Cribbs calls Idzik’s comment on his knee a “negotiation tactic”


Jets General Manager John Idzik said this week that when his team took a look at Josh Cribbs, they found that his knee “isn’t quite there yet.”

Cribbs, who subsequently signed with the Raiders, thinks Idzik was just trying to bring Cribbs’ price down.

“I don’t know why the Jets GM would come out and say that other than use it as a negotiation tactic,” Cribbs said in a conference call with the Oakland media.

Cribbs had offseason surgery to repair a torn meniscus, and he said he feels fine and will be good to go in plenty of time for the start of the season.

“I’m doing well,” Cribbs said. “We never had planned to comment on injury but we play our first game in September or August and it’s barely June. We’re not lining up to play football. If we were lining up to play football in June then it would be a hot topic. I will be ready to play football when it’s time to play football and I think that is the important thing.”

The Raiders obviously agree. Regardless of what Idzik thinks.

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  1. Well given he wouldn’t be ready to play in June but is ‘anticipating’ being ready by August-September would fall under the context of “not being quite there yet” which basically confirms the comment by Idzik.

  2. I’m not sure I would trust either the Jets or the Raiders when it comes to player evaluation.

  3. “We never had planned to comment on injury but we play our first game in September or August and it’s barely June.”

    Damn, fell asleep on May 17th and lost two weeks of my life. What did I miss?

  4. Isn’t bad enough that the jets are an embarrassment to pro sports and a joke as an organization – they need to drag other players into their web of nonsense??

  5. Even if medically true I don’t know of many teams that would publicly divulge medical information on a free agent they were courting. Not cool at all.

  6. Don’t try to bring Cribbs down Idzik, Cribbs is a class act and you’re not. SMH

  7. As a Raider fan, it’s been tough to be a laughingstock and the least respected team in the league over the past ten years, but we deserve it for sure. I have a feeling though that the Jets are about to assume the crown of least respected team this season.

  8. So basically Cribbs admits that he’s not ready to play yet and Idzik balked at signing an injured free agent? Like any player I hope he recovers and has a good year but I can’t fault the Jets for being cautious.

  9. Precisely what I said on PFT
    Idzik had two motives by his statement on Cribbs…attempt to ward off other suitors plus give the Jets leverage on $$$$’s on the contract.

  10. 30 year old kick return specialist. Just be lucky u got any offer. A year from now an undrafted kid from kent st will take ur job. Oh wait that’s how u got in the NfL.

  11. So much for wanting to go to a team “that’s missing a piece of the puzzle to be great”. It’s always about the money.

  12. I haven’t heard any other team make negative remarks about his knee. Now why would this guy say this unless their doctors are just being more apprehensive/thorough?

  13. That’s pretty dirty. I mean, gosh, these players don’t even have guaranteed contracts and the GM’s are chomping away at every dollar they get with outright lies trying to get the guy at half a million cheaper. This should be a sign for any potential free agents thinking about the Jets. It is wrong. I thought that when I saw thte headline.

  14. a couple bottom feeders fighting over arguably a one trick pony it serves idzik right in trying to save money the jets missed a chance to help their return team now I have Oakland ahead of the jets for this season power ranking Oakland #28 jets #31

  15. goraidersgospurs says:
    May 17, 2013 5:44 AM
    Cribbs just torch them 12/8
    Yeah baby I’ll be in the house I hope he does

  16. This organization just gets more “Classless” by the minute. I am absolutely sick of hearing about this trainwreck of a team. They will suck for a long time.

  17. Wow The Jets just always just shoot themselves in their own foot every time. Cribbs is now going to light these guys up now in December. Look for Cribbs to have a 3 touch down game against the Jets

  18. Having to choose between the Raiders and the Jets would be like deciding between going to the zoo or to the circus.

    I’m glad you picked the zoo, Josh. Fewer clowns.

  19. As a form of revenge Cribbs should do something horrible to him. Like make him sit down and watch the raiders play the jets. The whole game, no channel surfing.

