Gronk’s getting in one more Vegas run before surgery

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will have a fourth arm surgery on Monday.  But that’s three days away.

OK, two days and change.

Still, that’s time for plenty of living.  And Gronk will be living it up one more time in Las Vegas., a jet-sharing service, circulated an email late Friday afternoon offering four seats on the private plane that will take Gronkowski a teammate to Nevada.

“This Saturday night, share a cabin and fly privately with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman from Boston to Las Vegas for a last minute get away before Gronk goes for yet another surgery,” the email explains.  “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with a living Patriots legend.  Gronk is offering 4 seats in the cabin.”

While there’s no reason to believe that Gronkowski’s penchant for partying caused or contributed to the infection that invaded his arm following his second surgery, he’s contributing to a perception that, if he would back off on the shirtless slam dancing and everything that goes along with it, he’d be healthy by now.

Then there’s the probability that Gronkowski needs back surgery.  While he’s on his own time and he should be allowed to enjoy his life, he’s inviting criticism from folks who think he’s not taking his career seriously — especially when it appears that his career may be at a crossroads.

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  1. The guy obviously enjoys his life, and he’s doing it without doing/selling drugs, without some “posse” of stupid hangers-on, without committing crimes. If he manages to be ready for the season, who is he hurting by being a party animal?

    I’m sure, though, that there will be some Debbie Downers out there, trying to make sure that because they can’t have fun, no one should have fun.

    Party on, Gronk! Just be ready for the regular season, please. I loathe the Patriots but really like how you play the game–and live life.

  2. Okay… “living Patriots legend”?! That’s very premature. How many rings does he have?

  3. To think this started because Bellichek wouldn’t bench him while blocking for an extra point. Protect your best players!

  4. MAZBAST> and please tell us how on earth u know he is not doing drugs or hanging with a “posse” or have any “hanger on’s” lmfao!! If I guessed I wld say all the above is happening right now.ur a haha #knowthefactsbeforeuassume.

  5. I live in Vegas and never waste my time or money down on the strip. Those billion dollar hotels were built on the backs of a bunch of winners. Some come on down Gronk, be another NFL star who is broke when he retires.

  6. Quite honestly I have been waiting for the imminent Gronk article of this nature… and PFT did not disappoint lol.

  7. Sweat can lead to infections. As in dancing and wrestling with half naked sweaty guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Gronk.

  8. I don’t think the partying is an issue. What is a huge issue, though, is four surgeries for one injury? Plus, he might need back surgery?

    I don’t think it’s premature to worry that his career may be over before it really got started.

  9. how terrible a young guy wants to enjoy life. he is only doing what every guy his age dreams about. how does this have any effect on a effect on a arm he broke twice during the season? answer it does not so what is the problem? just because you are all jealous of him does not make having all the legal fun he wants wrong. let me know when he gets arrested for multiple DUI’S, beating his woman or doing drugs then we can talk. I am not a pats fan but let the guy live his life/ as long as he does what he is supposed to with his rehab what does his private life have to do with his football one? last time I checked he was pretty good at what he does when healthy.

  10. That second contract dries up fast when it ends early.

    Have fun Rob… but I see you asking your brothers for money before too long.

  11. So Amendola will have a great season just like Welker? While Gronk and Hernandez are on IR? Who’s catching Brady passes if both get hurt again? Better call TO. Pretty sure Amendola tends to be injured too. Won’t surprise me if the phins are seriously knocking on the Pats door this season, of course it won’t surprise me either if the Pats win the division again.

  12. henryjones20 says:May 17, 2013 11:41 PM

    MAZBAST> and please tell us how on earth u know he is not doing drugs or hanging with a “posse” or have any “hanger on’s” lmfao!! If I guessed I wld say all the above is happening right now.ur a haha #knowthefactsbeforeuassume.
    While your point is well taken (and I agree with it) we’re adults here, not teen-aged girls texting their “BFF”. Use real words. Makes your statement sound more credible.

