Source: Agreement in place between Freeney and Chargers

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Well, that was fast.

An agreement is in place between veteran defensive end/linebacker Dwight Freeney and the San Diego Chargers.

Freeney, who spent 11 seasons with the Colts after arriving from Syracuse as a first-round pick in 2002, presumably steps into the starting lineup in San Diego, due to the recent knee injury suffered by 2012 first-rounder Melvin Ingram.

While Freeney had said that he preferred returning to a 4-3 defense, which he thrived in for 10 years before the Colts switched to a 3-4.  But rushing the passer is rushing the passer regardless of the scheme.

As we understand it, Freeney was attracted to the possibility of playing with a quarterback who can give the team a lead — and in turn allow Freeney to chase down the other team’s quarterback.

Interest in Freeney spiked in recent days, after the Ingram injury gave the Chargers a clear incentive to pursue him.  The Patriots, Broncos, and other teams had shown interest during Freeney’s first career foray into free agency.

14 responses to “Source: Agreement in place between Freeney and Chargers

  1. BS. He signed there because they were desperate enough to pay him more than he’s worth at this point.

    The Chargers will be building leads and forcing opponents to throw? Please.

  2. This reeks of a Deperation Signing, losing Ingram for the year will hamper their D all season, Freeney is a square peg in a round hole.

  3. Losing Ingram will hamper them all season?

    You realize he was a rookie right?

    we have many more players on defense.

    doesnt hurt to bolster.

  4. Why do guys like this go to crappy teams. It has to be nothing but money. If he said anything else he is a flat out liar. Why not go sonewhere like lions…or vikes…or ravens….or falcons….or teams that have chances of winning and that have legit help on dline in which they dont need to do all the work alone. Chargers are one crappy team. Definatley not battle proven.

  5. We should not blame a guy for going where he is offered the best financial deal. I expect this will stiffen Abraham’s resolve in looking for more money than the contenders are offering him.

  6. Of course he signed with San Diego because he’s going to get paid accordingly. But to suggest the Chargers aren’t capable of building leads and forcing opponents to throw is ridiculous, that’s what they do best. The only problem is they have been just as good at giving up leads in gut-wrenching fashion at the last minute of every close game. This is more indicative of bad coaching than anything else, and since Norv is Cleveland’s problem now, we’ll see how much of a difference the coaching change makes.

  7. Since when are the Lions “battle proven”? They were 4-12 last year, the Chargers were 7-9. You must be the only guy who agreed with Titus Young when he proclaimed he was a better receiver than Megatron.

  8. To steelers4385

    I can remember the day when the Steelers were the laughing stock of the league. I see the Chargers making positive moves toward beating the crap out of the Steelers. The Steelers are on the down side of their winning career. The Chargers are moving on up.

  9. People forget that a lot of value comes from his knowledge.

    We get Peyton 2 times a year and we all know he practiced against manning for years. We get the Texans on Monday night and the Colts this year. That’s 4 games he gives us an edge up on knowing their offenses.

    Great pick up.

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