Bills’ Mt. Rushmore could get crowded

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Only one team made it to four straight Super Bowls.  But, like every team, the Buffalo Bills are limited to four heads on their version of Mt. Rushmore.

So nominate the best of the Bills below.

And we realize it won’t be easy.  Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, Darryl Talley, Steve Tasker, etc.

Before we can allow you to vote on four finalists, we need to come up with a dozen nominees.  Help us get there.

And, please, Giants fans.  Don’t nominate Scott Norwood.

158 responses to “Bills’ Mt. Rushmore could get crowded

  1. OJ Simpson does not make the list. But then I know of him more as a murderer than a great Buffalo Bill.

  2. This is really, really tough.

    It wouldn’t even be simple just picking ones from my first-hand memory!

    Jim Kelly
    Steve Tasker
    Thurmon Thomas
    Bruce Smith

    The you have Marv Levy. James Lofton. Andre Reed. Etc etc

    And that’s just that *I* remember!

    This one is right up there with the other Great Old Ones (Packers, Bears, Giants, etc) just…not quite as much great, except in that one time period.

  3. Nearly impossible, but Im gonna say
    JIM KELLY, ANDRE REED, STEVE TASKER, AND THE LATE GREAT KENT HULL (left out bruce because i think he is a horrible person)

  4. Ralph Wilson, Marv Levy, Kelly, Bruce Smith. Obvious elephant in the room is #32…

  5. Jack Kemp, Orenthal James Simpson, Bruce Smith and Marv Levy should be there for sure.

    Honorable mention to Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Kent Hull, James Lofton, Steve Christie, Steve Tasker, Cornelius Bennett, Darrell Talley and Rueben Brown.

    O.J. May not be too popular but he was one hell of a football player!

  6. Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, OJ Simpson, Ralph Wilson, James Lofton, Steve Christie, Eric Moulds, Marv Levy, Jack Kemp, Kent Hull

  7. Ralph Wilson
    Jack Kemp
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith

    Honorable mention–O.J. Simpson (yes, it hurts to mention him, but look at his accomplishments on the field with Buffalo), Andre Reed, Jim Kelly, Cornelius Bennett, Darryl Talley, Cookie Gilchrist, Lou Saban, Marv Levy

    If you only know Kemp as a politician, and/or don’t know Saban or Gilchrist, look them up. Believe it or not, the Bills DID win championships, if “only” in the pre-merger AFL.

  8. Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith
    Jack Kemp

    Marv Levy gets a much deserved honorable mention.

  9. 1. Jim Kelly
    2. Bruce Smith
    3. Thurman Thomas
    4. Andre Reed
    5. Kent Hull
    6. Steve Tasker
    7. Eric Moulds
    8. OJ Simpson
    9. Jack Kemp
    10. Fred Smerlas
    11. Nate Odomes
    12. Darryl Talley

    Lots of guys left off Cornelius Bennett, Kenny Davis, Joe D..Jeff Wright, Cookie Gilchrist, Henry Jones, Don Bebe, Frank Reich, Ralph, Marv…

  10. Based only on their importance to the game/team: Ralph Wilson Jr., O.J. Simpson, Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith. If I’m excluding juice for off the field reasons, I’d go with Tasker in his place. Reed and Thurman cancel each other out. Same with Biscuit and Talley. Tasker stands alone as the greatest special teamer in team/league history.

  11. Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith and…
    (murderer or no)
    OJ Simpson

    Honorable Mention:
    Joe DeLamielleure
    THE Reggie McKenzie
    Andre Reed
    Jack Kemp

  12. Top 4…
    1. Jim Kelly…. Perfected the up tempo/ Hurry up passing game developed by Ted Marchibroda which was the predecessor to the Peyton Manning high powered offense
    2. Thurman Thomas.. The prototype back.. One of the first to be a big time threat running and passing, before Marshall Faulk!
    3. Kent Hull, may have been the most important part of the high powered Bills offense and one of the most under rated centers of all time!
    4. Andre Reed.. The possession receiver, tough as nails! Not like these sissies that play know. He got smacked going over the middle EVERY game, and kept playing!

