Patriots sign Jamie Collins, Steve Beauharnais


The Patriots got two more draft picks under contract on Friday and both of them are linebackers.

Second-round pick Jamie Collins and seventh-round selection Steve Beauharnais have both reached agreement on their four-year rookie deals. The team announced the signings, which leave the team with three unsigned picks from their seven-man draft class.

Collins started his career at Southern Mississippi as a safety before bulking up for a move to defensive end, but he’ll be starting his Patriots career as a linebacker. Coach Bill Belichick said that Collins will get looks at other spots as well. Wherever he lines up, the Pats will be looking to Collins for help rushing the passer.

Beauharnais was one of three Patriots draft picks who played at Rutgers in college. He started 42 games in college, most of them at middle linebacker, but his first role with New England is likely to be as a special teamer.

Cornerback Logan Ryan and safety Duron Harmon, the other Rutgers alums in the draft class, have also signed their contracts with New England.

7 responses to “Patriots sign Jamie Collins, Steve Beauharnais

  1. Collins may have been a reach on some draft boards, but the bottom line is that Belichick got the guy he wanted – someone versatile enough to play multiple positions.

    Most uneducated fans are chortling about the Patriots draft, but opposing offensive coordinators know that Belichick has a lot of different looks coming their way – and they can’t be happy about that.

    It’s also doesn’t hurt that Ryan and Harmon have experience playing together

    This could be a very productive draft for the Patriots.

  2. Draft Insider quoted a source that reported Belichick chose to overrule his scouts on both Collins and Harmon.

    I honestly don’t get where Collins fits in the Pats defense. But one really strange trend that I’ve noticed over the years is that Belichick almost always seems to know more about running a football team than I do.

  3. The Patriots have a history of picking players in the draft that sign team friendly contracts and get on the field quickly. When was the last time you heard of a Patriots draft choice holding out or being a problem on or off the field? They have had their share of misses on ability to play but they don’t pick problem children in the draft.

  4. “Draft Insider quoted a source that reported Belichick chose to overrule his scouts on both Collins and Harmon.” Enjoyed your post but I seriously doubt anyone working for Belichick is leaking information to “Draft Insider”. Nor do I believe that Belichick “overrules” anyone. I expect he listens to their input and then makes an informed decision. That’s executive management by the responsible person not overruling a decision-maker.

  5. Collins is a young Willie McGinnis. A couple years of lifting and nutrition and see what you get!

  6. Patriots most valued characteristics in a draft pick:

    1. Quick video study
    2. Does not require honesty or integrity from coaching staff or management
    3. No family history of diabetes or any other easily treatable condition

    Those of us who followed Dr. J and the 76ers in the 70’s and 80’s know what a total sham this Patriots organization is. His teammate Bobby Jones played for many years with asthma, epilepsy and a chronic heart condition, and yet was a 4-time all star, 8-time all defensive team, 6th man of the year, and NBA champion in a sport that requires much more energy and stamina than football.

    Cutting a guy on the day he discovered he’s developed diabetes is the height of hypocrisy from an organization which had already achieved amazingly absurd heights in that department.

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