It’s Texans Mt. Rushmore nomination time

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Plenty of Titans fans complained when we lumped the Houston Oilers in with the Tennessee Mt. Rushmore.  They think the all-time great Oilers stayed in Houston, and that the Texans should inherit them for the purposes of figuring out the best four.

We’d agree — if the franchise known as the Oilers hadn’t moved to Tennessee and remained the Oilers for several years before becoming the Titans.

So Houston gets the Texans, and the Texans only.

Which means that it’s time for Houstonians to nominate their favorite Texans for the team’s Mt. Rushmore, based on only 11 years in league.

Andre Johnson gets the front corner.  We’ll let you figure out the rest of them.

83 responses to “It’s Texans Mt. Rushmore nomination time

  1. David Carr? No but seriously

    Andre Johnson without a doubt
    The rest I would have to say are for now/moving forward as this is the only team where it is too early to really tell but here they are IMO:

    Arian Foster
    JJ Watt
    Owen Daniels
    Duane Brown

    And HM/Possible: Mario Williams

  2. seriously, though:

    1. Andre Johnson
    2. Bob McNair (he did bring football back to Houston…)
    3. Arian Foster
    4. JJ Watt

  3. From the left to right,
    Andre, as you said.
    Owen Daniels – this team existed without a real TE five years before he arrived. His arrival was parallel to the offense’s birth.
    TJ Yates – the figurehead of Next Man Up in the 2011 season. Also, led the miracle drive in Cincy that wrapped up the first playoff berth AND division title.
    Bob McNair – deserves it for bringing the team back to Houston. Hell, he deserves it for keeping his cool while the NFL kissed the rears of two incompetent LA proposals, and won in the end.

    Truth is, there will be better in the future. This is the best I think they have for now.

  4. The future is wide open…

    1) TBA
    2) TBA
    3) TBA
    4) TBA

    By the time they get done chiseling the other teams mountains, maybe the Texans will have somebody…

  5. Right now I would say:

    Andre Johnson (obvious best WR)
    Arian Foster (obvious best RB)
    J.J. Watt (’12 Def Player of the Year)
    Bob McNair (Brought football back to Houston)

    If Kubiak could get the Texans to a Superbowl, he would jump on. Rick Smith may deserve a nod too for his front office work in rebuilding the nightmare he inherited in 05.

  6. 1. Jacques Reeves
    2.Tony Mandarich
    3.Steve Slaton
    4.Sage Rosenfels

    Bonus: Peyton Manning for owning the team for most of their existence.

  7. 1. Andre Johnson – H.O.F>
    2. Bob McNair – The owner that brought respectability to Houston football after the double barreled baffoon moved his team.
    3. Gary Kubiak – local boy grows up to be the head coach of a perrenial loser and gets them to the playoffs.
    4. Rick Smith – his player evaluation had turned this club around

    Honorable Mention. J.J. Watt – A little early for this guy but dang he has H.O.L written all over him. Replaces Kubiak or Smith in a few years. The better Rick Smith does his job the sooner he, Kubiak and Mr.McNair are all replaced on this list.

  8. Obviously Andre Johnson gets on. Arian Foster probably deserves a spot too. I’m lost for the rest… Maybe Schaub. Probably Mario Williams. McNair for getting Houston a team… Um… Kubiak for being the only coach to take them to the playoffs.

    Check back in 25-30 years.

  9. Andre Johnson
    Arian Foster
    J.J. Watt
    Brian Cushing

    Special mention…Schaub & DeMeco Ryans. And if we win a Super Bowl, and he has an impact on getting us there….Ed Reed

    And to you people mentioning Mario Williams…he did NOTHING here, so dont drink that Cool-aid!

  10. Andre Johnson
    Arian Foster
    Matt Schaub
    Bob McNair

    With all due respect to J.J. Watt, he’s been in the league for 2 seasons. Too soon to put him on a list like this IMO. Not taking anything away from him as a player, he’s incredible.

  11. As far as players, everyone is spot on that it’s Andre Johnson and 3 players entering the prime of their careers in Arian Foster, JJ Watt and Duane Brown with an honorable mention to Mario Williams. You could TRY to put Kubiak but he was on the hot seat twice so far. You could put GM Rick Smith who has hit a bunch of home runs lately. You could put McNair who did an outstanding job of getting the franchise and getting the Houston community behind it (we picked the name, colors, logo and even the cheerleaders !). A state of the art facility set the bar and allowed us to have the first ever Super Bowl in Houston.

  12. At this point,

    Andre Johnson only

    This franchise is too young to put 4 guys up. Maybe when all is said and done, you could add Watt and Foster.

  13. 1. Andre Johnson
    2. JJ Watt
    3. Andre Johnson
    4. Andre Johnson

    Seriously, I love what Watt has done for the franchise so far. However, Johnson’s been there for most of the franchise’s existence, has been a top-10 all-time calibur receiver, and will be their first Hall-of-Famer.

    There is no player, and maybe only a dozen or so others in league history, that are more synonymous with their team than Johnson to the Texans.

