Te’o shows up at Maxim party honoring fake girlfriend

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If Manti Te’o wanted to make sure he heard fake dead girlfriend jokes forever, he’d duck his head and mutter “no comment,” or “that’s in the past.”

Embracing the joke takes the sting out of the needle, and will be what makes it go away.

Te’o appeared to be a good sport about the whole thing when Maxim named Lennay Kekua No. 69 (seriously, are they 13?) on their annual list of the world’s hottest women (never mind, they make an annual list of the world’s hottest women).

The Chargers linebacker even showed up at the magazine’s promotional party, according to the blog Busted Coverage.

There he was photographed with the kind of pretty people I suppose you get photographed with at a Hollywood party. One of them, pro volleyball player Jess Gysin, is apparently the girlfriend of Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Of course, Clausen hasn’t thrown an NFL pass since 2010, or even been active for a game since the Panthers drafted Cam Newton.

So maybe the question should be, do we believe Gysin when she says she’s dating an NFL quarterback?

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  1. I don’t think its the number of starts Clausen has that Gysin is interested in, it’s the number of 0’s in the dudes bank account. But its good to see Te’o being a good sport. Maybe people will ease up off the guy.

  2. I wonder what the over/under is for the number of inflatable Lennay Kekua dolls displayed at Chargers games this coming season…

  3. The only people being duped are the people believing this guy’s bs. He lied about having a girlfriend die of leukemia to enhance his pr. It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 80.

  4. Sounds like he’s preparing himself for his life without football. Align yourself with the pretty people, make connections, and later get lots of publicity by claiming your lack of success is because your employer (or multiple employers; high draft picks from name schools like ND get tons of chances, unless they’re as bad as JaMarcus) is “discriminating against me for a youthful indiscretion”, “blaming the ‘victim'”, or some such.

    Or maybe he’s just the kind of person who likes to be with the pretty people.

    As for making the jokes go away, that’s best done not by hanging around with minor glitterati but by kicking some butts on the football field; you know, the way Alabama’s offensive line and running backs left tread marks on his chest a few months ago.

  5. I kinda think Clausen is a doosh but I see no reason to rip him like that. Job in the NFL, smoking hot girlfriend who appears like she actually might like they guy, and invited to parties Maxim throws in Hollywood. Sounds like a winner to me.

  6. I would be shocked if Clausen is on any NFL roster come September. He’s a pretender and not even a good one at that.

    Since Maxim’s a magazine, I would assume they would publish photographs of the top 100 so I am looking forward to seeing Lennay Kekua for the first time, as does Te’o.

  7. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something a little storage about this guy. He seems really soft and this whole fake girlfriend thing is really out there

  8. At first glance I thought this was about Tebow’s fake girlfriend. I can only imagine how many clicks that would get.

  9. In Te’o defense, he only attended due to hopes that she would give back the imaginary stuff that he pretended to leave at her place.

  10. Good for him…I have had my doubts about wheter Te’o would be mentally tough enough to handle the fallout, but that took guts…Maybe he will emerge from the hoax okay after all.

  11. For his encore Te’o will be showing up at Charger camp as a fake football player……

  12. get a sense of humor Darin! the guy loses any sympathy for keeping up with the ruse once he found out the story wasn’t true. it was not about being embarrassed, it was about losing the sympathy votes in his bid for the Heisman. thankfully the voters got it right anyway. he deserves any and all the jokes at his expense for that and for being a another overrated product of the dame hype machine.

  13. Ha! That’s great! Better to embrace the situation and move forward, then avoid it and let it get to you….The dig at Clausen at the end is good stuff too!

  14. Well, kudos to Te’o for being smart enough to play along and make fun of himself. His life will be much better the more he shows he can laugh at himself.

  15. “If Manti Te’o wanted to make sure he heard fake dead girlfriend jokes forever, he’d duck his head and mutter “no comment,” or “that’s in the past.”

    Embracing the joke takes the sting out of the needle, and will be what makes it go away.”

    And if he just wants to get his face in front of cameras and be famous as long as he can before he gets exposed as the questionable football player that he is and has an early end to his career… I guess this is the way to do that too.

  16. Maxim is generally aimed at 13 year olds and college bros but People magazine names the most beautiful person so Maxims Hot 100 isn’t that far off a “respectable” publication.

  17. That list IS a joke. They have Kesha on there, one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. And Miley Cirus at #1? I would take 98 of them before her.

  18. “So maybe the question should be, do we believe Gysin when she says she’s dating an NFL quarterback?”



  19. Genius move. Show up to a party honoring the 100 (99 sans the fake girlfriend) hottest women according to Maxim. He gets to play off the joke and interact with some of the women most men could only fantasize about. Well played, Manti.

  20. Come on, Maxim. You guys dropped the ball BIG TIME by not making sure the pretty girl whose picture was used for the fake girlfriend was going to show.

    Imagine how much traction and mileage Maxim would have gotten if they had used this occasion to arrange for Te’o and the beautiful actual young woman to publicly meet for the first time.

  21. Clausen got the same bum’s rush that Matt Moore got during Fox’s disastrous season and has never had a real chance with quality players around him to show what he can do. If that wasn’t the case, the Panthers wouldn’t have kept him all these years.

    I’m all for ripping players like the entitled ME Me ME Cam Newton who has proved so far that he can’t lead a team to winning season, but I’m not for ripping players with super hot girl friends who haven’t had a similar chance to stand or fall where it counts — on the field with a supporting cast and coaches.

  22. It might help him to get people to move on from this if he actually showed up someplace……any place, ever with a real girl.

    That will start a new round of hologram jokes, but nevertheless he may want to prove that he interacts with actual human beings.

  23. I am by no means a Clausen fan. I thought the kid was overrated since watching him play in high school. That said, props where props are due. Gysin is hot and grim what I’ve heard a good character within the AVP Tour. That’s a great get for Jimmy. This kid’s life is 110% better than the bitter folks slamming him on this site.

  24. He is without a doubt stupid. Did he get grades for any of the classes he took in college? He is best forgotten.

  25. Mantis needs to be in the weight room getting his bench press on so he can absorb those hits when D McFadden plants his shoulder in his chest. It’s real on the AFC West field.

  26. It’s a natural progression. Moving on from one fake woman to a bunch of other fake options. At least the sex will be real this time.

  27. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the University of Notre Dame and athletic director Jim Swarbrick for manufacturing a cocamimi story about Te’o being “catfished” by Tuiasosopo. The University is now synonymous with Tuiasosopo. You’ve done the Catholic church proud.

  28. Totally agree with the writer here. If He continues to let it bother him or appear that it bothers him, people will continue to attack him with it. If he Embraces it, And laughs with the people that are laughing at him, then it takes away their power. He’s going to be good. in a few years we will barely remember all this drama While he anchors San Diego’s defense.

  29. I think Teo and Tebow would make an excellent couple, and finally put to rest all the speculation.

  30. its more of a play to show his teammates hes going to take all the jabs and if anything might take some of the fun out of it (doubt it ) lol but it might not go on as long.. i thought this whole situation was hilarious

  31. If he’s smart about it, Manti Teo could turn a good sense of humor into a lucrative sponsorship contract.

    Imagine this….

    “I’m Manti Teo for e-Harmony”

    Its waiting to happen.

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