Family’s attempts to get money left Tyron Smith feeling “betrayed”


Back in November, word surfaced that Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith called the police to his house after two of his siblings showed up there to “harass and torment” him as part of an extended effort to get money from Smith.

That was followed by Smith’s lawyer revealing that Smith was missing more than $1 million and blamed his family for taking it, something Smith’s mother denied as part of a nasty little episode that threw back the curtain on the tackle’s private life. Smith never talked about it during the season, but he’s now opened up to the Dallas Morning News about the ordeal.

Smith said that the money went missing while he was using a financial adviser his parents recommended to him before the draft, leaving him “betrayed” because he had agreed to give them a “substantial” amount of money in four installments. According to Smith, the push for more money kept coming and increased when he let the family know that he’d be moving to left tackle.

“They were already looking forward to the next contract, talking about things they wanted to get already,” Smith said. “I was like I haven’t even got there and there’s not even a sure thing that I will. And that was all that was coming out of their mouth.”

Rams rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin recently talked about how he has cousins coming out of the woodwork since he was drafted in the first round. Austin appeared to be taking a joking tone about things, but Smith’s situation is a reminder that these things don’t always wind up as laughing matters. Smith himself offered some advice that Austin and other professional athletes should probably take to heart.

“The takeaway from this is don’t let people take advantage of you. And it’s all right to say no to certain people,” Smith said.

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  1. Just imagining all the family members sitting around talking about their future purchases is a really ugly scene to imagine. Thanks Tyron though for painting the picture of what it can be like. I hope you can find some people that are a little less gluttonous to share your money with. Start a foundation or something and try to help people instead of making your friends and family happy.

  2. It is alright to say no to all people unless they are your mate, or your children.

    I understand wanting to help your parents, siblings, family, and friends but they aren’t your responsibility UNLESS you WANT them to be.

    You are earning it, you decide what to do with it, don’t let anyone else take advantage of you.

  3. A young man works his butt off to get what he wants and his family wants to take it.

    His family hasn’t gotten off of their butt to do anything and are taking from those who worked their butt off.

    Yep, taking is easier than earning. Shameful bastards. Tyron, turn your back and find someone with the Cowboys to find someone to help you. I hope this works out ok and I feel bad that your family showed you their true colors and what you “are” to them.

    God bless you man, I hope you have a long career and when you have a family you show your “old” family what the term means.

  4. It is entirely okay to say no to your mate and/or children. Spoiling individuals rotten and allowing them to use you as an infinity piggy bank is no better that giving out money to others.

    Not telling children no is a terrible lesson.

    Not to mention you’ll wind up broke just as fast.

  5. Wow Tyron Smith is a young dude and extremely talented. I can’t imagine having to think about these types of things with my family, mother especially. I am sure he wants to take care of his loved ones but having them stealing behind his back is terrible.

  6. You know, if I were a billionaire owner of an NFL team not named Haslam, I would obviously have good financial advisors, not these fly-by-night fraudsters and flim-flam men that so many players fall victim to.

    I would offer all of my players to invest with my advisors, I would offer to set up trusts for them so they can get a post-retirement income, and I would offer legal advice so they can set up or invest with properly vetted charities to give back to to their communities, deal with parasitical friends, family and “posse” members.

    That seems like a no-brainer, that is easily within reach of most NFL owners. It would also be a competitive advantage in trying to win top free agents.

  7. Just reading this felt dirty…I can’t imagine living it.

    An agreed upon substantial four part payment to his own family and it wasn’t enough FOR YOUR PARENTS!? They pushed him to the breaking point in just over a year!?

    The fact that he made it to the highest level of competitive football with this scum leading him along the way is amazing.

  8. Parasites.

    Usually it takes a little bit of time for an NFL player to either get a clue about finances, or start purchasing diamonds, expensive toys, cars, keep the posse happy, and have huge parties before they wind up broke and then look for a hand out by filing a concussion law suit.

    I hope this kid gets his affairs in order or his family will strip his bones clean.

  9. Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We now live in a society where people feel entitled to have their lives subsidized by the hard work of others.

  10. It’s easy for people like us on the outside to advise someone like Tyron to just say no to people looking for handouts, even if it’s close family members. The truth is, what if your own sibling or relative came to you and needed to borrow an amount of money that you would consider significant? Would you easily tell the person no, even if that person had a history of poor money management and high debts?

