Kyle Love passes physical in Jacksonville


The medical condition that made defensive lineman Kyle Love unfit for further employment with the Patriots has not kept him from working for the Jaguars.

According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, Love passed a Friday physical in Jacksonville, with one caveat — the he receive treatment for Type-2 diabetes.

Clearance came after the Jaguars subjected Love to a “battery of tests” at the team’s facility.  On Thursday, the Jaguars claimed Love’s contract on waivers, following his release by the Patriots.

And so the Jags are giving Love that which the Pats weren’t willing to provide — a chance to show that he can play football with diabetes, like others have done.  While that doesn’t mean Love will win a spot on the 53-man roster in Jacksonville, the Jaguars were willing to not apply labels or presumptions to Love’s condition, and instead to give him an opportunity to contribute, regardless of a health condition with which many people lead entirely normal lives.

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  1. Doesn’t seem like the NFL is going to investigate something like this, which is a shame. Discriminating a player for a disease like Diabetes is almost as bad as discriminating a player for his color. The latter is no longer accepted so why is the former?

  2. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Upside Down World! Where the Jaguars generate great respect and the Patriots are subject to ridicule. Be sure to dress warm, remember it’s the middle of August, and we can expect ice storms.”.

  3. Look you geniuses, Type II diabetes is nothing like Type I. It’s self-inflicted. Caused by eating so many carbs and sugars that you blow out your pancreas. While it can be controlled with meds, there’s no greater indication than this diagnosis that someone is TOO FAT. Diabetes also means slower healing time and a host of other medical correlates you don’t want in a pro athlete who has to exert himself strenuously on every down.

    This is why the NFL will never investigate this. The NFL understands medicine much better than you do.

  4. Those of us who have Type 2 Diabetes, know that none of us could ever survive in the arctic conditions that prevail in frigid Foxboro, Mass. I’m sure that the Hoodie realized this fact and decided to show Love, some love by kicking his butt out of that literal icebox. What a truly compassionate and iconic individual the Patriots have for their field boss.

  5. Hey just to make you aware, because you seem to be very one-sided on this one – the patriots are not concerned with his performance. You keep saying Love is a normal person trying to live a normal life. Well, D tackles in the nfl are not normal people. The patriots are not comfortable asking Love to maintain a weight of 325 lbs with type two diabetes. They are concerned that trying to maintain that weight with his condition might kill him. It’s scary and it’s real. The patriots are not in the wrong here. They wanted him to take the year off, keep his signing bonus and take care of himself. It’s not only legitimate, it’s admirable. It’s ignorant and sad that you are turning this story around on the team.

  6. Lol i hate the pats, but your disdain for their move is hilarious to me. What if the move was purely based on play? Did they state it was for his diabeetus? Teams make roster moves throughout the offseason…even if it was because of his beetus, maybe, in their opinion, that would prevent him from being an effective 300 pound lineman and keeping the strenth required?

    Obviously, they thought, for whatever reason, that he wouldnt be effective anymore. If some other team does (like the jags), good for them. The pats obviously didnt…who cares?

  7. Apparently calling Florio out for his blatant trolling gets your comment deleted. Lol wow, so I guess you can sling it but as soon as someone points out how pathetic your supposed argument is, you can’t take that and delete the post. Good stuff.

  8. Why aren’t you this concerned every time a team cuts a player whose knees are shot?

    Your anti Patriot hissy fits are getting more and more transparent and this website more and more a waste of time.

  9. You control Type II diabetes by most importantly WEIGHT CONTROL. The Pats could have kept him on the roster at 315 and then allowed Kyle to sue the NFL in 10 years when he has both feet amputated and is blind from the Type II. But this is less important to Florio than letting him play. I thought disregard for the players health now and in the future is what prompted the class action suit by retired players with Dementia, crippling injuries, and a host of other ailments.
    But leave it to Florio to find something insidious with everything the Patriots do.
    Florio, call a doctor and ask the difference between Type I (which is what Cutler has and can play with) and Type II – which nobody is playing with currently in the NFL, unless you know of someone secretly doing it.

  10. .

    I know essentially nothing about diabetes. However, I do know that each individual has their own unique medical condition based on genetics, family history, environment etc. that is highly personal and confidential.

