Lions offense reminds Reggie Bush of the Saints


Back in March, Lions coach Jim Schwartz said  that the Lions plan to use running back Reggie Bush in a similar role to the one he played for the Saints during the first five years of his career.

It’s little surprise, then, that Bush appeared on the NFL Network Friday and said that the offense in Detroit is a lot like the one that the Saints ran while Bush was in New Orleans. Bush explained that it has made it easier to pick things up after signing with the Lions as a free agent.

“As far as from an offensive perspective it’s a lot like what we did in New Orleans,” Bush said. “It’s a lot of spread-open passing. Obviously we can attack downfield, and with the running game, a lot of screens, draws and stuff like that. Basically what I did in New Orleans, so running this offensive system has been pretty easy for me.”

Bush was never used as an every-down back with the Saints and he seemed to relish the chance to play that role in Miami, saying more than once that he thought he could lead the league in rushing. That didn’t happen, but he ran for almost as many yards in two years with the Dolphins as he did in five years with the Saints. If going back to a role that calls on his versatility more than his running skills bothers Bush (and it shouldn’t, since he chose to sign in Detroit), he’s doing a good job keeping it to himself.

“I’ve always enjoyed being in the position that I am and doing what I do, being able to split out wide and catch balls so it’s great that offenses are going toward that direction,” Bush said.

There are going to be a lot of chances for Bush to make an impact in a lot of different ways for the Lions on offense in 2013. His rushing attempts might go down, but his productivity should remain high.

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  1. I hope that doesn’t include almost getting murdered like he did when Sheldon Brown removed his spine out in the flat! LOL all jokes a side I love Reggie and hope he has a great year!

  2. Why is it so great that “offenses” are going in this direction? Why would he care what other teams do, Detroit is his team now so isn’t that the only offense that should matter to him? A very confusing statement unless maybe he’s lining up his next job in advance?

  3. Loins are in trouble if this guy is supposed to help them. Bush will get a good play about once in every ten touches. That’s why he is not with the bagheads or the fish anymore.

  4. I don’t know how good of a season Reggie is going to have but it should have a huge impact on Stafford. This gives them an offensive weapon to play the underneath routes while Johnson plays the deep routes. Pettigrew is good but he doesn’t give you the mismatches on LB’s that Reggie’s speed does, and we all know he can catch the ball. Stafford doesn’t have to just throw the ball up for Johnson anymore. It should cut down on his interceptions and incompletions which can only be good for the Lions. And they will need it, because despite their good defensive line their secondary can’t stop anyone.

  5. Reggie begged to be an “every down back” with the Dolphins. He had his chance and did okay but I think he will always be better suited to play in this type of offense.

    Nice player and a great teammate.

  6. Unfortunately the Lions defense will remind him of the Saints too… The 2012 Saints.

  7. Hopefully Reggio has finally come to terms with what he is. A very good utility player. It is what it is. Embrace it.

    We were glad to have him in New Orleans even though he never met admittedly lofty expectations. I expect him to be a real weapon with the Lions. I will be rooting for him.

  8. If Reggie Bush can take the role Best had in the flat and run the ball like LeShore was supposed to up the middle, the Lions might catch a lot of teams by surprise. quietly this team has been stacked with talent. They just need to put it all together and play together. If that happens they could be a very good team.

    I also understand that Bush could also be just like many others. A player that could help but don’t, and I am prepared for that as well with three new guys on the O-line

  9. One of the GOOD things to come from fantasy football for RBs like Bush is that people don’t care if your yards are receiving or rushing. As long as you get big yardage and score.

  10. Bush adds a much-needed dimension to the Detroit offense, and with the other additions the team has made, I can see them being much more competitve this year.

  11. The lions will do very well with Bush . The secondary is vastly improved as well as the defense line and lb! The kicking game is improved as well!

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