Tebow returns to Jacksonville, but not that way


At a time when the Jaguars aren’t interested in bringing Tim Tebow home to Jacksonville, he went there anyway.

Via the Florida Times-Union, Tebow was in town Friday night to speak at New Life Christian Fellowship.  As he did earlier this month in Michigan, he said nothing about his NFL future.

Tebow did offer one funny, self-deprecating jab at his NFL past.

“One of my favorite stories, ironically, was against the New York Jets,” Tebow said, referring to the game-winning touchdown run for the Broncos, in a 2011 Thursday night game.  “And probably my greatest Jets highlight, I guess.”

The Jaguars remain uninterested in allowing Tebow to create similar highlights for them, even though in 2012 the Jags tried to trade for Tebow.  Jaguars legend Tony Boselli recently suggested that Tebow possibly could be a “franchise quarterback,” but Boselli agreed with the Jaguars’ decision to steer clear of Tebowmania.

“What team wants to bring a guy who’s a developing player onto their roster when he’s going to be a complete distraction — through no fault of his own — and become a disruption in the locker room?” Boselli said.  “It becomes all about that — whether he is going to play, whether it’s going to work — and the rest of the team is saying, ‘We’re trying to win ballgames.’  I feel bad for Tim because I don’t think it’s all his fault.  It’s outside circumstances and people who are making it tough on him.”

Still, Tebow’s image feels partially scripted and contrived.  Though he seems to be a good person, there’s a too-good-to-be-completely-true element that Tebow and/or those close to him possibly have helped perpetuate.  Many casual fans have bought it completely, prompting them to skew their view of his football abilities.

Unless a team is willing to embrace Tebow and Tebowmania, making him the starting quarterback no matter how bad he is in practice or the first 3.75 quarters of a close game, it won’t work.  With no team willing to do that for 2013, the question becomes whether a team that stinks this season will decide that, for 2014, it can stink again without Tebow — or it can stink with him.

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  1. Boselli is absolutely right in what he says. One of the most intelligent and compassionate people in the game. Then and now. The place for Tim is not on a struggling team, but a dominant team where he can blend in. San Fran would be a good spot. His style is not dissimiar to the resident Camel occupying the position, and he wouldn’t stand out in the crowd there.

  2. >“What team wants to bring a guy who’s a developing player onto their roster when he’s going to be a complete distraction — through no fault of his own — and become a disruption in the locker room?” Boselli said.


    I don’t know – maybe one without a decent qb, who plays in Tebow’s backyard and has tremendous trouble selling tickets?

    Oh, I forgot – the Jags aren’t trying to sell tickets. They’re trying to get run out of town so they can get the California taxpayers to build them a billion dollar stadium in Los Angeles. And they’re in a hurry to do it before Miami gets there first.

    How could I forget?

  3. I agree with most of your points but if Tebow was too good to be true something would have been brought to light by now

  4. Tebow’s fame has been both a driving force and detraction. You can’t tell me Jets didn’t sign him to sell jerseys with his name on it….that was about it.

    What he did in Denver showed he can be a QB in the league – but who knows if he will ever get another chance.

  5. New Life Christian Fellowship is an easy crowd to please. Say the words Jesus and Bible uncountable times, pat them on the head, give them a cookie, and call it a day. Good job, Tebow!

  6. Tebow can’t win in the NFL.And yes people who constantly use Denver as the example he can. Obviously you’re right and ALL of the NFL people in the leafue don’t have your personnel skills even after HUNDREDS of years of combined experience. eye roll

  7. I want to see him on a team this year that will actually use him in some onfield packages and not just use him to sell merchandise

    He needs to be on a team with a great QB coach who work with him daily to improve accuracy/throwing motion, and a head coach who is best at diffusing the media circus that follows after him. Someone who will tell the media that Yes, of course he thanks God and his teammates and gives them all the glory after each game AND Yes, he’s a christian and that’s just who he is – get over it.

    The media makes a spectacle of him, and I don’t see him doing a lot to provoke it. They simply wouldn’t care and noone would be following him if he hadn’t been successful in the past

    But he was successful and I guess that makes him more of a big deal than anyone else who is a christian in the league and a bigger “distraction” than them. If he had never won a playoff game or turned around a losing team, and he completely sucked – then noone even would care

    But he did, and they do.

