Pre-draft Gronkowski concerns could be coming to fruition

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As Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski prepares for a fourth surgery on his forearm and a probable back surgery, we’ve been reminded of the concerns that caused Gronkowski, a potential first-round pick in the 2010 draft, to slide to round two.

While a stellar performance in 2011 blew the red flags away, Gronkowski has had multiple injuries during his time in the NFL.  His career fairly can be characterized as being at a crossroads.

Plenty of league insiders and observers aren’t surprised.  In 2010, several teams had him off the draft board due to his health.  He had missed three games in 2008, and all of the 2009 season after injuring his back while lifting weights.  As late as February 2010, he wasn’t able to run.

Even after the 2009 surgery, Gronkowski had a significant bulging disc in two different areas of his back.  As a result, many believed he would have chronic back issues, and that his NFL career would be short.

After three seasons, it’s unclear when Gronkowski will be ready for his fourth.  And given the injuries he has sustained during those three years, it’s hard not to wonder how many more he has left.

While it makes him look even smarter for signing a long-term contract when he did, the Pats may never have to decide whether to fork over a $10 million option bonus in 2016, because he has to make it through three more seasons before that question even becomes pertinent.

47 responses to “Pre-draft Gronkowski concerns could be coming to fruition

  1. Next stop .. Dancing With the Stars. Way to take care of yourself stupid. Well played.

  2. A broken arm and possible minor surgery on an unrelated disc issue to the one he had in 2009.

    It’s almost like you put a negative spin on all the Patriots stories simply to generate web hits……Actually it’s exactly like that.

  3. Being fat + night clubs = PUP list

    If he would consider lean cuisines and doing yoga then he might have a chance to keep his contract from going through the shredder. Good luck tubby

  4. no one will EVER catch tony gonzalez. gates had a shot, and is basically done, while tony continues his career. gronk cant stay healthy like so many of the TE’s in the nfl

  5. 38 starts.

    38 TDs.

    Whatever pre-draft concerns there may have been have already been proven flawed.

  6. Aren’t most of his surgeries for the dumb special teams arm injury ?

    Wipe that away and … I guess the ankle and the current back surgery – for a physical player, that’s not too bad compared to games missed by guys like Polamalu or Harvin.

  7. Belicheck’s draft history is starting to show its below average at best. If the Patriots didn’t have Tom Brady, they would be in the same position as the Bills and Jets, hopeless and pathetic.

  8. As much as I dislike the Pats, I’d really hate to see his career get cut short. This guy is a beast and his talent should be watched each Sunday.

  9. tfbuckfutter says:
    May 18, 2013 10:09 PM
    38 starts.

    38 TDs.

    Whatever pre-draft concerns there may have been have already been proven flawed.
    The concerns were not about his talent, but, his durability…so, what’s your point?

  10. Gronk,

    Pats fan here. You’re making me nervous. I realize you have cash and p**s/vinegar and strippers up to your ears.

    But even you should realize you are not invincible at this point. I dunno the details but when you are prescribed antibiotics for ANYTHING moving forward, ask the prescribing doctor how long you should avoid drinking for.

    Drinking offsets the antibiotics effectiveness.

    You CAN have it all bro, so far you got fame and big bucks. If you get healthy and stay healthy, you can also be a champion and if you can do it long enough, you have the skills to possibly one day be an NFL Legend.

    Live in the now but don’t disregard the future.

  11. Hey dope!
    Why not mention where Gronk was today jackass??
    Oh in Newtown Conn, helping run a youth football camp!
    Really shows what a biased jerk you really are!
    Oh right your a lawyer.
    Hope Gronk spikes your ass!

  12. Players drafted in Round 2 before and after Gronk:

    Torell Troup, Koa Misi, Arrelious Benn, Dexter McCluster, Chris Cook, Sergio Kindle, Zane Beadles, Jimmy Clausen, Taylor Mays…

    I think the Patriots are ok with their choice.

  13. He was still one of the draft picks of the past few years. Signing him to a huge contract is what may have been a mistake with the injury concerns and especially now with what’s been going on but they got top 5 overall pick value out of a third round pick for a few seasons, you’ll take that any day of the week.

  14. If Brady had never become the starting QB for the Patriots, Belichek would have joined the other losers like Crennel and Weis on the unemployment line, years ago.

  15. Rest and Recovery, getting the free radicals in the system right!

    At high performance levels, it isn’t just about lifting and running… you got to take care of your internal physiology and with his lifestyle I doubt he does not very well.

