Report: Irvin’s suspension comes from Adderall use

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When news broke that Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin will be suspended four games for violation of the league’s policy regarding performance-enhancing drugs, it was assumed that Irvin tested positive for Adderall.

According to Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio in Seattle, Irvin’s suspension comes from Adderall use.  Per Mahler, Irvin opted not to appeal.

The NFL allows players to use Adderall, a potent ADHD medication, only if the players have a prescription and if the players have obtained a therapeutic use exemption.

Last year, the league suspended Seahawks cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman after they reportedly tested positive for Adderall.  Browner eventually withdrew his appeal; Sherman fought the suspension and won, based on irregularities with the sample-collection process.

86 responses to “Report: Irvin’s suspension comes from Adderall use

  1. let me be one of the first persons to Adderall his name to the growing list of dummies in the northwest hey pete time to have a meeting with your boys or stop slipping it in with the starbucks

  2. Stupid Sherman and his big mouth………..

    Might as well just told the league ” hey just about 50% of my team is on Adderall, why not test us now”

    Idiot and his big mouth, if he didn’t have a RAH-RAH College coach maybe he be told to Shut the hell up and worry abut covering Boldin!

  3. How about you mention that there’s no way to know if it was really Adderall?

    Irvin immediately implied it was by saying “that is prohibited in the NFL without a medical exemption” and for me the more strongly a player uses the Adderall excuse the more likely it was something other than that.

  4. What kind of team is Pete Carroll running?
    Hes supposed to keep Percy Harvin in check?
    This team is doomed if he cant stop running a country club. And if you have ADD go get yourself diagnosed and have a doctor write you a prescription.

  5. So does that mean if a player has a script for it, that they get to a free pass to enjoy a ‘competitive advantage’?

    I think this drug needs to be re-evaluated.

    Either ban it outright(there are plenty of other meds for ADD scrpts).

    Or take it off the PED list.

  6. When did he use the stuff? If it was during the season I could understand this, less so if it was during the offseason.

  7. Honestly, I’m starting to think I need to take adderall. This goes well outside of sports. I have ADHD, im an old-timer so I was never diagnosed, but my son does and I’m no better. The point is it is helping people concentrate, which makes you better and more controlled. So why can’t this just be deemed a good drug? Being more focused is a good thing, no?

    And puleeeze child, any person let alone someone with $$$ could get a perscription for addreall. So the only thing imo this guy is guilty of is being lazy and not crossing T’s and dotting I’s. He was stupid on his way to using a smart pill, that just proved he needed to be on it.

  8. I like the names people have been coming up with for the team – the Seadderall Seahawks – but I want to suggest one minor improvement:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Seadderall SeaHACKS!!”

  9. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with doing recreational drugs as long as they are made by come with a pharmaceutical company and come with a permission slip bought from a doctor. Got it.

  10. It probably isn’t being used ad a PED, it is becoming a party drug as people are snorting it as a replacement for cocaine. They have very similar effects on the brain and it sounds better to pop for Adderall than coke.

  11. So apparently the Seahawks players aren’t bright enough to remember the playbook or their assignments so they need drugs to do it? ADHD is BS especially in this case. You get paid millions of dollars to do a job but you are incapable to do it so you take a drug to help you focus? Sounds like you are easily distracted which means you aren’t that interested in your job. Quit and let someone else do it.

  12. Yeah. Right. If these guys want to continue to lie I say we should start prosecuting them for abusing medication without a prescription too. If it really was adderall (it wasn’t) and you’re taking it without a prescription you’re breaking the law.

  13. Not sure why this is not a crime. The drug is an amphetamine in the same class of drugs as meth.

  14. Well, now we know why the Seahawks were “so good” last year.

    I expect them to take a huge step back this year.

    It’s the Niners or Packers conference to win.

  15. Little disappointed in Petey on this one. I really thought we were getting a guy that knew how to navigate the systems to not only enable payments to collegiate athletes but also appropriately mask performance enhancing drugs.

    Clearly he hasn’t mastered the NFL testing system as he did the NCAA’s. Harbaugh sure seems to have figured it out without a hitch. Very disappointed in Petey.

