Quinton Coples heard Ryan’s message loud and clear


Rex Ryan sent a message to Quinton Coples last week, telling reporters that he wasn’t happy with Coples’ performance in the weight room.

Thanks to modern technology, the message was received.

Coples said he found out about Ryan’s remarks when his manager got a Google alert in his inbox.

“He’s a coach and he spoke how he felt and I took it, moved on and got better this week,” Coples said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Ryan’s intent was obvious on several levels, including the continuing mockery of the term “voluntary” workouts. If you don’t volunteer, you get called out, and perhaps worse down the line.

Coples said he hadn’t talked to Ryan since then, but he agreed with the coach’s assessment.

“I wouldn’t say I got too comfortable, it was just during a drill, it was videotaped and I could have given a better effort,” Coples said. “The next day when we came back in, I gave better effort. . . .

“I wasn’t shocked by it, it was something he did and I responded well. I responded in the weight room and I got better.”

Which means, mostly, that Ryan’s tactic worked.

12 responses to “Quinton Coples heard Ryan’s message loud and clear

  1. Say what you want about Rex but this guy gets the best out of his players. He called out Kerley last year and he responded well. Brought in Maybin and he lead the team in sacks.

  2. There is something very wrong with Rex Ryan’s approach to motivating his players.

    After all, how would you feel if your manager at work publicized his/her feelings about your performance before even giving you the feedback personally? Sounds passive aggressive and is essentially the antithesis of good management.

  3. I don’t know that it worked. Sounds like he embarrassed his player in the media because now I know about it and am free to draw any unflattering conclusions about Coples’ and that can’t make Coples feel good. Ryan didn’t need to send a message by talking to the media with an underhanded statement, he could have dealt with it privately. I don’t think making crafty hints to the media is a good way to send a message to the team, you should speak directly to the team or the player to get the desired response or effect. The player doesn’t need to hear where he’s failing from reporters, that’s only an optional exercise.

    And in this story we see Coples has repeated himself twice with the same quote, sounds to me like he’s embarrassed and frazzled just as I fear, and now it’s awkward for him to some degree. Great job coach. Maybe everybody on the team will respond better to negative reinforcement versus positive. Good luck with that strategy.

  4. @nyjets1017 Your clown coach antics is the stupidity of coaching. One dose not call out anyone out in public period. O and how many SB wins has this clown won by carrying on like this.

  5. rg3andthensome says:May 17, 2013 10:14 AM

    So is this guy a bust too? Great talent scouts for New Jersey

    And as a ‘Skins fan, you’d be expert in busts,so I defer to you.

    RGIII will be used like Vick, a running back once outside the pocket, so I’d worry about his endurance were I you instead worrying about the Jets.
    Thanks anyway.

  6. larrydavid7000 says:May 17, 2013 10:58 AM

    @nyjets1017 Your clown coach antics is the stupidity of coaching. One dose not call out anyone out in public period. O and how many SB wins has this clown won by carrying on like this.

    Why do Rex Ryan, the Jets, Sanchez etc. take up so much of your thoughts daily? I’m sure professional help can root it out.

  7. This lack of effort is exactly what the concern was about Coples prior to the 2012 draft.

    Coples potential is crazy high but it’s that lack of drive that may cause him to be labled an under achiever. I like Ryan trying to light a fire under him by calling him out.

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