Vince Young gets his degree from Texas


Vince Young has attracted plenty of attention over the years for the wrong reasons.  It’s only fair, then, to shed light on something positive he’s accomplished.

On Friday, Young graduated from the University of Texas.

“This will rank No. 1 because it is what I came to school for,” Young told Bruce Feldman of on Thursday night.  “I came here to get an education, and to win a national championship.  And now, I get to put that smile on my mom’s face.”

Young left Texas after a performance for the ages against USC in the Rose Bowl, becoming the third overall pick in the 2006 draft.  A rocky relationship with coach Jeff Fisher (much of which was Young’s fault) culminated in Young being cut in 2010.  He signed with the Eagles in 2011, made his unfortunate “Dream Team” remark at his introductory press conference, signed with the Bills in 2012, and was cut before the season began.

Now, Young will have a college degree, but he’s not done with football (even if football is done with him).

“I’m about to be the first in my family to graduate,” Young said.  “Just finishing what I started.  That’s why I’m trying to get back in the NFL.  To finish what I started.  That is the type of guy I am.  I do work hard — even when the times are good or bad.  That’s just how I was raised.”

Time’s running out for getting back to the NFL.  Today, Young turns 30.  If the comeback doesn’t happen now, it probably never will.

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  1. Vince received a degree in education. Allegedly took 19 hours this spring. (Yeah… right). I’m sure he didn’t have any help with that. Should have gotten a degree in accounting so he can manage the money that he has left.

  2. I used to be a big advocate of extending careers as long as possible, but since my childhood hero Mike Webster and hundreds of others have developed (and died from) the CTE brain-injury problem, I think guys should take earlier opportunities to try to get out with their heads intact.

    Not to mention all the injuries and degeneration of knees, ankles, shoulders, backs, etc… Which, by the way, the No Fun League does NOT want to pay for.

    Vince has a great steakhouse restaurant in Austin named after him, and a very supportive community in Austin and Houston. He can make far more money in business in Texas than he would as a football player. Maybe its time to hang up the cleats, avoid the debilitating injuries and start living a healthier life.

  3. I hope he has better luck finding a job than my college degreed son has had. No, on second thought. I hope my son gets a job first. Vince had his chance and blew it.

  4. Vince is not the first great college player to crash and burn under the lofty weight of NFL expectations, and he won’t be the last.

    Congratulations to Vince for finishing up on plan B.

  5. Maybe the Eagles will retire his and Donovan McNabb’s numbers at the same ceremony….

  6. As a Texans fan I had to endure VY for many years. Him and his minion’s continuous pompous rants turned me against VY big time even though I wanted to like him from his college years. The truth eventually settled the issue true Texans (not the local blind Longhorns who wanted something that wasn’t) took a lot of crap for. Glad to hear something positive for a change and hope makes something out of it though. We’ll see if he makes better decisions with this opportunity…

  7. Sometimes people who have enormous talent also have severe emotional and /or mental problems. Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Elvis.

    I’m always fascinated by simpletons who say things like: “just figure it out,” or “be normal.”
    It’s like telling a person with a severe stutter to just “speak normally.”

    Instead of being jealous of those with talent (just admit that you are) maybe you should be thankful you don’t have severe problems. Just a thought.

  8. Watching him play in college was a pleasure as Mack Brown took full advantage of his superior football skills. Good for him and the University of Texas. Get on with your life without the NFL as many before you have.

  9. You should be really proud University of Texas!!! You just gave a degree to a certified moron. Talk about lowering the bar….. Vince Young is not intellectually worthy of being given a degree from nursery school.

  10. Good for him.

    But Mike…? We don’t care about the ‘dream team’ comment. That was ages ago, let it go man.

  11. Young is already 30? Dear god it’s time for me to start doing the things I keep putting off, 21 isn’t going to last forever for me..time flying so fast.

  12. Good job Vince, now take your degree and find employment. Its not looking good for you in the NFL. I wish you the best of luck. BTW, how many of the posters with negative, hateful comments have played a down of college or pro ball and have a degree from a university? Hmm…

  13. Its unfortunate that Young has all but pretty much ruined his chances at a comeback in the NFL. Losing the job to Tyler Thigpen and Ryan Fitzpatrick all but sealed his fate. Where he goes from here in the “real world” will depend on how hard he tries. From seeing him upon entering the NFL to now, Young has showed a real big negative that teams tend to shy from… thinking that he deserves whatever job he’s up for regardless of his work ethic. In other words, he’s lazy, real damn lazy. He is a shortcut taker, a rule breaker, giving very little while expecting the world and until he changes his ways, he will always get the same result. Being the top dog in College Football for a couple of years doesn’t make you deserving the same in the NFL.

  14. We all say that we want players to finish their education so they have something to support themselves after their playing days are over. I have made lots of wisecracks about Vince Young and “dream team” in the past, but he gets a high five and no wise cracks for this one. Congratulations Vince Young. Good luck if your career is truly over. If you did nothing else in your career but upend the “greatest team of all time” myth associated with that baloney USC team, you will have done all of sports a great service.

  15. Professor Wunderlich would be proud……if Vince had actually “earned” his degree.

  16. I don’t care about his degree. The NFL would be lucky to have 10% of their players able to obtain a degree, let alone get accepted into college, if you took football out of it. Jags should sign him but that would risk winning games and messing up the draft next year. C’mon, Gabbert??

  17. A football player at U of T who produces and doesn’t tick off the boosters is like a basketball player at Kansas, Kentucky, Dook, or UNC or a football player at Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, etc. who does the same–he’ll always be a “success” as a no-show employee, sales, insurance, car dealer, whatever.

    Go to the right school, generate results on the scoreboard, make friends, the good ol’ boys will take care of you.

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