Saturday morning one-liners

Patriots owner Robert Kraft will speak at the Suffolk University commencement exercises on Sunday.

Bills G.M. Doug Whaley says he was an “integral part” of the process that resulted in the decision to take QB EJ Manuel.

The Dolphins have added FB Rupert Bryan, who played right tackle at Florida International.

The Jets will open minicamp practice on June 11 to season-ticket holders, and on June 12 to the general public.

James Walker of, who at the Columbus Dispatch covered WR Chad Johnson during his time with the Bengals, fears that Johnson could be at the beginning of a “bad downward spiral” now that his playing career is likely over.

Yet another lawsuit has been filed against Pilot Flying J, the company run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

Steelers LB Larry Foote says players are taking last season’s failures “personally,” and that there’s “a whole different mindset to the offseason.”

The Ravens could have the heaviest front seven in 2013.

Coach Chuck Pagano, whose teams benefits from the wage-scale contract signed by QB Andrew Luck in 2012, says the Colts will “worry about [a long-term deal] down the road“; Luck is eligible for a new contract after the 2014 season.

Former Jaguars LT Tony Boselli isn’t sure whether Tim Tebow can be a “franchise quarterback,” but agrees with Jacksonville’s decision not to bring the “circus” that comes with Tebow to town.

Titans DE Derrick Morgan is working hard on his fitness; “I’m trying to get in the best shape I can for the season,” Morgan said. “That’s one of my major goals, is to be in the best shape of my life coming into the season and just taking care of my body.”

Texans strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith has plenty of good things to say about his team after five weeks of the offseason program.

Chargers fans can buy (or, as the case may be, not buy) single-game tickets as of Monday.

On Monday, the Broncos will practice for the first time as a team since their double-overtime playoff loss to Baltimore.  (It will all likely go very well until the last minute or so.)

New Raiders QB Matt McGloin talks about his path to Oakland.

A tryout at rookie minicamp persuaded the Chiefs to sign former Kansas DE Toben Opurum as a fullback.

The best part about the Eagles getting rid of “Taco Tuesdays“?  It also means there will be no further “Wicked Sh-t Wednesdays.”

An alleged high-stakes Manhattan gambling operation saw a bettor win $600,000 when the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI, which reportedly “set off a long series of seemingly fumbling exchanges about how to move such a large sum of money without tipping off the authorities.”

Cowboys LB Bruce Carter has been compared to a fairly decent player as Carter adapts to the team’s new Tampa 2 system:  Derrick Brooks.

Here’s a thought-provoking and balanced look at the Redskins name controversy from The Atlantic.

Former NFL QB Jim Miller is taking a “communications position” with the Bears.

The Packers tailgate tour made an unexpected stop for the Challenge Academy Cadets, a group of at-risk youths who are trying to earn their high school diplomas.

The plan to tax cigarettes in order to help pay for the Vikings’ news stadium supposedly was a secret, but it already was in multiple budget plans.

Lions RB Reggie Bush says QB Matthew Stafford “has all the qualities and intangibles to be a Hall of Famer.”

The NFL and college jerseys of DT/LB John Small, a first-round pick of the Falcons in 1970 who died in 2012, have been stolen from a residence in Augusta, Georgia.

Former Panthers LB Mark Fields, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2003, says he can still run the 40 in 4.5 seconds, even after having a bone marrow transplant in 2012.

The Saints added DT Isaako Aaitui, a third-year player who has spent time with the Dolphins and Jets.

Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman says he has an “awesome” relationship with coach Greg Schiano.  (Calm down, Chris Farley . . . Yep, that’s three straight Saturdays.)

Rams owner Stan Kroenke, whose football team plays its home games indoors, has purchased the Outdoor Channel for $265 million, pending shareholder approval.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is getting his rookies ready to play.  (They can’t be much worse than most of the veterans.)

As of January, folks in Washington can purchase Seahawks license plates.

49ers WR A.J. Jenkins is bulking up, in an effort to add to a 192-pound frame that spent most of the 2012 season on the sidelines.

13 responses to “Saturday morning one-liners

  1. So, Walker writes about Chad Johnson on his AFC EAST blog, he covered him the last couple years on his AFC EAST blog and the picture of Chad he uses is in his Patriots gear. Yet, the liner is about Chad as a BENGAL. hmmm.

  2. Matthew Stafford a potential HOFer? The man who has only won 17 out of 45 starts in his career, despite having a beast like CJ to throw every year?

    Sounds like the pot culture in Lions-ville has caught up to Reggie.

  3. I read The Atlantic article concerning the “Redskins” name. Not a fan of the team but had some time to burn. The first writer Jake Simpson is an idiot. Basically, he copied an article from 1978 and reposted it. Absolutely nothing new in his approach or content. However, Hampton Stevens is spot on! His portion may be the best argument I’ve heard on the topic.

  4. Hampton Stevens’s take on the name-change controversy is definitely the best I’ve heard.

    The people who are wasting time and money fighting against team names and mascots would do much more good for their people if they would spend that time and money on issues that really matter.

    Another good take on this came from the Chief of the Rappahannock Tribe in Virginia. She said, “We’re more worried about our kids being educated, our people housed, elder care, and the survival of our culture….We’re not worried about how some ball team is named.”

    (You can find that in the DC Sports Bog from May 15th, BTW, so you know I didn’t just make it up because I’m a Redskins fan.)

  5. The continued and constant derogatory, sarcastic and cynical comments toward the AZ Cardinals is getting old.

    Why not question the Seahawks as a franchise that is out of control with way too many questionable characters. Why not look at what appears to be the coming collapse of the Patriots? Why must you continuously make a sarcastic comment about any move made by Arizona…?

  6. There is no “naming controversy” with the Redskins and poll after poll after poll prove it. It’s just the media one again advocating for some politically correct cause.

  7. Will you please give up on this crusade to change the Redskins name! If YOU want it changed so bad… drop a billion plus in Dan Snyders lap and change it.

  8. I don’t trust anyone named “Hampton” when it comes to Native American issues. Stick with polo and sailing, Hampton.

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