RGII says everything “on cue” with RGIII’s rehab


We haven’t had a post all week on the recovery of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III from his knee surgery, so we’ll squeeze this one in under the wire.

Anyone who has been following the story can probably guess ahead of time that the news is positive. There’s been a steady stream of reports about how well Griffin is progressing in his rehab and that he’s either ahead of or right on schedule to be at quarterback for the team when the 2013 season gets underway. Friday’s entry is from Robert Griffin II and it falls right in line with everything we’ve heard before.

“Robert is doing extremely well as far as the timetable,” Robert Griffin II said, via Jim Corbett of USA Today. “He’s been doing a lot over time, he never stops. He was throwing some prior to the draft. Everything seems to be on cue. Everybody in the organization is targeting that season opener.”

Griffin II also said his son is “wiser” this time around, which is a reminder that the owner of the knee in question recently said that “it’s about taking it slow” when talking about his approach to rehab. It’s good advice for everyone when it comes to RGIII’s status over the next few months since every new thing he does adds the possibility of a setback.