    I doubt most of us would so readily turn down a close family member in such a situation.

    Though it is sad that family members and former friends of these kids being drafted and paid big money suddenly turn greedy. I’m sure the same thing happens to people who win the lottery too.

  11. @blacknole. What an amazing, brilliant comment! Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, he stopped taking his siblings calls, and that’s why they showed up at his house to harass him?

  12. Further evidence that at least 2 years of college should be required, as well as some finance classes. In addition the NFL should require and provide financial assistance for the 1st 3 years of every NFL player. These guys need help, and should help protect them from going bankrupt as soon as they retire. I could only dream if making the league minimum, even at 35 years old, but if I got it at 22, I’d be as lost as several of these guys. Not Dumberville or McClain dumb but I’d probably waste a lot of my money. some basic guidance should prevent this.

  13. People that are giving thumbs down for these comments are pathetic. Friends and family don’t deserve hand outs once a player signs

  14. I didn’t mean that you couldn’t say no to your kids or mate ever. As you said, spoiling your family will get you just as broke, not to mention they will have a serious lack of familial values.

    I meant as far as thinking that you are responsible for giving them something.

    You are responsible to take care of your kids and mate. You are not responsible for any other freeloaders unless you choose to.

  15. TO: Tyron Smith

    Family is a great thing to have, however a family that loves and respects you wouldn’t put you in this position. I always said that If I was to come into money that I would buy the houses my sisters lived in and let them live there for free. Would be in my name, so that they wouldn’t be able to refinance or take advantage of the situation. Find yourself someone who you can trust for financial advice. But monitor your own money, because there’s no one more interested in it’s protection than YOU!

    Tavon Austin! Follow the same advice please. I hate seeing people who had it all, turn and have nothing to show for it. NFL-Not for long, your just one injury away from your last paycheck!

  16. If I had a cousin, or even a brother, that landed a big NFL contract I would never even think of asking for money. But then again, I take pride in making my own way in life and am perfectly content with everything I have in life coming from my own talents, sacrifice, and hard work. Anyone who tries to cash in on someone else’s talents, sacrifices, and hard work is nothing more than a pathetic mooch.

  17. “Hey, Tyron and Tavon, I think we might be related. Through Mitochondrial Eve. You probably don’t remember her, she lived about 200,000 years ago, but we have a lot in common. We’re all bipedal, walk upright, mostly hairless bodies, and opposable thumbs. Uncanny resemblance, really. Anyways, I’m going through a bit of a tough time, financially, at the moment, and I was wondering………”.

  18. “It is alright to say no to all people unless they are your mate, or your children.”

    How blessed you must be, really, never to have been in a situation where you MUST say no to your mate and your child. I hope your good situation lasts a lifetime.

  19. Each year as I watch the draft I always pay attention to the many cousins at the draft parties, etc. Its obvious what they are there for…..

  20. The NFL has in the past run business mgmt. programs for the players at some of the nation best universities. I recall that Harvard and Penn. were involved. This of course is not protection from family and and friends who look at these athletes as a personal ATM. Maybe it is time for the NCAA to insure these student athletes actually attend class. Some teams use their in house front office staff to try and shield these young men from their old homies and con artists.

  21. It must be like staring into a black hole when one of these idiots actually gets angry cuz they didn’t get the hand out they wanted…I’m not sure I’d know what to say? I think I’d just stare at them all worked up and screaming thinking “you know an argument for your actions simply doesn’t exist”.

    Really, do you start throwing the fact you let him borrow your favorite GI Joe when you were kids in his face?

    “Remember that time you wanted a pack of gum and I let you borrow 75 cents? Guess good deeds don’t get returned around here…”

  22. Buy your parents a house and be done with it. If you brothers and sisters want something help them with college tuition. Your work as a athlete put you through school and got you employed so enjoy it. Also put in your will that in order to be in the will you must have completed some form of secondary education.

  23. All current NFL players should watch a “must see tv” ESPN 30 4 30 SERIES called BROKE!

  24. Smith has always seemed like a nice, quite, hard-working guy…and to add to that, I see this: “I was like I haven’t even got there and there’s not even a sure thing that I will.”