    It can be termed ” highly speculative ” when commenting on a medical issue without full knowledge of the facts.


  11. Did they include a pregnancy test? Geeze – bulk is good in a lineman, but it doesn’t all have to be in the belly.

    Did anyone consider the possibility that Love’s inability to self-regulate what he eats and stay in condition might be the reason the Patriots let him go?

    Type 2 diabetes doesn’t happen by chance – it’s tied to obesity. There were 30 million people with Type 2 Diabetes in 1985.

    In 2010 it was 285 million.

    Being obese and out of shape isn’t going to win you any jobs in the NFL – even if some want to play the “Diabetes Discrimination” card no coach is going to tolerate a guy who can’t control what he puts in his mouth – which of course is the cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

  12. Wow! churn out the bs. Didn’t you report a few days ago that the Patriots offered for him to take a year off and take care of himself or get released? To me ,it’s unfortunate that Kyle chose the later.

  13. my new favorite player in the league.

    imagine the press conference if the jags ever played them and either love got a sack to win the game or actually injured tommy?

    (hoodie mumbles, looks at the floor) uhh, we felt it was time to moveon, it had nothing to do with his diabetes. the jaguars made more plays than we did.

  14. Florio,

    Did you ever mention in all these Kyle Love posts that Belichick was the only guy who gave this UFA a chance coming out of college?

    Did you ever mention he blew his leg out early in the Patriots last game played against the Ravens?

    Did you ever mention he’s down to 280 lbs….too low for a NT and Belichick asked him to take the year off to get his health together but Kyle declined?

    Why aren’t you mentioning the facts?

  15. The Jags have absolutely nothing to lose with this move. They will be doing a lot of these types of moves this season.

    For all practical purposes, the Jags are rebuilding like a completely new franchise.

    New owner…

  16. I’m shocked that a team would be shown to be such a hypocritical, rule-skirting, self-serving, obnoxious group of douche-bags to cut a healthy guy with a treatable medical condition.

    A medical condition that 315 pound offensive lineman Kendall Simmons recently treated and played through to the tune of 83 starts in 84 games and 2 Super Bowl rings with the Steelers.


    Oh Wait… Oh, this is the Patriots and Billy Belicheat. OK, never mind – I totally believe it now.

    Quite a difference don’t you think? I mean, how Cowher & Tomlin treat guys like they are real human beings, compared to how Billy Belicheat treats people like sacks of garbage.

  17. The NFL is an at-will employment state if there ever was one. You can cut a guy because you don’t like his mustache, his car or his dog or because he’s a jerk. You can also cut a guy because he has a health condition that could impair his ability to play at the highest level, like a bad knee, a bad back, a heart condition or diabetes. If the guy is good enough to justify “accommodation” (see Gronkowski, Rob) then you accommodate, if he’s not (see Love, Kyle) you cut him. Why is this situation any different? By the way, the Patriots signed Armstead who has a heart condition. Why? Because his talent justifies the accommodation. Love’s doesn’t.

  18. I have type2 and it doesn’t prevent you from enduring hardcore physical activity. Actually the more activity and exercise you get the better. Love’s only challenge is the weight. As long as he is loading up with slow burning complex carbohydrates before and during the game he should be fine. Worst case scenario he may need a Gatorade here and there for a sugar boost, which is readily available. Diabetes will not impair his ability to play on a high level. There are a lot of things that people don’t understand about type2.

  19. j0esixpack says: even if some want to play the “Diabetes Discrimination” card no coach is going to tolerate a guy who can’t control what he puts in his mouth – which of course is the cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

    Do you insult people with aids, cancer and leukemia also or just diabetes? Type 2 can occur from multiple causes not just overeating. I got it from weight lifting supplements. Some people are genetically inclined to get it. Diabetes has nothing to do with “self control” and there is no “Diabetes Discrimination” card to be played with a terminal disease.

  20. How many teams placed a claim on Kyle Love? One. Does that mean nobody would’ve signed him as an FA, no. But he doesn’t have an enormous contract. If this was a clear as day ‘no biggie’ I think you would’ve seen more claims placed. Calm it down Florio!

  21. wait wait wait wait wait wait. So its ok for the Jags to cut Love but not for the Patriots to cut him? Why is this?

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