but all those things usually happen in January or February. If and when the bills make the playoffs again, wouldn’t a player WANT that type home field advantage?

  8. Even though he signed a big money contract, Mario Williams said that the weather and outdoor activities that we have here were another reason why he wanted to be here. This area is for the blue collar guys who like to hunt, snowmobile, go boating, mudding… it’s not for them pretty boy athletes.

  9. ” the combination of an old stadium and the meteorological realities of Western New York make it a less-than desirable locale. Honestly, they have to overspend to get free agents to go there and freeze.”

    What nonsense, especially the “old stadium” part! How old is Lambeau Field, how old is Wrigley Field ? Does anyone with half a brain actually think the players care how old the stadium is? If I live in a house that is 100 years old, but has been fully modernized should I tear it down? I don’t understand the “need” to build a new “Xanadu” stadium. I’m a Buffalo native now living in Atlanta where “we” are getting ready to spend close to a billion dollars to build a new stadium while the city can’t afford to fix pot holes in the streets and have been laying off police, fire fighters and teachers. Where the hell are our priorities? Or, Miami, where the owners of the Dolphins threw a total hissy fit because public funding for a new stadium was turned down by the voters. Seriously folks!

  10. I said it last week on this site and it bears repeating here and now…ANYONE who lives anywhere outside of Buffalo/WNY, or has never even been here, knows absolutely nothing about the climate here. That includes current and past media members seem to who love to knocking Buffalo winters. The thing is…these people only go by what they hear from fare-weather players who care more about life off the field ( in South Beach or California ) than on it. Most of today’s young media has most likely never been up here in winter either…they probably whine at the thought of a winter day ( or any day ) in Buffalo. Get the **** over it America !!! The plain facts are…Buffalo doesn’t get the snow totals that have been reported over the last few decades. Syracuse, NY gets an average of 2 feet more snow than Buffalo each winter. We may get cold winds come down from Canada, but then what northern city doesn’t?? I think it would be a good idea for people to check their facts before A) anonymously replying to these articles, and B) foolishly reporting these articles.

  11. Is Buffalo the only cold-weather city in the NFL? Get off of that old garbage. Yes, Buffalo can get cold in the wintertime, but it also gets hot and humid as hell in the summer!

  12. Just to pile on: the “meteorological realities” argument is idiotic. Do you really believe an NFL player would accept a lesser contract to play in San Diego or Miami? Maybe if they felt they had a greater chance at winning or saw a playing style more conducive to their abilities, but weather?

  13. If the weather is among your chief concerns as a FA, I don’t think I want you on my team. Obviously you care more about your social life than your football team. It also tells me you aren’t very tough if you are afraid of being a little cold.

    Would you rather play a September game in 75 degree Buffalo or 110 degree Miami?

    By the way, it isn’t proper journalistic ethics to present your own opinions as fact. Better think back to JRNL 101 before posting.

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