  13. O.J. Simpson, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas & Jim Kelly.

    Despite your suggestion to the contrary, this felt like a pretty straightforward foursome to assemble.

    On the field, O.J. Simpson is the best football player ever to don a Bills jersey and one of the five best RBs in NFL history. He has to be on the list.

    Smith, Thomas and Kelly are in the Hall Of Fame. Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett, Darryl Talley and Steve Tasker are not.

  14. Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith
    Andre Reed

    Cookie Gilchrist and Jack Kemp deserve consideration as well.

  15. Another reminder of how good we used to be… How I wish the good old days would come back around!

    Jim Kelly
    Marv Levy
    Thurman Thomas
    Oj Simpson

    Heavy on the Marv Levy.

  16. O.J. Simpson, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, Thurman Thomas

    Just like in the Hall of Fame voting, you don’t look at what O.J. did outside of football, just at what he did while he played. He was the entire offense of the Bills for several years.

  17. I remember when Tim Brown was still returning punts for the Raiders, and Tasker took him down with an ankle slap. As he was going to the turf, Brown acknowledged the play by pointing at Tasker. It was not as memorable as Don Beebe getting knocked out cold on the field more than once, but nothing beats Buffalo making the big show four years in a row and coming away with nothing. It’s a record that will never be beat.

  18. George Washington = Jim Kelly (the lead general)
    Thomas Jefferson = Marv Levy (the planner)
    Teddy Roosevelt = Bruce Smith (the enforcer)
    Abraham Lincoln = Ralph Wilson (tries to keep the team in Buffalo)

  19. As a former Bills fan (pre-Jags [I’m a Jax native and my neighbors were from Buffalo and members of Jacksonville Bills Club. They would take me to watch the every game at local bar]). Anyway, I’m rambling.

    OJ, Kelly, Bruce, & Thurman (sans helmet).

  20. 1. Bruce Smith
    2. OJ
    3. Jim Kelly
    4. Thurman Thomas
    5. Kent Hull
    6. Joe DeLamielleure
    7. Andre Reed
    8. Steve Tasker
    9. Reggie McKenzie
    10. Cornelius Bennett
    11. Darryl Talley
    12. Eric Moulds

  21. Bills Passing Leader: Jim Kelly – 35,467 yards
    Bills Rushing Leader: Thurman Thomas – 11,938 yards
    Bills Receiving Leader: Andre Reed – 13,095 yards
    Bills Top Player by Approximate Value: Bruce Smith – 187 AV

    Bills Winningest Coach: Marv Levy – 112 wins

    Two quick shout-outs:
    Joe Cribbs & Joe Ferguson – the 81 Bills led by these two won the first Bills playoff game since the 65 AFL championship.

    OJ Simpson – dude is a terrible human being and shouldn’t be on any monument celebrating the history of a franchise who has had many great players

  22. The year that OJ Simpson gained over 2,000 yards, Joe Ferguson threw for less than 1,000. That was back when the Bills would fall behind by three TDs but kept feeding the ball to Simpson.
    The Bills actually had some pretty good receivers: Bobby Moore (Amhad Rashad) and Chris Chandler. Too bad that talent was wasted on Lou Saban’s tunnel vision to get Simpson the record.
    Simpson hurt the team far more than he enhanced it.

  23. I’m going to try this as objectively as possible, with my top choices to the end of the spectrum–honorable mention candidates; and with a caveat, that I’m choosing to go solely on statistics/accomplishments/contributions to the team and the game as a whole. That all being said.

    1. OJ
    2. Kelly
    3. B. Smith
    4. Thurman Thomas
    5. Ralph Wilson
    6. Marv Levy
    7. Andre Reed
    8. Steve Tasker
    9. Hull
    10. Talley
    11. Kemp
    12. Talley
    13. Bennett
    14. Lofton
    15. Moulds
    16. Christie

    A few of these guys could easily get in the top four as well. If you judged off-field as part of the equation then OJ and Smith both could come off, but again, I went with solely on the field. Just like LT with the Giants. I respectfully disagree with saying this is easy to only have four and I’m not even a Bills fan. Lots of great players over the years there and here is to hoping they, as well as the Raiders, Browns and Dolphins all return to solid, competitive, playoff teams in the near future.