  8. Why do we continue to be subjected to Tebow stories? He is not a currently on any team’s roster. It appears that he is not going to be on any team’s roster in the foreseeable future. So what’s the deal? Just trying to fill space on a dull day?

    Look, if, and when, he actually joins a team, even the Salvation Army baton twirling team, report the news. Until then, can Tebow just fade quietly into the background? Give it a rest. Please!

  9. I don’t get it? Is his routine like Dark Comedy? Who would pay to have him speak? What broad frame of reference allows him to wax eloquent about any subject? What grown Man who has broken his back to provide for his family would gain inspiration from hearing Tebow talk about the time God helped him get a first down? I just don’t get it.


  10. Hope to see him playing, he is a great playmaker, just needs the right coach and system, maybe the Bucs will bring him in.
    Not that religious, but its not like he preaches like another guy that just retired!
    Good luck Tim Tebow!

  11. I feel like the right guys to help Tebow round into the typical throwing motion-formal footwork shape may be the coaching staff in GB. McCarthy is an excellent QB teacher who helped guys like Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers fix their “quirky” throwing motion. There’s just no room for him on the roster, although id personally take him over Graham Harrell, in which his one meaningful snap fumbled a handoff 3 yards away from the endzone and turned it over.

  12. He is a good player, but to me his unwillingness to change positions to help a team win is a sign of selfishness. And he could be a legitimate threat as a TE RB and after he gets the ball in his hands he is more than capable of delivering passes behind the line of scrimmage.

    In conclusion I would not want his on my team if he is not willing to sacrifice being the star QB and playing more to his strengths to help my team win.

  13. Mike – in reality there are a just a small percentage of quarterbacks in the NFL who have the God-given grace and ability to win championships and a Super Bowl. Tim Tebow’s presence on the field electrifies his teammates and the fans. In that atmosphere of faith and expectancy, miracles happen. Nothing is impossible, even a Super Bowl. Championships are not won by owners, GM’s and head coaches. Championships are won when a leader like Tim Tebow comes along who can electrify the crowd and the whole team, including the head coach, causing them to believe they can find a way to win. In spite of all the current hoopla, 30 teams are not going to reach the Super Bowl. 20 teams will not reach the playoffs. And 16 teams are going to lose more games than they win. When Tim Tebow was given the opportunity, he won more games than he lost, reached the playoffs, and won the first playoff game by breaking NFL records. So, I believe there is an NFL owner and a head coach who will look at their situation realistically and realize that Tim Tebow is by far their best option for starting quarterback who can transform the whole team and make them winners instead of losers.

  14. I never cared for Tebow, but it really agitates me that “it’s not completely on him.” I understand Tebow is a developing QB, but the people (be it fans of ALL over, the media, & anyone else) affiliated with his so-called “circus” need to leave him alone. I’ve never heard of a person who can’t play football because of the circus that follows him. For those who care or don’t, what’s fair is fair, he shouldn’t be subjected to ALL this crap that may have plagued any chance of playing in the NFL. Even if Tebow himself made a PSA to STOP with the Tebowmania craziness, you think that would make any difference? Absolutely NOT..

    I couldn’t agree more with Boselli when he says “I feel bad for Tim because I don’t think it’s all his fault. It’s outside circumstances and people who are making it tough on him.”

  15. Face it, you’re as much a part of Tebowmania as his most ardent supporters. You love every opportunity to voice the opposition, to his character (questioning it’s veracity); to his perceived shortcomings; to the delightful possibility of his failure. Haters hate on – do what you say Tebow should do, “keep it moving” – even better yet- get a real life. Tebow’s got one.

  16. “And probably my greatest Jets highlight, I guess.”

    HAHA! It is funny because it is true. He wasn’t good enough to start for them, but he sure was good enough to beat them when he played for Denver. Oh the circus…..

  17. The point about Tebow’s image being contrived is well taken. For instance, when he was doing well, he was front and center in front of the camera. After a loss, not so much. Now, when his future is in doubt, he is not being made available to the media. I don’t blame him, but it is an observation.
    Tebow’s problem, where the Jaguars is concerned is that because it is well known that he is a poor practice player, he would not beat out the other QBs..(Gabbert is actually known to be good in practice). Then those that claim they would buy tickets if he were on the team would get hysterical. They would blame everyone but Tim..scream that he isn’t getting a chance. A young team with a new GM and coach in rebuilding mode would not need this. In most cities it would be a distraction. In Jacksonville, it would be a disruption.

