Bruce Irvin suspended for violating PED policy

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The Seahawks bought pass-rushers in bulk this offseason, and it’s a good thing they did.

The league announced that Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin has been suspended four games for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

He can still take part in offseason workouts, training camp and the preseason, but won’t be eligible to play until after their Sept. 29 game against the Texans.

Irvin had 8.0 sacks as a rookie, but was being counted on for more this year.

“I want to apologize to my teammates, coaches and Seahawks fans for making a mistake when I took a substance that is prohibited in the NFL without a medical exemption,” Irvin said in a statement released by the team. “I am extremely disappointed in the poor judgment I showed and take full responsibility for my actions. I will not appeal the discipline and instead will focus my energy on preparing for the season so I can begin earning your trust and respect again. I look forward to contributing to the team the moment I return.”

Mentioning the lack of a medical exemption makes it sound like this one’s going to be blamed on Adderall.

His absence for the first month justifies their offseason additions of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

110 responses to “Bruce Irvin suspended for violating PED policy

  1. (SWEAR WORDS)!!!!! What are these player’s thinking?! Especially after what Browner and Sherman went through last season. Three Seahawks defensive players popping for PEDs is ridiculous.

    Don’t the team’s provide supplements for these guys?

  2. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear about a Seahags player being suspended for violating the leagues policy on PED or some other drug violation….
    Typical Pete Carrol ……

  3. Considering the NFL doesnt test for HGH why in the hell would a player use any other P.E.D.?

  4. Pete Carroll running a renegade program? nah can’t be. he left USC right before sanctions came down now he’s with the seachickens both cornerbacks now this guy. as a lot of people have said Pete just isn’t that great of a head coach so he’s gotta cheat. and yeah he’s knows his guys are taking NFL banned drugs.

  5. Really Bruce? After the Sherman and Browner incident? You know there are a lot of legit guys on this team and you are messing up for all of them, branding them all cheaters in the eyes of the NFL fans. As if we weren’t hated enough already…

  6. It may not be his fault. The Seahawks probably hand out PEDs along with the playbooks.

  7. Its funny to see people mocking the Seahawks. No doubt at least 75% of the league is on PEDs, but obviously you can’t suspend 75% of the league at once.

  8. Going back to 2011, Seahawk John Moffitt, Allen Barbre, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner & now Irvin have all been suspended. Sherman won a lucky appeal

  9. wow…..yea something is going on up there in Seattle. Where there is smoke, usually there’s fire. That being said, I do believe that Richard Sherman took adderall and not steroids, but the rest of his teammates that got popped….not so much.

  10. Not a Seahawks fan, but, it’s just four games and Seattle is loaded—so, no real harm, except to Irvin’s pocketbook.

  11. telergy says: May 17, 2013 4:38 PM

    A PED could be a protein supplement not approved by the NFL. I’m awaiting to hear what he took.


    The NFL doesn’t ban players for taking protein supplements. And you will never hear what he took, as the NFL doesn’t release that info. He probably took steroids.

  12. It’s adderall people! It’s not a steroid and doesn’t make you run faster, jump higher, or anything physical. And if he had gotten a doctor to prescribe it then he could have gotten an exemption.

    So, it seems to me that anyone who gets busted for using adderall is only stupid for not taking the necessary steps to get it through normal channels.

    And many of you out there need to realize that a LARGE percentage of the league takes one drug or another to improve their performance. There is at least one on EVERY team, so don’t point your finger as if your team doesn’t do everything they can to win. Adderall is NOT banned from use in the NFL. You only have to have an exemption.

  13. Wait so Bruce Irvin isn’t coming out with some outlandish statement as to why he tested dirty.

    I was hoping for another “broken cup, carrier conspiracy, or the ever popular a bully beat me up and pee’d in my cup story”

  14. actually the guy who sold him the stuff out of the trunk of his car promised him it was legal !!! who do they think they are kidding they wont beat the test if they take sh… what will 4 checks cost this guy??

  15. He was an “at risk” player when he was signed. He has a roommate whom he employs to keep him “straight”. John has no doubt had some words with the roomie, about his job performance.

    Better I guess that it happen now, while Irvin is still young enough to make the corrections in his life that he must. Hopefully he has learned a lesson in responsibility from this.

    If I had this kid’s background, I’d be grateful as hell, that it wasn’t something that the law could use against me.

  16. This is one of the best worded statements I’ve seen. The statement suggests that Adderal is the substance in question, perhaps the least stigmatizing PED, but maybe it was something else.

    Smart agents across the league would do well to use this statement as a template if/when their clients need a nice, forthright mea culpa.