    So, clearly he has his head on straight, and isn’t taking anything for granted. So sad that he has to deal with being around people who are selfishly entertaining how they’re going to spend his money.

    People also forget that players have to deal with this kind of crazy off-the-field stuff sometimes. Fans see a second year OT who struggled last year…I see a very young (still only 22 as of this fall) guy who had enough on his plate moving from RT to LT, but then had to deal with this stuff at the same time, which is even harder.

    Thankfully, it seems as if his attitude will keep him where he needs to be. Don’t be surprised if he has a huge year this season.

  25. If I was the NFLPA I wouldn’t wait for the NFL to find a solid financial plan for these athletes. I would call on Magic Johnson, Manning Family to name a few to suggest/investigate/refer NFL players to reputable investment opportunities/retirement plans. NFLPA it’s your players and your here for your players right and not a big check for yourself DeMaurice Smith. They file all these motions to protect their players, talk to them during rookie symposiums and then let them go with no real direction.

    S – Stupid
    M – Management of
    A – Athletes
    R – Retire
    T – Tired and Broke

  26. Money is the root of all that’s evil. Some people would sell their soul to the devil to touch some green.
    Hearing this story makes me feel real bad for Smith. Its family, your supposed to stick by them, love them and help each other out, especially when bad things happen. The thing is, some family members take it too far and aren’t using family as the crutch that it is, letting greed get the best of them instead.
    I have an Aunt that I was extremely close to growing up. She was always one of my favorite family members. Lately she and her husband have been struggling a bit financially, especially over the past couple of years. She had a car that was on its last legs and was in need of a new vehicle. I was selling my truck because I had just gotten a newer car, so I decided to give her the truck for half of what I was asking for it and did it on good faith, letting her pay me monthly. My girlfriend was extremely leery about doing this since my Aunt has been known to break promises to people in the past, but I reassured her that this was my Aunt and that she would never screw me over or hurt me… I WAS WRONG! She made the first few payments and then I never heard from her again, and haven’t for over a year now. Broke my heart. So I know where Smith is coming from on this subject. You want to please your family and help them out when needed, but you have to be careful, because sometimes they take more than they are given. It really sucks!

  27. I know it’s hard to pity these millionaires but, really, these are young kids coming out of college who many have never even owned a suit and suddenly are extremely wealthy. Would you trust your 20-something kid to know what to do with a few million dollars?

    I don’t even trust myself to know what to do with that. I think teams should really consider offering financial services to these kids. At the end of the day, if money issues are affecting on the field play or are getting these kids into trouble thus effectively losing the team a quality player, the investment of a financial service for each team would honestly be worth it.

  28. So sad for these guys.

    You bust your tail to make it as a Pro Athlete, and when you finally do its not the sleazy sharks out there you have to be worried about it’s your own damn family?

    I can’t imagine taking money from one of my kids, or even asking. It should be the other way around.

  29. at the rookie symposium they teach incoming football players , to take care of mom and to start telling everyone else no. now it seems like they might have to modify the manual a bit

  30. How did such a screwed-up bunch of leeches produce such a bright, level-headed young man?

    He must be adopted.

  31. Reprehensible as these stories may be, I’m glad they’re starting to come out. We’re finally hearing about some of the external pressures that these young players are forced to deal with…..pressures that have nothing to do with football, but that have a huge impact on their lives nonetheless.

    I’ll guarantee you that more than a few of the draft busts we’ve seen over the years can be attributed to issues like this…..constantly pressured by family and friends looking for a handout, see the infighting and backstabbing inspired by their newly acquired wealth, and watching as their family tears itself apart over money that isn’t even theirs to begin with.

    I could see where that stuff would make a young man absolutely miserable, to the point where he’s no longer even interested in playing football.

  32. Tyron, I’ll be happy to sit down with your family and work out this mess. There is no reason you should have to deal with this. You need to concentrate on football. All I will require is a $1,000,000 downpayment and an additional $4,000,000 when I deliever what I promised. C’mon man, cut me a break! I work in the same school district where you went to high school! You owe me!

  33. People need to learn that even family, mom included, can be cut off without a single extra thought. You put your needs above mine – done. You try to be shady and lie – done.