  24. Ralph Wilson
    Jim Kelly
    Marv Levy
    Bruce Smith

    To me, Thurman Thomas comes close, Andre Reed does not come close. And OJ is out of the question. And I am not just talking about his off the field shenanigans, either. Listen to the ’73 Dolphins describe their games with the Bills, when the Bills were making no attempt to win games that year, only to run the ball so Simpson could get the 2,000 yard record. Sheesh.

  25. 12 Bills:
    Oj the ripper
    Cookie Gilchrist
    Jack kemp
    Reggie mckenzie
    Darryl talley

  26. Bruce Smith
    Jim Kelly
    Andre Reed (Kutzown shout out !)
    Marv Levy
    Thurman Thomas

  27. Ralph Wilson has to be the first head as he is the constant thru the champion AFL teams, the OJ era and the team that nade it to the 4 Bowls in a row. Ralph brought his team to buffalo and kept it here all through they years, when other owners such as modell and Davis were moving for better stadiums and more importantly money… Ralph has stayed loyal to Buffalo and our freakin’ stadium is 40the years old this season

  28. Does anyone really thank that OJ would make it to the HOF if the vote was made now. If Pete Rose can’t get into the baseball HOF for gambling then I think OJ should be kept out for murder plus. By the way Pete ought to get into the HOF!

  29. Ralph Wilson
    Bruce Smith
    Jim Kelly

    O.J. Simpson. Jack Kemp if Juice is left off for…that stuff.

  30. All of the obvious ones are already nominated so lets go off the beaten path to recognize some other greats:
    Tom Sestak
    Mike Stratton
    Billy Shaw
    Cookie Gilchrist
    Robert James
    Tony Greene
    Bob Chandler
    Elbert Dubenion
    Jim Braxton
    Reggie McKenzie
    Ron McDole
    Tom Day
    Butch Byrd
    Howard Ballard

  31. OJ Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith
    Marv Levy

    and as someone said before, if Ray Lewis is in for the Ravens and if Roethlisberger is considered for the Steelers than OJ Simpson should be in for the Bills.

  32. #1- Ralph Wilson
    #2- Bruce Smith
    #3- O.J. Simpson
    #4- Joe DeLamielleure
    #5- Thurmon Thomas
    #6- Andre Reed
    #7- Jim Kelly
    #8- Cookie Gilchrist
    #9- Cornelius Bennett
    #10- Steve Tasker

  33. Obviously Kelly, Smith and Thomas are all locks.

    I would like the 4th to be Andre Reed. I’d also like to see him in the HOF soon. It’s time.

  34. Very good teams in the early 90’s, but as a lifelong Patriots fan, my envy turned into disgust after the 2nd Super Bowl loss. Then they did it twice more.

    NO Mt. Rushmore for those underachievers.

  35. Steve tasker should not be anywhere close to this list. Special teams players do not go on Mt Rushmores.

  36. Being a longtime Bills fan, just some suggestions;

    QB’s: Jim Kelly, Jack Kemp, Joe Ferguson
    RB’s: OJ and Thurman Thomas
    WR’s: Andre Reed, Ed Dubinion, Jerry Butler
    OL: Joe D., Kent Hull, Billy Shaw
    DL: Bruce Smith, Fred Smerlas
    LB: Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennet, Mike Stratton, Shane Nelson, Jim Hasslet
    DB’s: Butch Byrd
    SpT’er: Steve Tasker, Brian Moorman
    Coaches: Marv Levy, Lou Saban
    Executives: Bill Polian
    HOF Owner Ralph Wilson
    Broadcaster: Van Miller
    Died in Viet Nam: Bob Kalsu

    The HofF’ers from the 90’s should dominate in any voting, but the whole range of history should be covered. My choices are;

    Ralph Wilson, OJ Simpson, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith.

