Teammate says Titus Young opened up about issues

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Prior to a string of arrests, former Lions wide receiver Titus Young admitted to one of his old teammates he needed help.

Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch said he was on the same flight from Miami to Detroit as Young recently, and Young opened up about a mental issue he was dealing with, even showing him documents about the condition.

He’s aware of the situation that he’s dealing with and he showed me a paper and we went over it and I looked over it, and I understand it,” Tulloch told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “A lot of people laugh about it and ke-ke-ke about it, but it’s real. He has head issues, and the Titus Young when he came in as a rookie and the Titus Young now is two different people.

“It’s kind of like when you look at him, he’s looking through you. It’s different. You can tell there’s something going on in his mind, in his head, and I hope that he can get help.”

That something is amiss is obvious. Young remains in jail in California, after he was arraigned on eight counts of burglary and assaulting police officers. He pleaded not guilty to all of them. If convicted, he could face more than seven years in prison.

Tulloch said he sought assistance from the league on Young’s behalf, though a league spokesman declined comment citing player privacy issues.

“He has a problem,” Tulloch said of Young. “Ain’t no question about it. . . .

“We had some long discussions and he showed me some things and I was like, ‘All right.’  The fact that before he didn’t realize it, now he realizes it. He just needs help. Basically he’s reaching out for help. He’s asking questions and he wants to be cured. And it’s tough when people laugh at him and think it’s a joke. ‘Oh, Titus did this.’

“Obviously, he’s dealing with a mental issue that he needs help and people need to reach out and help him.”

That his teammates are reaching out is a good sign, and the hope remains that Young gets the help he so clearly needs.

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  1. Sad. His actions never really made sense to me when they were being reported. Only the lowest of low life’s break into people’s homes. Glad he didn’t get shot.

  2. Young needs more people like Tulloch and Brandon Marshall – whoalso reached out to him – in his corner…And if he is convicted in CA, being confined in a treatment facility might be preferable to prison.

  3. Where are all the people calling him stupid last week? I guess guilty until proving innocent is still the approach for specific individuals

  4. Why was Titus flying back to Detroit? Looks good on the loser, he knows he has a problem and doesn’t do whatever necessary to fix it, have fun learning how to be a man behind bars…

  5. It explains a lot of his behavior but doesn’t excuse it.

    That being said, there is an epidemic in this country that we simply lock people up and deny them access to mental health professionals. This guy needs help that he has no way of getting now.
    He will sit in jail, his mental condition will deteriorate and whatever his diagnosis is, it will be worse upon his release. Its not just Titus Young, usually it is poorer folks with no access to mental health professionals. If he ends up in prison (he will) it will be years before this man is properly medicated and mentally stable, him and countless others with a lot less resources than Titus. Its a sad state of affairs. The answer?
    Get mental health professionals in our jails and prisons and give them the ability to treat these folks that desperately need it. I guarantee there would be a lot less re-offenders. Prison is not really “rehabilitation” its a punishment. And that’s a shame.

  6. said part about this situation some people in American wont even give this man a chance to redeem himself…”oh he such a menace to society” blah blah blah…it could be possible that he has a head problem and maybe a wrong hit furthered that problem, but in certain Americans eyes he will always be a criminal, but its not until it happens to their family when one of theirs has random outburst s of actions that they began to understand. Then its “oh keep my family in prayer, this is not the kid we know etc.” i hate it for the families that he affected, im sure if guy was in his right mind nobody wouldve been hurt but it happens daily in America, good thing nobody was physically harmed

  7. Sadly, in order to “save money,” programs for the functioning mentally ill have all but disappeared. Now these people get funneled in and out of our jails and prisons, where they don’t belong and are often severely victimized.

    It costs us (the taxpayers) much, much more money to house them and we end up paying for their medications anyway. You know… those same medications that we “saved” on by not just helping these people out in the first place.

    Yes, Titus Young could afford his own care, but there are very few places left to get such care.

  8. his dad said he had a brain disorder now tullock says its real makes more sense because the rams and fisher had him for a week and he didn’t get cut for his play so it had to be head issues I wonder whether fisher knew of his condition, maybe we could have fixed him who knows but if this is true and the condition exists I hope he gets help and just to be able to get around normally not so worried about him getting back to football

  9. If everyone knows he has issues and its documented, where were his friends and family after any of these arrests, or even in the months before. Someone needed to go from being supportive to taking action for his well being. If he has a mental issue, then you can’t rely on someone in that state to make the correct decision; sometimes it has to be made for them.