  16. Once again, the Seadderall Seahags with their controversy of drug abuse trying to gain a competitive age. PED Carroll doesn’t know how to keep the Legion Of SHROOMS in check because he looks the other way. This franchise hasn’t won anything and their raincoat fans are hyping up a perennial losing team to be noticed. This teams a failure like the FAIL MARY.

  17. He needs some speed cause he’s terrible. It’s not coincidence that when those two CBs got busted, his play trailed off! I mean one sack in the last 7 games? Yeah he was off the dope. The Rams O line made him look stupid twice. Not to mention what Atlanta’s O line did to him

  18. Seems like it’s just the go to excuse. There’s no stigma for having ADHD and it’s not a “physical” PED.

    This has been going on for years. Where’s the NFLPA memo to all their members that they can get an exemption for their medication? Isn’t it a failure of the NFLPA and NFL if any player is suspended for Aderrall? Why aren’t reporters taking them to task. Don’t they have a duty to the players? Why isn’t this discussed with all incoming NFL rookies at the symposium? Do they want a fall back excuse that basically lets them admit to being complete idiots but not “cheaters”?

    No wonder they don’t want HGH testing, so many people will be caught for using Adderall.

  19. Do people really believe it was adderall that these guys were using? Being suspended for adderall is a loophole mask when they are using other banned substances.

  20. Agents came up with the Adderall excuse so their steroid using, cocaine snorting, weed addicted clients, would have a society accepted reason for failing a drug test. Genius move, also complete BS.

  21. Adderall is an amphetamine. You don’t drug test for name brand drugs, but types of drugs. More specifically, the derivatives of the drug that are left in the body after it is metabolized. What does that mean? You can’t tell if it’s Adderall or crystal meth.

    And one last thing to point out, a side effect (albeit incredibly rare) of amphetamines is sudden death.

  22. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I take Adderall, it certainly does not give me an edge, but allows me to be attentive. I don’t know the fascination with it.

  23. Pete Carroll left USC under the cloud of NCAA investigations in response to the Reggie Bush accusations. He refused to accept any accountability, so he ran away to the NFL. Since 2011, this is the SIXTH Seahawk player to test positive for PEDs. Sherman may have gotten off on a technicality, but that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty as hell. ‘Hawk fans, you can “thumbs down” these criticisms all you want, but it’s pretty apparent to the rest of us that your coach has no class and no integrity.

  24. half the league should get a 4 game suspension… and they need to slide some adderall to titus young asap

  25. I have some prime real estate in Afghanistan for the people who believe it was Adderall. Sherman might as well have admitted, we all on drugs up here!

  26. Under the new CBA players don’t have to admit publicly what the actual substance was, hence the fact that everyone is getting busted for adderall. Adderall is the least threatening of the drugs you can be suspend for which is why they send this smoke screen, when in reality its most likely weed or steroids.

  27. Listen I have a script for Addy, and ya it’s a narcotic med. there are several non narcotic ADHD meds. If you don’t have a script and its a ban substance then what are you doing other then looking for a edge. Addy and just like an amphetamine and actually test positive for met until sent to a lab to clarify its Addy. I know I’m on parol and UA is dirty for amphetamines all the time low levels but positives.

  28. The amount of suspensions for Seahawk players are beginning to add up. Any coincidence its under the watch of Pete Carroll? While at USC it was win at all costs and he had to leave school like a coward because of the investigation and the upcoming penalties. Shame on the NFL for allowing coaches into the league that are avoiding penalties. Once they are cleared or served the penalty with the school they should then be eligible.

    I know the homers are going to say he can’t prevent what a player is going to do which in some instances I agree with but with his history and the amount of players on the team getting caught he is not even trying. Dont forget being suspended for 4 games means they were busted twice before.

  29. ADHD medications are basically speed, but have the opposite effect on “normal” folks than on ADHD patients, in which it actually SLOWS DOWN the brain so the patient can concentrate more like normal people do. If Irvin is ADHD, then Adderall would be anything but performance-ENHANCING, and more like performance equalizing. If he is not, then he’d get the same effect from guzzling a half gallon of coffee, so I don’t get why he risks suspension by taking the med. He broke a rule; he owned up, and is taking his lumps.