  13. the bengals took Keith rivers as his drafts first lb taken in his draft. The patriots took mayo as the 2nd lb in the draft. I personally was surprised he even used the pick and not traded it. Turns out the pats identified a sure fire player and pulled the trigger on a pick that made my good drafting bengals look bad. I draft or two later I can’t recall but the same thing happens again. The bengals take Jermaine Gresham as the 1rst Te taken in the draft. Sure enough here come again the patriots who take gronkowski after Gresham. Ok now it seems the pats are really schooling the bengals in the draft. But after all gronks antics and injuries at this point. It appears that the bengals at least knew what they was doing this time by taking Gresham. Kudos to the bengals who are becoming the best drafting organization in the business. Just look at the roster. All homegrown players except for a handful of fa’s. As a fan id have it no other way. Just time to win now! Who Dey

  14. Who cares? The guy is a great player. As long as he is making plays for the team and the league then people should get off his back

  15. Trust me, it’s all cool….. When he can not play again Gronk will simply attach himself to a concussion lawsuit.

    I clearly do not play any sport at the professional level, so what do I know? Gronk looks like a Saint compared to Titus Young, Mike Goodson, Rolando McCain, and any other blotter player known off hand.

    If Gronk catches 60 balls, scores 5 TD’s, ten 3rd down conversions, and impacts another 32 plays next year… All should be great and he should be a pro bowler….

  16. I think it’s safe to predict that the Miami Dolphins will dethrone the NE Patriots in the AFC East sooner than later. Could even be this season.

    That’s an unbiased opinion, of course.

  17. I really hate the Patriots but i don’t get the overwhelming hate for this guy specifically. It’s just a vacation before surgery. The guy has the 2nd most TD’s of anyone but Randy Moss at this age so give credit where it’s due.

  18. Living legend? One good season and he’s a living legend? Sounds as bad as Redskins fans with RG3, and I’m a redskins fan! HTTR

  19. With the recent history of these two guys, the Patriots should buy the seats and send physical therapists along.

  20. > shovel hunter

    And don’t forget to hold a party when they win more than 4 games for 4 successive seasons. 1986 says hi.

  21. the fact you people who do not like him can’t come up with anything more than he should not be doing it proves you are just jealous. where is the proof this has anything to do with his injury or recovery? you don’t think he would have been caught by now with his high profile if he was doing drugs or anything else illegal?

  22. I love your enthusiasm shovelhunter but seriously I’d rather have Mayo than a guy no longer with the team and Gronk or Hernandez over stone hand Gresham can’t make a catch on third down. He better turn it around this year or I’ll pack his bags for him when it’s time to go.

  23. I think Gronk has been watching the show Entourage too much. Tom is Vinny Chase, Gronk is Drama, Edelman is E, And Bill is Turtle!

  24. Wow. So its official then…

    Gronk is the new “Tebow” on this site!

    (you know…someone who hardly played last year, but gets 5 “nothing stories” in two days)

    What time is the vigil outside his Vegas hotel?

  25. He’s a young man, and he’s allowed to live his life and have a good time. HOWEVER….when you jeopardize your career by not taking care of yourself, you only succeed in leaving yourself wide open to your detractors.

    In plain English, he’s a moron, and his career is mirroring that of Jeremy Shockey, who couldn’t stop abusing his body, and paid for it with a too-short career. Its not hate on my part, its common sense. Party when you retire from the game. Get the money, and get the rings while you still can.

  26. shovelhunter says:
    May 18, 2013 1:15 AM
    But after all gronks antics and injuries at this point. It appears that the bengals at least knew what they was doing this time by taking Gresham.
    Right 😉

    because if ANY organization in the NFL knows about having players who stay out of trouble, it’s the Bengals!


  27. I haven’t seen anything but speculation that he needs surgery. The only “evidence” that he needs surgery is that he had it will have an MRI on his back to check out a disk and even that hasn’t been confirmed. That’s a long way away from surgery

  28. If i never wore a shirt when i partied, i can also afford to take my friends anywhere i want.

  29. I have no problem with a guy partying. But, what’s up with this culture about publicizing every time you hit the head? Clearly Gronk and his buds can fly to Vegas without inviting all the paparazzi to join him.

    Oh well, to each there own. Sure hope he has enough money socked aside to be able to continue to live the way he wants as his injuries might bring his income to an end sooner rather than later.

  30. After a serious burn and staph infection I specifically remember my Dr. telling me after my skin graft to make sure and drink plenty of alcohol to boost the effectiveness of my antibiotics. Oh wait, he said the EXACT opposite.

