Cruz talks “moving slowly”

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Giants receiver Victor Cruz continues to look for a load of chips to go with his salsa.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Giants and Cruz continue to talk, but that the process is “moving slowly.”  Talks are expected to resume this week.

Cruz, who has not yet signed a one-year, $2.879 million restricted free agency tender, has been staying away from the team’s offseason workouts as he pursues a long-term deal.  He reportedly wants more than $10 million per year; the Giants at last word were in the $7 million annual range.

The next pressure point comes on June 17, when the Giants can rescind his tender offer and replace it with a 10-percent raise over his 2012 salary of $540,000, which equates to $594,000.  Doing so would likely inflame the situation, causing Cruz possibly to hold out through Week 10 of the regular season, sign the tender, finish the year, and become an unrestricted free agent in 2014.

While the Giants could then keep him in place with the franchise tag, the franchise tag would pay Cruz $10 million or more for one year.  And it could force the Giants to choose between Cruz and receiver Hakeem Nicks, whose rookie contract expires after the coming season.

The Cruz-Nicks conundrum surely has cast a shadow over the ongoing talks.  Nicks, who plays the more valuable position of outside receiver, will want to get significantly more than Cruz, a slot receiver.  Thus, paying Cruz a lot now could mean paying Nicks a lot more later.

At some point, the Giants may decide to keep only one of them, and to trust that they can develop another player who’ll catch passes from Eli Manning into a significant performer.

37 responses to “Cruz talks “moving slowly”

  1. I bet we keep Cruz and develop Randle, unless Nicks somehow ends up being a bargain… which is unlikely. Hoping we keep both, but Cruz seems pretty adamant about that $8-10M range.

  2. Does have an argument though to justify his price range, his breakout did help get them to the Superbowl.

  3. Everyone knows Nicks is the stud here. Although i do believe Cruz will end up signing. Theres a reason Randle only had 19 catches last year…he is a work in progress, needs to take a big step this year

  4. Might have to sign and trade depending on how Randle develops. Cruz is a great story, but Nicks is the feature when it comes to WR and if you have to choose, keep Nicks and get something for signing and trading Cruz. Assuming you can’t afford to pay both…

  5. although he’s surely outperformed his current little bity contract for 2 yrs he should do right by the team. Take a deal worth something like 8M a year. the G men are already broke, and a lower deal would possibly permit signing Nicks. then get that next ring. or else trade cruz now and get something big for him. love him but rather have nicks.

  6. Come on @teamvic. You want us. We want you. WE gonna let an extra zero get in the way?

    Your Moms is here. You kid is here. We all love you. You love us. You are a good guy. We are good guys. You are stable. We are stable. You don’t want to leave IBM for a startup do you?

    You want to take your talents to South Beach?

    I just saw your Time Warner commercial with Cowher. That only happens if your stay with us. Sure Dwayne Bowe will make more than you, but if you end your career here you can co-host a daytime talk show with Kelly Ripa when you retire from football.

    Opportunities abound playing in the New York market.

  7. Slot receivers like V Cruz are a dime a dozen in the NFL- big body, big handed studs like Hakeem Nicks are hard to find. Wes welker is the best slot guy in the league, signed a 12 mill 2 year deal and caught 100+ pass for over 1300 yards last season ( not to mention he was sh@t on for the first 4 games) and Cruz had 89 catches for 1089 yards and was the main guy with Hakeem injured.. I say we start a new trend in the NFL and do a sign and trade – let Cruz destroy some other hopeless team with a bloated contract

  8. I thought there were on 2 yard line (very close to a deal). I guess they meant 2 yard line and 98 yards to go.

  9. A second rate receiver with lousy hands who can’t get open against man-to-man coverage and hears footsteps when he goes over the middle is an important player for the Giants. That is typical of a second rate. It’s why the Giants go nowhere and the Redskins dominate. HTTR.

  10. Tough spot to be in for the giants their both pro bowl caliber receivers, but I believe they’ll figure out a way to keep them both only because the giants know exactly how to handle these things these wideouts together for the next five years means Super Bowls if not then a whole lot of wins Gota figure it out.

  11. Who came to the determination that an “outside receiver” is more valuable than a “more productive receiver”?

  12. If I were Eli, I would think hard about maybe coughing up a few million to somehow keep them both. Keeping Nicks and Cruz as happy Giants will potentially land Eli 10x endorsement $$, as opposed to losing one or the other.

    Of course, I must be wrong about that … because you don’t see too many QB’s willing to go that route.

  13. Cruz: admits he wants to be a Giant for life, always takes the field.
    Nicks: has made no statements about wanting to be here after 2013, gets hurt for weeks at a time.

    Keep Cruz and look for a Nicks replacement. If they’re confident enough to let Bradshaw go for David Wilson, the Giants should be confident enough to let Nicks walk next year, because he will want >$10M. JPP would be the better use of that money.

  14. Everyone knows Eli has another ring coming his way. Cruz should stick around for another too. Go Blue!

  15. The NY Giants will do what’s best for the NY Giants. Victor Cruz should do what’s best for Victor Cruz. If you have or believe you will have a better offer elsewhere, go for it. NY isn’t loyal to you. That’s apparent by the way they now bash you because they think you’re leaving (“just a slot wr”). You don’t owe them anything.

  16. Logical voice on here bashing the giants?
    Redskins haven’t won a playoff game in 8 years. Compare that to 2 recent superbowls.
    You are an idiot. Skins fans are ashamed of you

  17. Cruz puts up big numbers while Nicks is drawing the double teams. Cruz also tends to disappear when Nicks is out injured.

    I don’t recall Amendola, Welker, and Hartline needing a strong #1 WR on the outside in order to allow them to be a force on the inside.

  18. kev86 says:
    Eli is da Mann

    Yeah; Ms. Mann, the gym teacher from Scarie Movie.

  19. And if Cruz was a bust, how would he feel about taking a cut in pay to stay on the roster in 2014?

    The kid broke his leg 3 years ago and came back in a big way. He could just as easily been a dud…..

    The front office took a chance on him, it paid off for both sides, now both sides should do the right thing and settle this for $8.5 mil and a multi year deal….

    Just sayin’…..

  20. Good lord, sign your $7 million a year contract and get on with it, and stop trying to squeeze every last nickel out of the situation. It’s an embarrassment to do that to the team that gave you one of the biggest breaks an athlete could ever hope for.

    I looked up “money grubbing athlete” in the dictionary and there you were, dancing salsa.

  21. Nicks gets hurt every year. He should not be getting more money than Cruz.

  22. What about jersey sales? Can Nicks actually get less than Cruz bc he doesnt sell as many jerseys? Honest question. Like, can the Giants argue…we Cruz more bc he brings in more revenue from the fan base?

  23. they should give cruz partial ownership because without him eli loses his favorite target and the teams only threat. ie plaxico burress and ya’ll remember the season they lost plaxico and collapsed without his saftey net Eli threw 25 picks

  24. Two lucky plays made by WR’s not a chance in hell that giants win another SB in the next 30 years. eli is 2nd tier QB and it showed end of last season he couldn’t hit the side of a barn. True colors will show in 2013 now that the honeymoon is over and the media will get all over him. Ben is better.

  25. I did distinctly remember Cruz promoting his book on ESPN this time last year saying how he would never hold out for a contract. He’s full of it. Google the interview. Lame

  26. He’s too busy hanging out with Jay Z and picking out free swag at gift lounges to be bothered. Thinks he’s a lot better than he really is. One good year and an elite QB who made him look good and the guy thinks he’s a god.

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