    I’m different. I will ask them what does 2Q + 2Q equal at any time, and they know it, or should. They wanna throw a hissy fit like a girl? Fine – done. Family has to learn one thing about athletes, “This money has to last them the rest of their lives, not just their 20’s. They will make more money in their 20’s than they will the rest of their lives COMBINED.”

    This isn’t a time to say yes. Feel betrayed, but get over it. Of my entire family, I think only my sister would be cool about it – the rest would be like Mr. Burns’ hounds. I know this as he should and the family gets what I feel like giving them, but the better way is always teaching them how to fish rather than just giving them fish. If they are willing to learn, then teach them. If they want fish, they starve. Simple. Me? I’d be a Capital One commercial, “No, nah, Nunca”

  34. staubach12ismyidol says: May 17, 2013 11:19 AM

    Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We now live in a society where people feel entitled to have their lives subsidized by the hard work of others.
    Yeah no kidding. Like billionare owners wanting tax payers to give them free stadiums while they kick back enjoy and file as non-profits.

  35. Gross people, his family. He should disown them, and make his own family. Restraining orders seem to be necessary here, like insect repellent.

  36. This is totally a misunderstanding when I asked Tyron Smith for money.
    I just needed a ‘loan’ for my own Birthday Party.

    -Vince Young

  37. To all the peole saying that’s why real college is needed for these guys: I don’t know of anyone who learned money management in college. Most of college is actually pretty useless, but I digress.

    I like the idea of the NFLPA being in charge of helping their members obtain thoroughly vetted financial guidance. After all aren’t unions supposed to help and protect their members? (Yeah right, doesn’t happen with this one) Except they don’t even know how to vet agents properly.

    The teams, I am leery of letting them do it because in my opinion since they are the direct employer there is more risk of accusations of impropriety if things go bad.

  38. staubach12ismyidol says:
    May 17, 2013 11:19 AM
    Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We now live in a society where people feel entitled to have their lives subsidized by the hard work of others.

    71 4


    Please……this country was BUILT on the BACK of others!!!!

  39. That’s just a ugly picture to imagine. Tyrone puttin in all that hard work while others sit back and beg. To me its not about a certain who you should avoid, just be smart and know who is truthfully behind you 100%. theres no doubt in my mind that there’s just as many cases were parents struggle financialy to put their kid in that situation (NFL) and as soon as the kid gets alil change in his pocket he forgets who’s sacrificed the most to get him there. No1 should have 10009847319037294 friends and family anyways.

  40. What’s really incredible is when he made the mere suggestion that he might be moving to Left Tackle (regularly the highest paid position along the O.L.) they started making requests based on FUTURE earnings.
    Parasites. Period.
    You’re the one that put in all the hard work, Tyron.
    It’s your contract and your money.

  41. Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We now live in a society where people feel entitled to have their lives subsidized by the hard work of others.
    Yeah no kidding. Like billionare owners wanting tax payers to give them free stadiums while they kick back enjoy and file as non-profits.
    This is not an unfair observation.
    But I would add that a new stadium, unlike Tyron Smith’s contract, adds millions of annual tax dollars and plenty of jobs to a community.
    And a stadium will certainly be used for plenty of purposes non-football fans will appreciate; concerts, other sporting events, motocross, whatever.
    Your observation is fair but not exactly relevant.

  42. Buy momma a house and the thanks you get is, now she wants it furnished. Furnish the house for momma and now she wants a fancy car, so you get her a fancy car and the thanks you get is, now she wants you to pay the car insurance and it never ends.

  43. I feel really bad for the guy. Our family lives ok. My sister years ago joined this little internet company called Yahoo and is now extremely well off. No one asked her for a dime and I would never dream of living off her success. It’s just mind boggling to me that a family member would be that selfish and lazy to leach off a more successful member and spend their money as if it’s assumed the gravy train will continue.

  44. Staubach12ismyidol makes a great point. Corporate raiders, right wing sycophants, draft dodgers and wealthy tax cheats feel entitled to subsist off the hard work of the Middle Class.

  45. And we wonder why poor people say poor. Lol. How about loving your brother/son and be grateful that he ha made his dream come true.
    This is the progressive mentality. It’s about the collective not the individual

  46. Rick Spielman is a Magician says: May 17, 2013 10:58 AM

    I know it’s family and everything, but I think he should cut them off and never speak to them again.

    Along with that, they should each be given a copy of “Atlas Shrugged”…

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