    Protein shakes don’t cut it, you can’t pollute your system as a high level athlete and not expect your body to start to break down. Everything is connected.

  16. lol football news in May

    Gronk is fine. the nebulous “injuries” causing more “injuries” means nothing

  17. Someone should be telling him not to do the surgery, it’d be better to let the bulging disc to heal on its own, lay back stay active, but not so active you continue the pressure on the disc.
    Been there, had my disc discectomy, helped me for about five years, then it blewout and had to have back fusion, the worst part was when I lost all feeling in my lower extremities. My advice, don’t have surgery, do the vitamins, and rehab it!

  18. The arrogance of the Patriots fans baffles me. The Dolphins are slowly but surely turning into the ACF version of Green Bay as NE slowly implodes. The Dolphins will be putting a much improved team on the field this year can the Patriots say the same thing? I think not.

  19. Even if Gronk never plays another down I’d say he has outperformed his second round pick.

    Chances are slim that he never plays again and I wouldn’t bet against him having another couple of all-pro seasons ahead of him.

    While I am certainly not a Patriots fan I definitely can see how good this kid has played over the past few seasons and even with the injury issues he has been a big part of a team which seemingly puts together a playoff caliber team every season since Belichick came aboard.

  20. There is no way he is going to see that $10 mil. bonus in 2016. Injured or not. Few players, if any, ever get those bonuses on the end of their contracts. That’s why they try to get as much as they can upfront and guaranteed.

  21. If Gronk retires and never plays another down in the NFL, his 3 year career will still be more productive than 27 of those 32 2011 first round picks will ever achieve.

  22. I remember before he got drafted I rated him as a clear round 1 talent but dropped him to 50 overall due to the long term back concern. Same thing this year with Travis Kelce who also had round 1 tape but I dropped him to 40 overall. If both prospects had been clean I would have considered them at top 20 overall like Jason Witten when he came out.

  23. As a Dolphin fan i have no love for the Gronk but i do feel sorry for anybody that has health issues especially those people who play a tough sport and are young athletes. The NFL needs guys like him even if the Dolphins dont.

  24. He doesn’t help himself physically with his off files antics. @footballady52🏈

  25. To the Miami fans who are touting their free agents and draft picks, let’s see how well they do on the field. That’s where the game is played, not on paper. Then they will use the excuse that it is a new coach and system. I said the same thing on an earlier post, but for some reason, it got censored.

  26. I’d take Jimmy Graham over Gronk anyday.

    Yeah you right! I think Gronk is scared to play cuz he knows JG is coming to town and he doesn’t want to be shown up. Graham is why Gonzales can’t decide about retiring. Graham’s the best TE in the league and while the fans may not know it, the players do.

  27. Learning something about spine injuries and back backs from wife who worked in Neuro for 25 years and having a disc issue myself once, I know they can be recurring in a lot or people.

    I’ve known many people who have needed multiple surgeries from as little as bending over, getting out of bed wrong.

    Wish him well. He may have a long road back. Hope things work out for the guy he is one talented player.

  28. paulnoga says:
    May 18, 2013 11:46 PM
    If Brady had never become the starting QB for the Patriots, Belichek would have joined the other losers like Crennel and Weis on the unemployment line, years ago.
    Great comment, seriously!
    After all it wasn’t like the BB regime that drafted him and decided to keep him as the starter though they had a 100 mill dollar 1st rounder QB ready to resume his position. It was a gutsy call by BB to keep TB in there in Nov when Bledsoe was ready, period. I wonder why BB didn’t get fired when TB missed a year? Oh yeah, it’s because he won with Cassel who had never started a game since HS. Great coaches > any one player.

    And to the person who criticized BB’s drafting, yes there were a few pretty mediocre years there like 06-09, but lately they look pretty good.

  29. I love these posts by Florio, in his constantly desperate attempt to promote his Patriot hate. Gronk has missed 5 regular season games in 3 full seasons. And his 38 TDs already would surpass the totals of 90% of 10 year receivers and any TE not named Witten, Gonsalez and Gates.

    Tryinng to opine that the fact he’s going to have a scheduled surgery to take out the plate, and the totally unsubstantiated stories about a need back surgery only solidifies the perception that you have absolutely ZERO credibility concerning anything Patriot related.

    You are a hater, Mike, plan and simple. I can only guess that the positive post by Alper concerning the Pats doing a football clinic in Newtown CT was only allowed because you were taking the day off.

    BTW- the guy who supposedly has back problems so bad he needs surgery, was in Newtown throwing the ball around and chasing kids all day. Boy that must be a serious back problem. 🙄

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