    Justification: Ralph Wilson only owner and HoF. OJ because he is constantly mentioned in the top 10 RB’s of all time, my sincerest apologies to Thurman Thomas. Jim Kelly, only HoF QB in Buffalo and another top 10. Bruce Smith, arguably one of the greatest defenders ever.

  37. Jack Kemp – Led the Bills to two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965
    Jim Kelly – the gambling gunslinger who ran the potent K-Gun offence
    Bruce Smith – All time Sack Master, I saw him once catch an interception two inches from the ground.
    Marv Levy – Coach who motivated and organized a winning formula

    Honorable mentions
    Thurman Thomas – HOF runner with incredible running and catching skills.
    OJ Simpson -should probably be one of the four but people make monuments for those they are proud of.
    Andre Reed – please get him in the HOF already.
    Bill Polian – knows the formula for success
    Steve Tasker – dynamite special teams player with a nose for the ball.
    Ralph Wilson-he saved the AFL from bankruptcy but he was cheap in getting in players and coaches.
    Four straight AFC championship victories that were gave us Bill fans excitement and glory. Now just get us in the playoffs.

  38. Here’s 12:

    Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith
    Andre Reed
    Rubin Brown
    Marv Levy
    Ralph Wilson
    Bill Polian
    Joe D
    Joe Ferguson
    Fred Smerlas

  39. Here are a list of the Buffalo Bills already(!) on their Wall of Fame –
    2012 Bill Polian
    2011 Phil Hansen
    2010 Booker Edgerson
    2008 Bruce Smith
    2007 Steve Tasker
    2006 Andre Reed
    2005 Thurman Thomas
    2004 Jim Ritcher
    2003 Darryl Talley
    2002 Kent Hull
    2000 George Saimes
    2001 Fred Smerlas
    2001 Jim Kelly
    2000 Bob Kalsu
    1999 Ed Abramoski
    1998 Robert James
    1997 Joe DeLamielleure
    1996 Marv Levy
    1995 Joe Ferguson
    1994 Mike Stratton
    1993 Elbert Dubenion
    1992 The 12th Man
    1989 Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.
    1988 Billy Shaw
    1987 Tom Sestak
    1985 Patrick McGroder
    1984 Jack Kemp
    1980 OJ Simpson

  40. Ralph Wilson
    Bill Polian
    Marv Levy
    Jack Kemp
    Cookie Gilchrist
    Billy Shaw
    Joe DeLamilleure
    Paul Maguire
    OJ Simpson
    Joe Cribbs
    Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Andre Reed
    Frank Reich
    Nate Odomes
    Scott Norwood
    Steve Christie
    Steve Tasker
    Darryl Talley
    Bruce Smith
    Fred Smerlas
    Phil Hansen
    Eric Moulds
    Fred Jackson
    Brian Moorman

    It’s harder than you think….

  41. OJ had 2,000 yards in a 14-game season. That year, the Bills’ starting QB had 939 yards passing. The entire year. All the Bills did was run, and everybody knew it, and OJ still piled up the yards. The guy is a horrible human being in every possible way, but it’s the “Football Mount Rushmore”, not the “Decent Human Being Mount Rushmore”. People aren’t leaving Lawrence Taylor off the Giants list because of all his issue. It’s on-the-field only, and on-the-field, OJ was one of the greatest players of all time.

    So . . .

    OJ Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Marv Levy
    Ralph Wilson

  42. 1) Jim Kelly
    2) Andre Reed
    3) Bruce Smith
    4) Darryl Talley
    5) James Lofton
    6) Kent Hull
    7) Cornelius Bennett
    8) Steve Tasker
    9) Eric Moulds
    10) Mark Kelso
    11) Steve Christie
    12) Brian Moorman

    That is just a few of the many greats to grace the War Memorial Stadium/Rich Stadium/Ralph Wilson Stadium.