  10. A little too late now since his career is over. Maybe he will get the mental part fixed during his seven years in prison.

  11. zeeman911 says:
    May 18, 2013 9:26 AM
    Why was Titus flying back to Detroit? Looks good on the loser, he knows he has a problem and doesn’t do whatever necessary to fix it, have fun learning how to be a man behind bars…
    Because, I’m sure you always make all the right decisions in life.

  12. illwillthemick says: May 18, 2013 9:01 AM

    everyone point and laugh at titus .


    And comments like this make me sick to my stomach. Yeah point and laugh at this individual who is suffering from a mental condition he is obviously not being medicated for. Point and laugh as American tax dollars are wasted by the millions, as our courts and jails and prisons fill up with these unstable folks who don’t even understand what its like to have a clear, normal mind. I’m not saying every offender is a victim, but as a nation we should be doing a lot more to try to rehabilitate these folks. Not “point and laugh” because it is going to hurt us all. Next time you might be the victim of someone who never got the help they needed.

  13. I’m so supposed to pity him over his mental issues?.. well I’m a heartless bastard and I don’t. There is always the option to have yourself committed, it didn’t have to get to this point. If he can flash documents showing his problems, he knows something needed to get/be done.

  14. Please… Young is NOT a victim Stephen.

    Young is getting ripped because instead of doing what he needs to take care of his problems… he robbing people and prior to that was trashing his team and team mates.

    The lack of pity he’s received is TOTALLY earned.

    Take responsibility and act on it.

  15. thraiderskin says: May 18, 2013 10:19 AM

    I’m so supposed to pity him over his mental issues?.. well I’m a heartless bastard and I don’t. There is always the option to have yourself committed, it didn’t have to get to this point. If he can flash documents showing his problems, he knows something needed to get/be done.


    Mental conditions are much more difficult to diagnose and treat compared to physical conditions. If you haven’t had a mental condition you wouldn’t understand. Just because a person is diagnosed does not mean that their doctors have immediately found the best way to treat the individual. A patient must take medication for weeks before it is known how they are responding. Its not a physical ailment where someone can look at an x-ray and say, yeah you’re better now.

  16. For all of you sneering and giggling at those who struggle with mental problems, keep in mind that your attitude might change if someone you love lost their life at the hands of a person mentally deranged. Put yourself in the shoes of a loved one affected by the Dark Knight shooting. Would you laugh at them? No. But for some reason you think it’s wise to laugh at the ones who put those victims in that position. Grow up and realize that the world is darker when you fail to shed some light on it. Athletes are human too. I’m praying for you, Titus.

  17. Mental issues as mentioned are harder to treat than let’s say a fracture with an x-ray showing the problem, but if you know you have a problem try to fix it before you blow millions of $ or his teammate who now has pity step in before he continues to commit crimes.

    Having mental issues should not provide you a reason to commit crimes, especially multiple crimes. Maybe if he broke in your house or assaulted you or a loved one your opinion would change. The nfl should start putting restriction on people regardless of talent. There’s plenty of great athletes out there.

  18. I’m very surprised that most of this info & convictions have only come to light in the past few months. The kid went to a reputable college program & was drafted into the NFL.

    Kinda seems as if someone flipped the switch and “Welcome to Crazytown!”

  19. Maybe the guy has bipolar disorder or maybe schizophrenia? He might not be a bad guy but this mental disorder is gonna ruin his life if he doesn’t address it.

  20. Until he’s been DIAGNOSED with a mental disorder, it’s Titus Young who needs to suffer the consequences of what he did. If he is indeed suffering from mental problems, then he’ll be treated as such.

    People seem to think the stigma attached to mental illnesses is a negative one, but it’s because it’s a term that’s so loosely used nowadays. Mental illness is real, but it’s not an excuse to justify doing something ill-advised.

  21. Nice scouting department in Detroit. Making matters worse they were in the best position to get him help but kicked him to the curb. Im sorry but I am not going to pity him and if he broke into your house I doubt any of you would either.