  31. I’m glad majormeatcurtains finally hit on it. Even if Gronk is partying perfectly legally — the odds that he’s not on a fairly intense antibiotic regimen to address these infections and that he’s not overextending his body by staying up late and drinking alcohol is virtually nonexistent (who goes to Vegas to abstain from sex, stay sober, and go to bed early?). In other words, he is a meathead who is very much hurting his career and his team now.

  32. Jeez pats fans in not attacking the organization. As I stated they do need to win to back up my statement. U can’t deny that the bengals through the draft exclusively are building a winning culture. Name another team with a roster composed of a higher percentage of drafted players. The best dline in the league (a 43 dline is the hardest unit to put together in football by the way. Its why teams cop out to a 34 defense. Its much easier to do) and the team spent not a single first round pick on entire line. But I suppose until the bengals draft a camera man that’s good at hidding during the other teams walk through they will get no respect. Don’t get pompus Boston fans because even your red sox team is a rip off of our RED LEGS! If you want to attack we can do that because your whole town is made up of cheaters And frauds. How about the patriots win something post spy gate? Just wait until our two tight end set runs your two Te set out of town this year. And I work at stadium and if I see anyone filming my teams walkthroughs I will personally throw him in the Ohio river. Why would I report him for your buddy goodel just to burn the tapes? Face it you have won nothing without cheating and your window to do so is closing. Where entering a new era in the NFL and its in stripes! Who dey!

  33. and I did state that they made us look bad with the mayo pick. I admit they knocked it out of the park. So read it again. And don’t mention Hernandez in this argument. When I see him taking on the tamba ali’s, and jj watts of the world one on one as Gresham IS asked to do often then bring him up. To call him a Te is an insult to the position.

  34. Florio can’t help himself. Once again he takes a shot at the Patriots or Patriot players for no apparent reason. Want proof? Where are his posts on the 600 players or more who have also visited Las Vagas this off season? Well Mike? Anything?

    I didn’t think so. Keep up the “good” work Mike, it won’t be long before even the Pats haters will grow tired of your monomania about all things Patriots.

    Your attempt to call for the Pats to be sued, was an EPIC fail. This is a fail as well. So tiresome. So predictable.

  35. Come on people, think about all the sympathy sex those two will be getting. JE’s still in his boot I think and Gronk can say, “Hey baby, I may not even BE around in a month…gotta take advantage of the situation NOW.”

    Also, from what I’ve read elsewhere the back procedure isn’t a major surgery though it’s hard to grasp that when it’s the back we’re talking about.

  36. Jerry rice, ray Lewis, P Manning, and other legends that made it far in there career playing at a high level didn’t do it with out work ethic. I think the party side of gronk shadows the great athletic specimen. Rightfully so cause history has taught us that this doesn’t last in this physical demanding sport. I give it to him that he not getting in trouble or getting caught with drugs in his system but I believe it’s only a matter of time before the fast life catches up.

  37. There’s been more Pats-related articles on here in the last 3 days than there were all last season. What up with dat?

  38. How does anybody know if his career isn’t already over? Back surgery and football do not mix very well. Pretty odd to be selling seats on a private plane. He might even be paid for taking that flight, showing up at whatever party and even drinking whatever it is he’ll be drinking. And if a plane is open to the public to buy a seat, isn’t it not a “private” plane anymore? So for all anybody knows, the ol’ Gronkster may be trying to squeeze out some last few promo bucks out of the high life before his career is all sawed up on the operating table.

  39. Gronk should sue that airline for putting his business out there. So much for them ever getting a client who wants a little privacy.

  40. Gronk seems to be a nice enough guy but he is at least 5 times dumber than he really needs to be.

    He’s facing a 4th operation on Monday and he doesn’t seem to be alive to the fact that his career might be in real jeopardy here – it just hasn’t dawned on him.

  41. Shovelhunter:wow bravo my man sounds like a tru football fan who watches all gms on sunday n not just ur bengals then turn the tv off like the spoiled bias fans in boston routing for the home team who is actually in wack ass foxboro…any rings without spygate 0.0 and they coast through every season with a weak schedule cus there division sucks and still the zebra rears its ugly face to help out even in blowouts wonder why they beat vegas spreads 64% of the time not hard figure ppl don’t realize ppl don’t respect those clowns outside of new england so screw tom lady n belicheat

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