Kendall Wright drops 14 pounds after cutting out junk food


You can always tell when you’ve reached the OTA portion of the offseason because of the spike in players talking about being in the best shape of their lives.

One of this year’s entries on that front is Titans wide receiver Kendall Wright, who told the Titans website this week that he’s never been fitter. Wright has dropped 14 pounds since the end of last season by working out at Baylor and by changing his diet to eliminate junk food. Wright thinks the latter is the bigger factor in his svelter look at the Titans’ offseason workouts.

“For the most part, it wasn’t about the running,” Wright said. “I just started taking care of my body and eating right. I wasn’t eating right at all. I was eating a lot of junk food because that’s what I like and that’s what I’d buy, but I cut down on that and just started eating right. When you don’t buy it, you’re not going to eat it, so I just stopped buying it.”

Wright led the team with 64 catches as a rookie, although his 9.8 yards per catch show that there’s plenty of room for him to grow as a player in his second season. Wright was able to threaten defenses down the field in college and you’d expect to see more of that in 2013 if the Titans offense takes the strides the team hopes to see. If not, at least Wright will look trimmer while catching short passes.

10 responses to “Kendall Wright drops 14 pounds after cutting out junk food

  1. Not sure why he wasn’t taking care of his body before but I’m glad he’s taking the initiative now. Hated using a 1st on a wr last year but since they did I’m hoping he can develop.

  2. Losing weight cutting out McDonald’s, Burger King & chocolate cake? YOU DON’T SAY? Tell me more….

  3. Don’t worry Kendall, when you retire, you can eat all the fast food you want, balloon up to become a sedentary obese athlete, ie OJ Simpson… then develop heart disease and succumb to heart failure or a heart attack like the rest of your peers…

    It’s sad that you make all that money and can afford first class gourmet food but would rather eat cardboard meat from MickyDs, ie Chad Johnson

  4. My hero.

    I am going to refrain from saying anything snide or condescending on this topic as I sit in my glorious glass house and enjoy my number 3 value meal.

  5. Good for him. My life would suck w/o red bull coffee and most importantly pepsi. Thankfully I am not an NFL athlete. I do hit the gym 3-4 times a week though so i am not a total slob.

  6. Allright now some of these comments make me sick. A friend of Wright’s said he liked to occasionally indulge in sweets. Why? Because he is a KID! A very talented kid that wants do everything in his power to help team win football games and when you give a young athlete millions of dollars sometimes they revert to old habits that could hurt their career as a professional athlete.

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