  17. Have any of you even tried Adderall? They really need to take it off the PED list. Just because some players actually have a prescription for it, they’re excused? The effects are the same.

  18. Irvin must’ve hit the cup more accurately than Sherman and didn’t get pee on the floor and his hands and feet.

    If he was just a bad aim!!

  19. Good thing we are the BEST in the league, this means nothing. Russell Wilson is the hands down best quarterback to be drafted in the last 25 years! Hand the 12th man the Lombardi already.

    #soblessed #gohawks! #gayforhawks

  20. we need to get to a point where PEDs are not illegal anymore.

    CAn anyone thing of a good reason why they are banned? I cannot, but then again, Im a user myself an I have small

  21. God.. u guys crack me up. I am not making any excuse for the seahawks. Glad Irvin got suspended because he cheated. However, maybe we shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses. To the Steelers fan…. your qb was accused of rape. 49ers fan…. your cb was making anti gay comments last year, and he lives in SF. LOL. Bengals fan…. we will move on. All Seahawks are not cheaters. If they get caught. They should be suspended. But please don’t act like your football teams are filled with Saints.. o yea. That team had bounty gate

  22. Very Disappointing. At what point do these players figure out that the league tests for PEDs…..?

    I like his taking responsibility, but that doesn’t lessen the disappointment.

  23. Adderall is not cheating unless you take it on game day. It does not build up in the system like a steroid. In other words, it’s like OD-ing on caffiene before a game. Using it in the offseason does nothing to enhance a players abilities except for the day he takes it.

  24. Irvin you friggin’ MORON!!!

    C’MON MAN!

    GROW a brain dude…………………..

  25. I think it has become clear as day that the NFL is targeting African-American players for “random” drug-testing in order to justify not paying them and using minimum salary rookies instead. It is obvious that so many white players are on PEDs yet they seem to skate….hmmmm

  26. I guess I don’t understand. Is Adderall a physical performance enhancer, or a mental one?

    What also makes no sense is why these players, knowing they will be tested often, even try. I was prescribed Adderall once when I was a kid, why don’t these players (if they feel they need it for some reason) get the league exception?? Too much to risk otherwise.

  27. I am gonna personally hire Lawrence Okoye to assassinate Russell Wilson and also he can insert his British genes into his wife when he has his way with her…

    -The Voice of the Heroic People’s Republic Which is Forever Superior to Seattle

  28. Somebody keeps putting the score to a meaningless game loss up there like its the best win they ever had, come on, it was the 15th game of the season, the niners laid down so they stayed in 2nd place to go to Atlanta, whereas the seachicks went and lost, go home and think about that!
    Your players can’t even cheat without getting beat, 1-3 against the niners in 2 yes under Harbaugh, get a clue!!!

  29. Seattle’s front office and coaching staff consist of:
    Pete Carroll – cheater, adulterer, run-up-the-score specialist
    Scott McCloughan – alcoholic
    John Scneider – heavy drinker who admitted he’d be watching the first round of the draft from a “bar down the street.”
    Tom Cable – Convicted spousal abuser

    Is it any wonder the players run amok?

  30. Irvin out, Clemons probably out. Pass rush not so much even with Avril who benefited from playing next to Suh & Fairly (self procliamed best in NFL interior combo- maybe not but way better than anything the Cheathawks have). Avril never sniffed the QB playing the Niners & got dominated by OT A. Davis. Niners will pound Cheat Carroll’s chickens in week 2 and leave the 12 man weeping.

  31. Lucky for them they get two gimmie games in the 1st 4 with Carolina (home opener in Car may make it somewhat of a challenge since Hawks are not a great road team) and the Jags. Niners and @Texas will be tough ones followed by @ Colts in week 5 when Irvin comes back.

  32. The stupidity of many fans is hilarious. As if “your” team never EVER cheated or did anything wrong. Wow, the NFL is all about cheating. You try to win anyway you can. It’s a ruthless business. I know if I was player I’d cheat in anyway I could if I thought I wouldn’t get caught because I’d be fighting to keep my job. For most players, you’re hanging on hoping to keep you six or seven figure job because once you know it’s over, it’s back to the graveyard shift at the warehouse or being a bouncer at some sly club.

    And, I have to say, when was the last time a white player was suspended for PED? I know the league is mostly black (except for most positions of power, of course), but it’s tough for me to remember a white player getting suspended for PED. Just sayin.

  33. Where has the classy team under Holmgren and Hasselbeck gone to be replaced by Carroll and a bunch of cheating trash talkers.

    I rooted for the Hawks in the superbowl against Steelers. I am a niners fan.