  43. “The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification of the United States with colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.”
    – Gutzon Borglum

    Ralph Wilson as George Washington – The Father of our country/football team

    Jack Kemp as Thomas Jefferson – Wrote the Declaration of Independence/Wrote two straight AFL Championships

    Cookie Gilchrist as Abraham Lincoln – Invented civil rights/fought actively for civil rights

    Mike Stratton as Theodore Roosevelt – “Speak softly and carry a big stick”/Shot heard round the world (somewhat ironically, it was Keith Lincoln he shot)

    Bob Kalsu – honorable mention

  44. Wall of Fame:

    Ralph Wilson:
    In the NFL Hall of Fame; Founder and only owner for the Buffalo Bills and has kept the team in western NY against all odds.

    Jack Kemp:
    In the NFL Hall of Fame:
    7× AFL All Star (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1969)
    5× TSN All-AFL (1960, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1966)
    AFL Champion (1964, 1965)
    Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame
    AFL MVP (AP, 1965)
    AFL Championship Game MVP (1965)

    Bruce Smith:
    In the NFL Hall of Fame:
    His most impressive NFL Records: Most Sacks, career: 200.0 Bruce Smith, 1985-2003. Most seasons, 10 or more Sacks: 13, Bruce Smith, 1986–90, 1992–98, 2000.
    11× Pro Bowl selection (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)
    9× First-team All-Pro selection (1987, 1988,1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997)
    2× Second-team All-Pro selection (1989,1998)
    4× AFC Champion (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)

    OJ Simpson:
    In the NFL Hall of Fame:
    His most impressive NFL Record: Highest yards gained per game average, season: 143.1, O.J. Simpson 1973
    6× Pro Bowl selection (1969, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976)
    5× All-Pro selection (1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976)
    4× NFL Rushing champion (1972, 1973, 1975, 1976)

  45. 1. the electric co.- because without them oj is just a murderer

    2. jim braxton- for the same reason

    3. jim kelly- because he was real good

    4. thurman thomas- because without him there are no superbowls

    h.m.- tasker, ferguson, smith, tally, reed and on and on

  46. I lived in Buffalo during OJ’s playing time there.
    He ran the ball for the Bills. That’s all. No involvement in the community at all. Very little to do with the team with the exception of practice and games.
    He would be on the first plane to LA after the whistle blew for the final game.
    No class! And he could barely put a complete sentence together when he spoke. He had to go through extensive training to speak in an understandable manner when he decided to become an actor and broadcaster.

  47. Not a Bills fan, but I really admire the franchise. However, I don’t see why their Mt. Rushmore should be more complicated than any other team’s.

    The Bills have nine guys in Canton (8 spent whole career with team), with Andre Reed and Steve Tasker on their way- The Redskins have 31 (28 spent whole career with team), the Giants have 28 (19 spent whole career with team), the Steelers have 23 (22 spent whole career with team).

    Point is not that the Bills don’t have a very contentious battle for the top four spots, just that it isn’t any harder than for most historically strong franchises.

    If anything, my concern would be that the Bills’ Mt. Rushmore could be controversial. OJ Simpson is simply one of the top 2-3 runningbacks of all time, and must be included on the list.

  48. This isn’t the “good person” Mount Rushmore…this is the “great Buffalo Bill” Mount Rushmore. & O.J.’s in the HOF, while Andre Reed is not. Kelly, Thurman, Smith, O.J.

  49. Ralph and Levy (HOF owner and coach) need to be on. Then, who is the face of the franchise when they won in the 60s … Jack Kemp. What about the 90s … Jim Kelly.

    So there you go: RWJr, Marv, Kemp, and Kelly.

    That’s it

  50. The HOF list is pretty accurate,, if a tad incomplete.

    Kelly, Smith, Thomas, Shaw would do nicely. Tasker and Reed could be added. There are a bunch more to talk about, but really it’s those six at the top. Pick 4.

  51. It kills me that our franchise’s best player is more well known internationally for his murder trial and not his incredible play on the field. First man to rush for 2000 yards…what more can you say? That’s a feat for guys now and the season is way longer. But, it is what it is and OJ will forever be painted in a very bad light. (probably deservingly)

    Jim Kelly
    Thurman Thomas
    Bruce Smith
    Andre Reed

  52. Kelly
    Levy (“Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?”)

  53. Jim Kelly
    Thurmond Thomas
    Bruce Smith
    Jack Kemp

    You can’t leave out the quarterback that led the team to three championship games and two championships and then have enough left to run for president.

