Colon thinks Jets will dump Goodson

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Earlier this month, the Jets cut defensive end Claude Davis and cornerback Cliff Harris after they were arrested for marijuana possession.

Now, the Jets face a more delicate dilemma.

With running back Mike Goodson facing guns and weapons charges, it’s easy at first blush to assume the Jets won’t mess around.  That’s precisely what Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon believes will happen.

“It’s one of the things where it’s zero-tolerance with stuff like that,” Colon said Saturday, per Seth Walder of the New York Daily News.  “It’s sad.  Mike could have been huge for us.”

He still could be.  As Colon learned during his time with the Steelers, certain players get the benefit of the doubt, and certain others become the example.  With Goodson, who received a $1 million signing bonus as part of a three-year, $6.9 million contract in March, the Jets could be inclined to give him a second chance.

Much of that depends on Goodson’s legal situation.  Some players get to continue playing while charges are pending; others (like Mike Vick) don’t.  If the NFL doesn’t suspend Goodson pending the resolution of these charges, the Jets can either keep Goodson on the team and possibly recoup some of the signing bonus if he’s suspended/incarcerated at a later date, or they can cut him and let him walk away with a far better deal than DeAngelo Hall’s $8 million for eight games.

Goodson would get $1 million for no games.

That gives the Jets one million reasons to keep him around.

39 responses to “Colon thinks Jets will dump Goodson

  1. The Jets had a terrible season. Yes.
    But it is an organization where, no matter what anyone says, the Jets do not regularly appear on police blotters.
    Any player, no matter the team should be punished.
    No excuse for these players who get more opportunities than probably any segment of society should face the wrath of the law if it’s deserving.
    If the circumstances prove out to be warranting a second chance, so be it…..with a constant critical eye on the law-breaker.

  2. Its better to pay Goodson 1 million for no games, than pay someone 8+ million to carry a clipboard and eat hot dogs.

  3. A whole article about the Jets without mentioning Tebow a single time! That has to be a record for this site!

  4. It’s tough to say which is worse, paying Sanchez $8.5 million for his production or paying Goodson $1 mil to walk away. Oddly, $1 million for nothing seems like a better deal only because Goodson wouldn’t be butt fumbling.

  5. Lemme get this straight…..I post a response that says “niiiiice pun…nicely done” and THAT gets removed???? Seriously PFT you just made a headline about the GI tract and its ‘releasing’. Are you REALLY gonna say you’re pushing for professionalism right now?!

  6. I’d say he’s as good as gone, the weed is one thing, but the loaded weapon thing is another. I don’t know for sure but in most states that’s a felony, not good for Woodson.

  7. Give him a second chance-he is one of the few good players we picked up during the offseason.

  8. The reality is that the facts about what happened and what Goodson did or didn’t do have even come out yet. The only thing we know as a fact right now is that he was extremely drunk and wasn’t driving. I think it best to get the facts first and then make a decision on whether or not he stays on the team.

  9. The Vick Saga happened in the off season and he pleaded guilty in August 2007.

    So he was never in a situation to be suspended pending charges.

  10. Cut him, then cut McKnight to split the difference on the cap hit. Ivory Powell and someone off the street will round out our backfield.

  11. Idzik does not make financial calls, Johnson does. It will kill Woody to pay $1MM and cut a guy.

  12. Guns and hollow point bullets may complicate matters a bit. A little weed wouldn’t make an impression on the State’s AG, but those bullets will. Especially now, in the wake of Newtown and similar events. Still, Woody controls one of the largest employers in the State of NJ, and they do have a Republican executive branch there.

  13. I think he should get a bonus for not shooting himself in the leg. The NFL needs more smart players like that.

  14. Goodson needs to repent and find better friends, and dump the one he’s been hang around with in N.J. That gun was from Goodson’s friend, not from Goodson humself.

  15. ampats writes some blog making no sense, I reply, and it’s removed.

    Great to have a relative in the business.

  16. If Goodson had a bad history the Idzik hire would not be considered worse as it is now.

    Idzik made a mistake With Garrard w/o hindsight.

    This is bad luck.

  17. If Goodson had a bad history the Idzik hire would be considered worse than it is now.

    Idzik made a mistake With Garrard w/o hindsight.

    This is bad luck.

  18. lrjets – i say stuff on here that gets pulled all the time and I have no idea why….

    maybe that most of it is critical of the pats?

    could that be it?

  19. regarding goodson….seemed like a bad egg from the beginning, we heard those rumblings coming out of oakland, of all places.

    if he can play though, we could use him.

    they gave new england a second chance after catching em cheating, and destroying the evidence, I say give this kid a second chance too!

  20. The Jets prorated that bonus so they have good cause if found guilty to just not pay him. Gotta see what he got paid already n how his contract is worded. Seems like 1 out of every 5 comments I make actually get posted on this site. Even wishing players well gets deleted??????

  21. Lmao jets suck. Rexy Ryan is still a fat turd and Geno Smiff will wish he would’ve left new york on draft day.

  22. Why was he carrying a gun anyway loaded hollow point. That’s a little more then self defense then needed

  23. It’s is a perfect opportunity for the Jets to show everyone the culture surrounding the team has changed. All they have to do is cut a mediocre player and eat a few bucks. We will see if Idzic has the power or Woody controlling the strings.

    I do think Goodson is gonna do some time over this. Hollow points in the tri state area is not a good look.

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