  34. Just once can one..just one person say..”honestly, I’m not sorry. This was a risk I was willing to take and it didn’t work this time. Sorry I won’t be on the field with my teammates. Thank you.”

    Just once.

  35. jeffbye says:
    May 17, 2013 5:42 PM
    Have any of you even tried Adderall? They really need to take it off the PED list. Just because some players actually have a prescription for it, they’re excused? The effects are the same.

    ———————————————————————————–Have YOU? Adderall is one step down from METH and should DEFINITLEY be on the PED list. Effects ARE the same. It is also one of the MOST over prescribed meds in the country behind painkillers. Skittles anyone?

  36. I think 49er fans are still ticked from that hit on Vernon Davis…man, he became a limp noodle. Harbaugh’s face was priceless too….lmao still….other than that, that 49er-seahawk game was just another beating…, 49er fans, we don’t consider that game with the 49ers our “super bowl”….it was a comedy….

  37. logicalseahawksvoice says: May 17, 2013 6:10 PM

    Good thing we are the BEST in the league, this means nothing. Russell Wilson is the hands down best quarterback to be drafted in the last 25 years! Hand the 12th man the Lombardi already.

    #soblessed #gohawks! #gayforhawks

    WOW I rhink one logicalvoice is one too many.

  38. You people with all the hate need a life. I for one don’t and won’t condone what Irvin did but to accuse all Seattle players and coaches of cheating, posting death threats and in general just unloading venom on a site supposedly designed for all football fans to have FUN is just stupid.

  39. Newsflash it isn’t Adderall all these guys are testing positive for. It’s just convenient for them to make is seem like it’s Adderall an not the juice. The league should actually reveal what they tested positive for, so they can’t hide behind this. Anybody can get a script for Adderall these days, if they all wanted Adderall they would just get scripts by claiming symptoms of ADHD and they would have their “medical exemption”.

  40. A banned substance doesn’t mean it’s actually a PED, this is bad writing. Substance abuse policy means a substance that isn’t allowed was taken, that doesn’t automatically equal that a performance enhancing drug was taken as the substance abuse policy covers more than those.

    Marijuana is one of the things that falls under that policy and believe me, it isn’t a PED, it’s more like a PDD (Performance destroying drug).

    I’d say that people need to use their heads but PFT readers are basically people interesting in tabloids. All that being said Bruce should of used his head too knowing this as with the Sherman & Browner incident that if it came up it wouldn’t make good press at all.

  41. I’m still laughing at that hit on Vernon Davis. He became a limp noodle. Harbaugh’s face was priceless too. Other than that, the 49er-seahawk game was just another beating…more of a comedy than a game

  42. Gee, what is it with Seahawks and ADD? You have to wonder about 3 Hawks getting busted for ADD meds. What a coincidence. The Seattle Cheathawks are going to need more than adderall to keep up with the 49ers. I guess Pete Carol only drafts attention lacking, big mouth ( Richard Sherman) cheaters. This season smells like the Eagles dream team.

  43. Dummy just use HGH like everyone else. Or at least buy a whizzinator. Typical Seahawk, my prediction is 2 more will get popped before the end of this season. Hey tho I don’t blame them they gotta do something to try and keep up with SF!!

  44. One player testing positive and the whole team becomes cheaters. Yup, makes total sense to me…if I were simple-minded it would.

  45. Hahaha good stuff
    What do you expect when they have a no good cheating SOB for a coach gonna expect his players will try to get away with it
    Better check the whole team we’ll know something is wrong if by week 1 R.Wilson is 6″5 LOL

  46. Isn’t it about time for Carroll to jump on the chicken sh#% train again and bale on another program rather than be held accountable

  47. farvite says:
    May 17, 2013 4:39 PM
    “Bryan Bulaga crawled into the fetal position at the mention of Irvin’s name.”
    and lord god Favre got replaced by a skinny kid who has already won as much rings as the legend…. and without the whole “texting/drug addiction/fake retirement” dramas to boot.

  48. I read somewhere he is blaming it on the NFL. He said “Damn I thought it was replacement lab techs and I didn’t think they would catch it.” Just saying I read it somewhere!

  49. Get real. Adderall aren’t anabolic steroids that mske you bigger, faster or stronger. Its a morning pick e up for the 10 am games. The side effects are a REDUCTION in your reflexes. Adderal isnt some performance panacea. Adderall is WAY overblown as a PED. fans are acting like GIRLS on here. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Oklahoma City is more deserving of an NFL team than this, irrelevant, joke city, that should be sold to Canada so they can deport all their illegal Muslims to Seattle and the Pakis can have their way with their hairy chunky Seattle women

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