  20. @flaccodelic-yea because the ravens did such a great job evaluating McClain.just remember Ozzie hasn’t gotten every pick Travis””hands of stone””Taylor

  21. Not signing Josh Cribbs was the best decision the Jets made… This player is a cancer to the locker room and he would if held the Jets hostage for more money when it’s time to play … Go Jets and yeah on 12/18/13 the Jets will score all over the low life Raiders

  22. If im not mistaken, the Jets even had some bad things to say about GENO… before they drafted him…

    what a pathetic organization… and Im a JETS fan!

  23. have to admit as a raider fan, it’s been a very tough ride since the superbowl year in 02. Following year on MNF when Gannon got his coconut cracked by Derrick Brooks running to the endzone, nothing has been the same since.

    All that frustration and turmoil is comforted recently by the Jets. Man, we are passing the torch to you guys…good luck…..It’s a dawning of a new era in raidersville.

    Go Reggie, Go Raiders…..good luck J-E-T-S

  24. Im a browns fan and after watching him the last couple years he def lost a step. Good player to use in a wildcat or screen play but thats about it. Seems like a great locker room guy and he was also a charitable member of the cleveland community so i have a lot of respect for him. Just wish the browns had smart coaches throughout his career that wouldve used him to his abilities and not waste his talents. Dude had one of the funniest tv shows ive ever seen too

  25. Looks like Idzik has caught the Jets’ disease–chronic foolishness. Over the last 40 years, even the Lions, Browns, Bengals, and Cardinals have been better run.

  26. Idzik sounds like the guy who the girl dumps in high school and he tells everyone it was because he didn’t want to go out with her. Those are the guys that worry more about what other people think instead of closing the deal.

  27. So the guy that brings Garrard in with a knee that wont even let him participate in training camp is now qualified to talk about the knee of a player he couldn’t reel in……….got it!

  28. Since only the Raiders really went after you, maybe he was being honest and other teams felt that way?

    Grow up Cribbs, it’s a business. And as a return guy your Knees are pretty important.

  29. Cribbs is pretty “Stand-up” – he could’ve blasted back a lot worse…if a man were trying to take $$$ out of my pocket…

  30. raiderinvader says:
    May 17, 2013 10:18 AM
    @flaccodelic-yea because the ravens did such a great job evaluating McClain.just remember Ozzie hasn’t gotten every pick Travis””hands of stone””Taylor

    I don’t recall saying Ozzie has gotten every pick right. But I’ll take his track record against Al Davis’s any day, and I’m guessing if you’re honest so will you.

  31. DuntDuntDunnanunnaDuntDunt Circus
    DuntDuntDunnanunnaDuntDunt Jets
    Polka dot Polka dot Polka dot Jets suck.

  32. When Ozzie has been a coach, GM, Commissioner and an Owner, and then wins his third Super Bowl, then you can compare him to the Great Al Davis. Until then, he’s not even in the same neighborhood.

  33. That remark by the Jets GM publicly only proves how unclassy of an organization the Jets have. It wasn’t about the knee being ready or not. It’s ready believe me. The Jets just aren’t smart organization and they don’t know how to do many things correctly. I can go on and on and on with numerous detail. I’ll just say one word “Tebow”. Bottom line is Josh Cribbs was a commodity in free agency and the Raiders landed him. Welcome to Oakland and let’s break some turf baby.

  34. Very classless by Idziot! I’m also surprised that teams are allowed to release info when it comes to issues dealing with health of players.

    Like others said, it’s a deterrent for All other FA’s, but Idziot may also be divulging sensitive health info that may/may not be grounds for a lawsuit.

    Regardless, Idziot sounds like he’s Woody’s Joe Biden.

  35. Hey peanutele24 as a lifetime Browns fan I will admit Cribbs has lost a step BUT if the Jet’s had him and more average players like him maybe the Jet’s would be respectable.

    Watch who makes at least 30% of the tackles on the kicking teams! Jet’s loose again.

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