  22. Not that this is breaking news, but the mentally ill are rarely treated properly in this country. They float through then system, have a bunch of drugs thrown at them, then they’re released out into the world. I honestly believe that this plays a huge role in things like the school shooting in CT, the movie theater shooting in CO, etc. If these mentally ill people get the proper treatment from the money driven medical community, maybe these things stop happening…….just my thought.

  23. All of you talking about “excuses”. Who said anything about excuses? Tully and others aren’t excusing his actions, rather they are doing the right thing and going he gets help our that someone can help him. Being cynical is ok, but missing the point and then spewing the hate is just lame.

  24. As a society,we don’t deal with our mental illness issues very well. Like physical health care,we have allowed it to become a commodity in the marketplace. Instead we shuffle far too many into our criminal justice and penal system,both of which have become corrupted profit systems themselves….and who always in need of warm bodies to feed the machine….The mentally ill suffer as individuals,we suffer as a society,economically and socially incurring costs instead of reaping the benefits of working to create and maintain educated and physically and mentally healthy citizenry to the greatest extent possible….instead of feeding the incessant corporate need for short term profits at all costs……

  25. eshine76,

    It’s extremely difficult for family members, from parents, children, even a spouse to force a person into treatment for mental problems. In most states, you need power of attorney, which thus is the dilemma.

    Being the son of a Vietnam veteran who’s had his issues in the past, mental problems are no joke, and all of the insensitive and simple posts that I’ve read on many of these stories about this guy underline how out of touch people are with how difficult this problem can be to deal with.

    There are families in much worse condition than me and my family had to deal with in the past. Trying to manage loved ones with serious problems like Schizophrenia that can’t do a thing but pray they don’t harm someone else or themselves because it’s not legally possible is the only recourse in many of these cases. Just pray somebody close to you never goes through this kind of issue, so you don’t see how difficult it can be.

  26. The man is mentally ill.

    We shouldn’t make fun of him any more than a cancer patient, many of whom go thru denial just as the mentally ill do.

    Mental illness often “tells” the patient he/she doesn’t have it.

  27. He’s done some very radical stupid things but it hasn’t yet been determined if it’s drugs, behavior, or a mental disorder. His dad seemed to indicate that his son needs to be watched and his car keys hidden. He said that he didn’t recognize his son with all these new allegations but the kid’s history shows that this isn’t the first time that he’s had issues. So who is the real Titus Young? Is he someone crying out for help or a delusional individual that feels he is more important than everybody else. There hasn’t been any intervention from family, friends, or the team that he once played for and it shouldn’t have been a lack of money keeping him from seeking his own help. Does he lack a core of basic knowledge to know right from wrong, the jury is still out?

  28. Titus Young is crazy and has issues. What specific type of crazy? He needs to be put under observation so they can find out and help him. Let’s hope the NFL steps in and helps out before he hurts himself or someone else. Seems like these things escalate quickly. Can/will the NFL do something good that doesn’t benefit it’s image? We’ll see.

    What was Chris Petersen doing at Boise State to keep him under control? Did he have some kind of trick play to keep him medicated?

  29. I read somewhere where this young man had his problems at Boise State. It was said that he once was suspended for fighting with his team mates. So does he have a brain tumor, is mentally disturbed, or just not well adjusted to behave in this society? Not many others have gotten any breaks after flaunting this kind of disrespect for the law. Some of them may have had mental problems as well but they now live behind bars. I know one fellow that has purposely done some stupid criminal acts right after being released twice now and can’t seem to cope outside of prison walls.

  30. inyofaceagain says: May 18, 2013 9:26 AM

    It explains a lot of his behavior but doesn’t excuse it.
    Exactly. Young knew he had problems and didn’t seek mental health professional help, and he didn’t check himself into a mental hospital for evaluation.

    I’m not as sympathetic as some people here. He knew he had a problem and didn’t do anything about it.

    As for those who somehow seek to blame the authorities for locking him up and perhaps not properly getting him help, remember that the first duty of the police is to PROTECT the populace. Getting him help is, frankly, of secondary importance. The first priority is to remove the threat.

  31. “It’s kind of like when you look at him, he’s looking through you.” His father said THE SAME exact thing.

  32. The thing is that many people probably suffer from this type of “head” problem. However, since none of them are in the NFL, they don’t yet help either.

    Titus Young needs to figure it out, and at least bring himself to the point of getting help. He is not sick enough to have people come in and control his life – I doubt he could be in the NFL if he was that sick.

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