    One can only wonder when all those of you chomping at the bit to spew vile comments and hate not only at Irvin, but condemn the whole team and even an entire city over the shortcomings of a very few players will own up to being the enormous D-bags that you are.

  30. I heard more about this because Lindsey Lohan is abusing it and when she went to rehab they would not allow her to take it. Turns out fancy Hollywood types get it prescribed to keep their weight down. I guess it is a fat burner.

    Pathetic cheaters.

    Where can I buy some?

  31. It was steroids. They say adderall to avoid the asterisk, but it was steroids.

    Seattle and Pete the Cheat are running a filthy program 6 steroid users since 2011.

  32. seadderal pedhawks..ped carrol..hahaha love it,have the whole team tested..start with that joke quarterback Wilson..pats giants seattle all cheat any one im missing

  33. Lots of thumbs down, but no counterpoint by Adderhawk fans. Come on now guys. Tell us all about your late season “championship” win against SF and how all these people are jealous of your team and their success….puhleeeeze!

  34. Seems like this illustrates the increasing importance of the mental aspect of the game. Strong is no longer strong, fast is the new strong aka being in the right place at the right time, which requires hyperkinetic individuals to spend more time studying schemes, hence the need for the Adderall

  35. I just love that tools see “SEAdderall Seahawks” and have to say it over and over because they aren’t clever enough to come up with something on their own. Really?

    Hah! Me going 2 copyright it! Yea douche, you and 100,000 other tools just like you! Considering the entire league is on some type of substance lets come up with new names for all the teams. If you think that is not the case, you are in for a big dose of reality once HGH testing hits the streets.

  36. Can these guys really not find some hack doctor to write them a perscription? This is America!

  37. As funny as it is that these guys are all using the same drug, Its not as worth wild as I thought it was going to be. Juice Irvin just doesn’t sound right when its the ADD drug being abused… my apologies.

  38. Per the Seattle Times: “In addition to Irvin, Winston Guy, Brandon Browner, John Moffitt, Allen Barbre and Richard Sherman have all been suspended for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances the past two years, although Sherman won his appeal.”

    Trend or coincidence?

  39. You know a team has a cheating problem when they’ve got more guys busted for PEDs than the Cowboys have for DUIs.

  40. Im an NOT a Hawks fan but here is the thing:

    Adderall is not a physical performance enhancing drug. Its not even close to the same thing as steroids or HGH, and the league is doing its players dirty by classifying them the same.

    Adderall and the like are prescribed to children (as well as adults). Anyone who has been to college has been around Adderall.

    The NFL should prob suspend players for caffeine if they are going to do so for Adderall. I mean hey we dont want them to actually pay attention during meetings.

  41. Would those of you crying “cheaters” knock your hatin ways off already? Adderall is pretty much equivalent to drinking 2-3 five hour energies. Definitely not worthy of making the PED list, it’s a friggin joke, especially during the off-season! They’re caffeine pills not steroids! Get over yourselves and get real, the pain killers these players take hourly are far more performance enhancing.

  42. I may just be ignorant and sheltered, but what can an ADHD medicine do to increase performance, or is it just one of those, don’t smoke weed drug cases?

  43. Its funny how all these juiced up NFL players on HGH/Steroids are getting suspended with the verdict more than half the time being marijuana or adderall. They can find ways to mask all of their artificial hormones inside of them, but can’t mask a simple ADHD drug. or something is going on that somebody else mentioned: agents using Adderall/marijuana as an excuse for a failed drug test.

  44. Petey Carroll couldn’t win when he was headcoach his first time in the NFL so he went to the college ranks and learned how to cheat but ended up getting run out of town, now he brings his cheating ways to the NFL and how long before he’s suspended by the NFL, where to then Petey,,,,the canadian league?

  45. Get real. Adderall DOES NOT mask steroids, which make you bigger, stronger, faster and irritable. I took20 mg of Adderall for morning sports as speed because I can’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach. It did not make me skate faster or improve awareness or aggressiveness. If anything, the sidd effects are a lessening of reaction time. The young kid haters on here are CLUELESS. Get some facts and then post. 2 starters used adderall as speed. big frickin deal! Lets not make excuses why your squad stinks! Pete has done a fantastic job flippin this roster in 3 yrs. Most of the Nfl has been rebuilding for 10 years.

