Chargers announce Freeney deal


Dwight Freeney will be reuniting with Peyton Manning in a different way this season.

With the Broncos ultimately dismissing Manning’s effort to get his former Colts teammate to Denver, Freeney will now spend one-eighth of the 2013 season chasing Peyton around.

Freeney officially is a Charger, where he’ll remain a 3-4 linebacker for the second straight year.

“It’s great to add a solid veteran who brings valuable experience to our defense,” said coach Mike McCoy said in a team-issued release.  “His proven pass-rush ability is a perfect fit for our defense.”

The term “perfect fit” seems a bit strong, given that Freeney has 10 years in the 4-3 and told PFT Live in February that he wants to return to that alignment.  “I’m not sure [Freeney] is well-suited for a 3-4 team,” former Colts coach Tony Dungy told Chris Mortensen of ESPN.  “I think Dwight needs play at right end and as a third-down pass rusher.”

Chances are Freeney will essentially do just that, putting his hand in the dirt and taking on the left tackle in passing situations.

He’ll get to do it twice against Ryan Clady, the unsigned lineman who protects Peyton Manning’s blind side.  And Freeney will do it against his former team in Indy, along with the other teams he faced every year in the AFC South, starting with the opening Monday night of the season, against the Texans.

He’ll also chase around the quarterbacks of the NFC East (including Peyton’s brother Eli, Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, and presumably Mike Vick).

In other words, a relatively mundane offseason for the Chargers suddenly has become far more interesting.

19 responses to “Chargers announce Freeney deal

  1. It’s so refreshing to be getting some good press after the torturous seasons under A.J Smith.

    I’m so impressed with our new GM, we’re not used to this!

    Tom Telesco you the man!

  2. The Bolts don’t have another true edge rusher but with Reyes and Liuget rushing from the inside and Freeney coming off the edge they should be able to do some damage.

  3. Get your licks in on Alex SMith this year, bc for rest of Freeney’s career, Fisher will have LT on lockdown!

  4. People forget that a lot of value comes from his knowledge.

    We get Peyton 2 times a year and we all know he practiced against manning for years. We get the Texans on Monday night and the Colts this year. That’s 4 games he gives us an edge up on knowing their offenses.

    Great pick up.

  5. Sdboltz: I would think having Manning’s former OC as your head coach would give you more of a leg up on knowing the Broncos offense than signing a defensive player who played with Manning under a bit of a different offense in 2010…but that’s my speculation.

    With Clady on the left side and Manning having a new toy to get rid of the ball to quickly underneath, I’m not sure the Broncos will be too worried about this signing. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good signing for you guys, just not something that will really register in Denver.

  6. “In other words, a relatively mundane offseason for the Chargers suddenly has become far more interesting.”

    What in the hell are you talking about, Florio? Mundane? The Chargers have a new front office, a new coaching staff, the Ingram injury, Vincent Brown coming back after a lost season, no left tackle to speak of, and arguably the best draft class in the league, which included Manti Te’o! How in the heck is that mundane?

    Freeney is a nice pick-up but his signing isn’t even the most “interesting” thing that has happened this off-season. Plus, they probably overpaid a bit since they don’t have any more cap space until Gaither is dropped next month and they still need that left tackle – that’s interesting.

    This is like the fifth post today about Freeney. You realize it’s 2013 not 2007. Right? Enough of the hyperbole. If he gets 6-7 sacks it will be a good year.

  7. I am glad to see Tom Telesco getting some love by the Bolt’s fans. He will do your organization proud. Good pick up of #93. I think he still has a few swim and spin moves left. I will be keeping an eye out for this team from afar.

  8. Freeney had 5.5 sacks last year, barely any fricken tackles and you guys give him 4 million a year.

    Meanwhile Shaun Phillips, your own player who can actually play in a 3-4 defense had 9.5 sacks, 60+ tackles and the Broncos signed him for 1 million dollars.

    One team is getting it done here, and it isn’t the bolts. Embarrassing

  9. He is one of the most overrated players of all time. Look at his stats!!! 200 tackles in twelve years…. A whopping ten last year. A one dimensional player at best.

  10. To those saying it was a bad signing.. at this point who would be better that is still available? Injury forced the Chargers hand and at least they made a move for the top pass rusher left.

  11. If you double team Freeney who else is rushing the passer? At this stage of Freeney’s career, solid signing but you stop his first move he’s done. You know he’s not stopping the run…interesting, looking forward those 2 games.

  12. “In other words, a relatively mundane offseason for the Chargers suddenly has become far more interesting.”

    What an absolutely moronic statement considering the impressive offseason the Chargers are having.

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