  14. biscojay says: May 17, 2013 8:59 AM

    This “Mt. Rushmore” thing should be limited to teams who’ve actually won something

    So winning division titles doesn’t qualify as winning anything ? If you’re referring to SB’s, only 18 teams have won one. But I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the individual effort of these guys who are putting their bodies on the line, giving heart and soul for our entertainment and fanatical fandom.

    How many combined SB’s did Hall of Famers Barry Sanders, Kellen Winslow Sr., Ozzie Newsome, Earl Campbell, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Dick Butkus, OJ Simpson, Gayle Sayers play in (not won, play in) ?


    But since they didn’t win “anything”, by your standards, they must not be worthy. Answer the door, that’s Mensa knocking …

  15. Here’s a way to solve a few voting problems and the inherent Texans problem:

    Mount Rushmores shouldn’t all necessarily be divided by franchises. There should be a Rushmore for each of the following.

    NFL in Houston (Oilers, Texans)
    NFL in St. Louis (St. Louis Cards, St. Louis Rams)
    NFL in Baltimore (Baltimore Colts, Ravens)
    L.A. Rams
    Indianapolis Colts
    Tennessee Titans
    Arizona Cardinals

    I don’t think the Raiders need two entries or any franchises that weren’t in a town for a significant amount of time (that’s why we have the 50 year L.A. Rams but no Cleveland Rams).

  16. Andre Johnson
    Aaron Glenn (didn’t spend most of his career with them but had a big impact at the start of the franchise and is a hometown guy)
    Arian Foster
    JJ Watt

  17. 23chameleons says: May 17, 2013 10:18 AM

    A state of the art facility set the bar and allowed us to have the first ever Super Bowl in Houston.
    Uh, no. Super Bowl VIII was played in Houston IIRC. Yes, I’m that old.

    Getting back to the subject–

    Andre Johnson
    Bob McNair

    Beyond that, not enough history.

  18. Johnson
    and leave the 4th empty and waiting for Watt someday.

    If Cushing wants in, he needs to go up there holding a needle.

  19. Andre and Bob McNair are the only 2 I would put up there today. Foster, Schaub and Watt have chances to maybe earn a spot, but not right now.

  20. Man Thi was a lot harder than I thought it would be…

    1) Andre Johnson, i mean come on how can he not be first.
    2) Duane Brown, The mean LT who is probably the best in the league currently (Debatable so can we agree to 5)
    3) Bob McNair this shouldnt even be debatable.
    4) JJ Watt, if he keeps up what he did last year he is a future HOFer as Wade said.
    Honorable Mentions: Wade Phillips, OD, Arian Foster, Cush, Demeco Ryans, Kubiak

  21. Guys whose faces should be on it:
    JJ Watt
    Duane Brown
    Guys whose backside should be on it:
    Jacques Reeves
    Jason Babin
    David Carr
    Tony Boselli

  22. if the city of Houston’s Oilers DON’T count:

    Andre Johnson
    DeMeco Ryans
    Arian Foster
    JJ Watt

    if the city of Houston’s Oilers DO count:

    JJ Watt
    Andre Johnson

  23. For those discounting Watt for only being on the team 2 years.

    He has had arguably the greatest season ever for a Texan, and he has arguably the greatest play in Texans history. Can’t keep that guy off the mountain!!!


  24. IMHO there are three absolutes…
    1. One word…. Andre….. He is mr. Texan. Didn’t sell out for more money.
    2. Super Mario….. Even though he bumped his gums after he left he’s still deserving.
    3. Could’ve went kubiak or McNair but I but I believe only players should be on here so my number three is…..
    Arian foster
    4. For this pick there are several vying but not really one that leaps ahead. They could be…. Demeco Ryan’s, schaub, Kris brown,Daniels,dunta,antonio smith
    In the future one of these guys will be four if they keep it up
    . Cushing , watt, and one of the recent draft picks

  25. I think that any mt rushmore would be remiss without the best QB in franchis history. And while we’re all a little down on Schaub, he’s the best QB in franchise history. He’s won a passing title, Pro Bowl MVP, and holds every passing record in franchise history. He HAS to be up there.

    If I had to choose between Mario and Watt… I’m choosing Watt every time for this. He’s had bigger moments, better stats, and his work ethic is never questioned. Mario ALWAYS took criticism for taking off plays. Is that the guy you want representing you up on that mountain?

  26. As I peruse through the answers here, one thing comes to mind that I didn’t think would happen. There aren’t many, but I’ve noticed that some people are leaving Andre Johnson out. How is that even possible?

  27. I saw those as well, but a few listed JJ Watt, so I presumed they were being serious.

  28. I don’t give a damn I’m putting Warren Moon in mine.

    Warren Moon, Andre Johnson, Bob McNair, Gary Kubiak

    Excluding Warren Moon, I’d put in JJ Watt instead.

  29. I agree – Houson should include the Oilers with the Texans. Football has been there a lot longer than 11 years.

    However, given the current rules of the game:

    Bob McNair
    Andre Johnson
    JJ Watt (On, Wisconsin!)
    Arian Foster

    These are easily the most recognizable and (so far) influential faces of the franchise.

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