Woodson expected to visit Raiders on Tuesday

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Charles Woodson’s visit with the Broncos didn’t result in a contract, leaving him free to visit another AFC West team next week.

It’s one he is very familiar with. Woodson spent eight years with the Raiders after they made him the fourth overall pick of the 1998 draft and will be back in Oakland to talk to the team about a reunion.

“The Raiders have invited Charles in for a visit. As of right now the plan is for him to fly in Tuesday. We are still waiting for their official schedule at this time,” Woodson’s agent Carl Poston told Josina Anderson of ESPN.

Poston’s already revealed that the Raiders have made an initial offer for Woodson’s services, although it wasn’t a strong enough one to stop Woodson from looking elsewhere for a job. The Raiders would probably offer Woodson as much playing time as any team that might be thinking about adding him to their roster, but the chances of contending for a Super Bowl would be a lot higher in Denver.

That’s assuming the Broncos make Woodson an offer, of course. If not, Woodson might wind up repurposing an old phrase by saying “If you can’t join ’em, try to beat ’em.”

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  1. And Chuck is currently in Ann Arbor at the ‘Mott Hospital takeover’. Such a great human being. Wish him the best.

  2. A visit to the Raiders usually means your career is over. A signing by the Raiders makes it official.

  3. @bsandersisalengend20,
    Your comment is hilarious. We let him go for a reason. He’s over the hill. I’m as big a Woodson fan as there is, but even I know his play was slipping. Go ahead and sign him. By week 3, you’ll be cursing at your tv when he’s either getting burned or he’s getting called for holding penalties. The reality is that his great career is just about over. There’s a reason why nobody has offered him a contract yet. This is why the Lions and their fanbase is a joke and will never succeed. You think going after a “name” will help get you over the top. Sorry but the Lions will not beat the Packers anytime soon. Admit that the Packers are just better than you. It’s okay. Reality sucks sometimes.

  4. I’m a life long, die hard Bills fan. Not a Raiders fan really at all. But I will say that the NFL is more fun when both my Bills and the Raiders are playing well and are competitive. Just like the resurgance with the Bengals is a good thing for the NFL.

    Re: Woodson. He’s one of the league’s good guys and I wish him well. Hope he goes back home to Oakland and helps turn them around.

  5. I hate to say it, but given the difficulty some of these packer vets have finding new jobs once released by the packers, makes me think Ted Thompson might actually know what he’s doing. As a Vikes fan, that doesn’t make me very happy,

  6. Boy, some of you so called Raider fans are just plain stupid. “Sign him big Reg!!” Yeah. that’s the answer. As a true fan who understands the dynamics of football, this is a bad idea. He is NOT the player he used to be. When he gets burned left and right you’ll be wishing for the youth movement. Educate yourselves before opening your piehole. You’re the reason why other teams laugh at us. Wildcard?!!! Really? Boy this isn’t Madden. Get real.

  7. This is why you don’t burn bridges. He would be welcomed back to the Nation with open arms. Let some of the young pups learn how to not only play the game, but conduct themselves with dignity.
    That C-dub jersey in the closet’s been gathering dust for too long.

  8. well it makes sense if they plan to use him as a FS. Right now the only other option “with current” players is possibly let Jenkins play FS.

    Have to say if we sign Woodson, having a backfield of Branch, Woodson, Hayden ,and let Porter , Jenkins, Ross, Francies, chimdie, hansen, etc…compete .

    Raiders are going to be the quiet storm this year. Reggie got out the mop, cleaned up the mess, and now working to put it together. Might be a blue collar roster, but I like the foundation of it.