  54. Nothing OJ did 15 years after retirement changes the fact that he’s the greatest player in Bills’ history and one of the greatest in NFL history.

    OJ Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith
    Marv Levy

  55. This isn’t that hard…

    OJ Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith
    Thurman Thomas

    HM: Marv Levy, Andre Reed (eith of these could actually replace Thomas)

  56. Let me start by saying Andre Reed deserves to be in the HOF and should not be held out much longer. The game has changed and his numbers with be diluted the longer he waits. He was better than Cris Carter, and so were the teams he played on.

    RALPH WISLON – no team for 40+ years without him
    JIM KELLY – Face of the franchise, ultimate leader/culture changer
    THURMAN THOMAS – No chance the go to 4 straight Super Bowls without him (can’t say the same for Bruce, Andre Reed, or any other standout from those teams)
    MARV LEVY – genius that new how to get all those egos to play as one and made them all think and focus on the common goal.

  57. Only owner – Ralph Wilson

    You have to have someone from the 64/65 AFL championship teams –
    Jack Kemp – great bills QB, congressman

    Jim Kelly – face and leader of the super bowl teams, pretty much is the face of Buffalo now.

    O.J. Simpson – life after football aside, arguably the best Bill. First back over 2000 and one of the most dominant players of the 70s.

  58. Billy Shaw, only player in HoF who never never played a down in NFL, played his entire career in AFL and still got into Canton, if that does not say a lot I do not know what does.

    Jimbo, gunslinger recruited to play linebacker by Paterno.

    OJ, ran for 2k in only 14 games.

    Bruce Smith, only player in history to have 200 sacks and got the vast majority of them as a 3-4 DE.

    Thurman, Reed, Sestak, Kemp, Talley, Marv, Polian, Ralph, Tasker, Cribbs, Smerlas, all are worthy, but there can only be four guys.

  59. The Core Four:

    Jack Kemp
    O. J. Simpson
    Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith

    People have covered the rest pretty well so far, for those other Bills that would be Honorable Mentions.

  60. James Robert “Bob” Kalsu (April 13, 1945 – July 21, 1970) was an All-American tackle at the University of Oklahoma and an eighth-round draft pick by the Buffalo Bills of the American Football League in 1968.

    Kalsu was a starting guard in 1968. He played the entire season and was the Bills’ team rookie-of-the-year.[1] Following the 1968 season, to satisfy his Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) obligation, he entered the Army as a Second Lieutenant and arrived in Vietnam in November 1969 as part of the 101st Airborne Division. He was killed in action on July 21, 1970 when his unit came under enemy mortar fire at FSB Ripcord near the A Shau Valley.[

  61. Jim Kelly
    Bruce Smith
    Thurman Thomas
    Marv Levy

    Ralph Wilson already has a stadium named after him.

    OJ is probably my fav Bill player, and i actually DON’T think he committed those murders, but my understanding is that he hated playing for Buffalo, couldn’t wait to leave, and so it really doesn’t make sense to make him a stone-carved icon of the Buffalo Bills.

  62. @derailedguy says: May 19, 2013 9:34 PM

    I agree that Reed should be in the HOF (actually 4 or 5 years ago), but he was not better than Cris Carter. They played same number of years during the same era and Carter had more Receptions and TDs than Reed.
    Reed is in my personal top 10 all time NFL Receivers.
    Carter had the best hands of any WR in the 5 decades that I’ve watched football, and that includes the greatest Football Player of all time Jerry Rice!

    My top 10 WR’s all time:
    1. J. Rice
    2. C. Carter
    3. M. Harrison
    4. A. Reed
    5. J. Stallworth
    6. L. Alworth
    7. R. Moss
    8. S. Sharpe (Sterling)
    9. J. Lofton
    10. L. Fitzgerald

  63. Good to see how many Bills’ fans put O.J. Simpson on their lists. Whatever he became 15 years after retirement, while he played, he was the best running back in football.

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