  46. tsmercurio says:
    May 18, 2013 3:37 PM
    I may just be ignorant and sheltered, but what can an ADHD medicine do to increase performance, or is it just one of those, don’t smoke weed drug cases?

     You clearly are at least ignorant and sheltered. Adderall is straight speed with a high black market street value. “Weed” by comparison is benign, and legal in Washington. Adderall is not. Ritalin is also abused as Speed.

  47. jayhawk777 – who says it was adderall? The guilty players? They could all be shootin up smack and the league cannot state what the banned drug was.

    The league should be given the right to state what the drug was if the player lies about what he failed on.

    ….and what were you doing with adderall? No doctor prescribes adderall for what you used it for.

    I’ve been adderall for almost 20 years, along with some other drugs, to help combat the progression of MS. I start my day with a 20mg dose along with a 30mg XR cap and add a single 10mg dose 2 times later during the day. I do agree with all those who have said so that I don’t see how a player would get much from using it.

  48. A lot of players in the NFL have gotten in trouble with Adderall, and a lot of players take Adderall with a prescription. I was prescribed this as a child, but I cannot remember how it made me feel – I stopped taking it simply because I transitioned to life without it.

    I guess what I don’t understand is – what is the performance enhancement?? It doesn’t physically help someone like steroids. Is it for a mental sharpness? That is why they gave it to me.

    If these players feel they need it, why not go to a doctor and get it prescribed? People need to stop acting like these guys are using a PED like Lance Armstrong. These players may need Adderall…and there are probably scores of players legally taking that drug.

  49. To all the people saying if hes got a script then what’s the big deal he should be allowed to take it…well the big deal is that these players doctors are the team doctors they dont go and see doctors on the outside…only in an emergency do they do that…so in any case the team docs aren’t prescribing adderall because they know its a banned substance in the NFL which means Irvin has been buying it illegally and most likely using it for recreational purposes

  50. It’s truly funny seeing all of the dramatic 49ers fans talking trash and whining just because they had a bad experience at their gay gang bang in the Castro last night. Did you know that it has been statistically proven that male 49ers fans have the highest sperm count in their rectums in the US?

    Who cares if football players take Adderall… anybody who has ever taken it knows that it doesn’t help you on the football field. It is interesting to know that Colin Kaepernick takes it but only for concentration for his buttsex sessions with Crabtree. I heard the Harbaugh takes it too so he can pay full attention and take detailed notes about how many ropers Kaepernick leaves on Crabtree’s back when he finishes.

  51. News flash fans of teams other than seahawks, your team has players that take adderall, they just haven’t been caught. That’s like saying even though only your rival high school had kids that keep getting busted for smoking weed, it’s because nobody at your school smokes it. Get a grip. Also, the “Pete Carroll cheats” crowd, what is that based on exactly? Please explain it to us…

  52. It’s pretty funny watching the Seahawk fans defend their team by attempting to downplay or trying to deflect the significance of having 6 players testing positive over 2 seasons.

    The point is, Irvin had has 2 choices. To take the banned substance knowing full well what the repercussions might be, having witnessed 5 of his teammates put the team under compounding scrutiny. Or he could do it the right wa…. TOO LATE he already took it.

    It’s not an isolated incident in the NorthWest, It’s spreading like BIRD FLU! The 12th man is nothing but a drug dealer!

  53. Man …. ADHD is real guys, let’s hold hands and pray that it doesn’t hold back this young team….

    Koom-Bye-Yah Ma’ Lord, Koom-Bye-Yah.

  54. A third of their defense tested positive in the last year, so I think people shouldn’t be surprised when their D lacks focus this upcoming season.

  55. These guys must be world class stupid, to take Adderall without the mere formality of a prescription from a friendly doctor.

  56. I thought the benefit to athletes using Adderall was weight loss? Irvin has no need for that. It’s gotta be some other steroid type drug and he’s just playing the Adderall card for less stigma. Or I’m totally misinformed on Adderall. I have close to zero knowledge on drugs woot I’m boring.

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