  9. I think Woodson, should the Raiders choose to sign him, would provide good veteran leadership…and a great locker room presence…at least he could retire where he started….if we can afford it, do it! It’s not like we’re expected to do anything this year…maybe we’ll surprise a few teams……….RAIDERS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. First off I am concerned of all the non-Raider fans that comment on the team GO TO YOUR OWN TEAM POSTS…SMMFH second thing, Charles Woodson is a HALL OF FAMER. True raider fans know..THIS IS WHO WE ARE!!! we take players at the end of their careers and let them be great all over again, jerry rice, Rod Woodson, eric allen, rich gannon, Ronnie lott,Erick Dickerson, shall I go on? 3rd, it’s time to get rid of the stigma and bring in a True raider winner..Last I checked when he left is when the team hit rock bottom! the only better move we could have done is to get CHUCKY BACK Period!

  11. @billybobyall shows how much you know about football. Woodson played in the Super Bowl for the raiders and on some pretty good playoff teams prior to that.

  12. As a Raider fan, I don’t see the harm of bringing him in as a nickel back for the minimum. He will infuse some leadership in the locker room and can mentor Hayden as well.

  13. SQUAEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have said for years how pissed I was at Al for letting him go. I hope and pray he returns! AND I can haul out my old #24 jersey again!


  14. If the Raiders want Charles he will be told to either wait till June 1st when Huff’s 8 million clears in cap space or back-end a two year deal with such huge cap space in 2014 and sign him now.

    Its very possible he comes back to Oakland at this point if he left Denver.

    One thing to think of …. Woodson has seen Flynn closely …. and knows Reggie …. if he believes in both that could be the kicker

  15. I am eager to learn something about that last game between Green Bay and the 49ers.

    I vividly remember Mr. Kaepernick running through the secondary and going for a long way for a touchdown. I remember thinking at the start of that play that someone in the Packer secondary would certainly catch him. But I think I recall that the green space between him and the closest pursing Packer grew a little as the play went forward. That still hurts.

    Now, is it true or untrue that Charles had responsibility for containing Kaepernick on that play? Is it true or untrue that Charles was one of the Packers chasing behind Colin? I don’t know, maybe Charles was way on the other side of the field for that play.

    Is Colin so darn fast that it’s unreasonable to expect that a defensive back should catch up with him?

    I really respect Charles Woodson and I was sorry to see him leave. We’ve lost 2 giant players defensive players recently … first Nick Collins and now Charles. When players of that caliber can’t contribute the way they used to contribute, it’s not a surprise that Green Bay has had its challenges on defense.

  16. LMFAO!!!! Nice job Raiders. Way to give him to the Packers for his good years and now accepting the scraps. Sounds like the Raiders like being the last one when pulling a train, lol.

  17. All you haters don’t realize superior talent is not what the raiders are looking for right now. With deep empty deep pockets, Mckenzie is looking at the experience a player of Woodson’s caliber could bring to teach our young secondary. Although I don’t know much of Woodson’s character, with a Superbowl ring and a long career coming to a close, he might feel it is the right time to “give back” to the sport. I’m sure he’ll get all the playing time he wants and the chances of playing a whole season is slim at best, but a teacher of the secondary is what this rebuilding team needs.

    All you fools think we’re trying to make moves to win a Super Bowl this year. While we are not counting this season out, look at the bigger picture. Don’t fret Raider fans, we are on the right path.

  18. We dont need him. What we need to do is move on with younger more hopeful prospects other then an aged vetetan that has 1 year left in him. Hang up the cletes CW and wait for your yellow jacket. You done! Lost all respect when he visited Denver! He knows this devision and what a slap in the face that was. We dont need him!

  19. Woodson back in black, the fans & team need this. Who cares if he’s 36 he’s the best option we have at this point. And yes he’s not the same playmaker he once was but he’s a leader in the locker room something we lost with all the veterans this offseason. If your a die hard fan and you live in California plus go to great Woodson tomorrow to show we do want & need him. I would be there myself proudly wearing my #24 jersey, but I live in New Jersey so there isn’t much I can literally do. Please Woodson sign with the Raiders, u know I don’t belong in a Broncos uniform. Reg do the right thing, please!!

  20. Once a Raider always a Raider!! Hopefully I can bust out my 24 c. Woodson jersey one more time. He could definitely help mentor DJ Hayden into a factor for us in the future.

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