  18. Could anyone just image Tim Tebow as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, with Jerry Jones running the show. It would be the ultimate Circus…

  19. Look, I am a Bronco season ticket holder. I watched Tebow try to be an NFL QB. Did the Broncos make the playoffs with him at the helm? Yes. But let’s do some critical analysis before credit is given to one guy. The first game in the “streak” was won due to a recovered onside kick and a strip-sack – Tebow wasn’t on the field. Matt Prater kicked a 59 yard field goal to tie the Chicago game, and then a 51 yarder to win it. Tebow wasn’t on the field. Time and again, the defense and special teams stepped up to cover for a below-average QB. Tebow is an awesome athlete, and a really good person. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a starting NFL QB.

  20. I could see a team with an elite/top 10 QB (Green Bay, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco to name a few) who already have a fan favorite QB who’s great. He’s only played for teams with borderline starting QBs, if he goes to one with a pro bowl QBs, who pushes for him to start?

  21. When he was coming into the NFL, Tebow said he wanted to be a QB but was willing to play whatever position his future team required. Has that attitude changed? Is he still willing to play RB or TE? If so, he wouldn’t command the same media attention as a QB–especially if he went to a team that already has a superstar QB and agreed not to give press conferences.

    Does Tebow really want to play NFL football enough to leave his ego at the door? If so, he could probably generate some interest.

  22. Who cares!!! NO NFL teams thinks he is worth adding to the roster, for whatever reason. Let him just fade away, as countless good college QBs have done before him. The NFL is NOT a developmental league, they have limited time in training camp, and they have to prepare the players who will actually start each week. All the Tebow fans did was make it so he could not spend time on a practice squad, where he could develop his skills. Now he is no longer eligible to be placed on a practice squad, because he has been on rosters too long. Tebow fans, you did this to him.

  23. This is not necessarily to defend Tebow or to try to claim that he’s a great passer, and I know that college is different, but how did he manage to rank as the second best passer in NCAA history if he “can’t throw”? He’s one of only two college QB’s whose career passer rating exceeds 170. Why couldn’t Brady do that? Why couldn’t Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning do that?

    And I don’t care how good your teammates are and how “different” college is, someone who “can’t throw” will not complete 66% of his passes, and lead the SEC in completion percentage AND yards per attempt three years in a row.

  24. Let’s look at the facts. Tim Tebow is a home town hero in Jacksonville. He is a great, strong mobile athlete that brings a positive attitude to whatever he does. He has been working on his mechanics harder than anyone realizes and is ready to compete.

    The Jaguars are non existent in the NFL. They cannot sell out games in Jacksonville. They have no face to the franchise. They are questionable at the QB position. They have been a running team for years.

    Either some of the writer’s comments on this board are correct, and the new owner Khan truly wants this team to move to either Los Angeles or possibly Europe, or he is the dumbest businessman on planet Earth. I don’t believe he is a dumb businessman. He spent 770 million to buy The Jaguars and is losing money every minute. Decide for yourself what Shad Khan is doing.

    As for Tim Tebow. I agree with most of the comments that whatever he decides to do his future is very bright, but to not have him lacing up the cleats and putting on the helmet on Sundays will be one of the dumbest decisions the NFL has ever made. For those who have the NFL network and watched Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders sing the song Tee-bow,,, Ohhhh Ohhhhh…. Classic… Tim Tebow and The Denver Broncos beating my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs in 2011… Unbelievable. Tebow maybe someday playing in his home town for The Jaguars would be PRICELESS!!

  25. So glad he said that about the Jets. That 95 yard game winning drive he had against them was pure gold!
    The bottom line is that Tebow deserves a chance, but the media makes it too hard for teams to do that. Tebow has won a playoff game in this league, against the top defense in the NFL that year I might add.
    The fact that he has done that shows more than quite a few of the starting QB’s out there today. Especially a certain “Superman” in Carolina.

  26. If all the other 31 NFL teams ran off of a cliff, would David Caldwell do the same? That is why Jacksonville will suck under his management. He never got Atlanta to a Super Bowl. Just like others, he builds good teams that go with the flow but does not have the ability to woe anyone with the “IT” factor. Only playmakers like Tebow can take a team to a new level. You don’t have to agree with me now, but you will in a few years. When they do fire David Caldwell, I want that press statement about Tebow “I cannot imagine a scenario” played over and over and over and over.

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