Weeden “surprised” by Browns’ decision to sign Hoyer

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden recently said he wants to be the guy.  And then the Browns went out and signed another guy.

Weeden admits that the move to add Brian Hoyer, cut last week by the Cardinals, was unexpected.

I was surprised, but that’s the nature of the beast,” Weeden said Friday, per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “It’s part of this business and if you start worrying about it, that’s too much to worry about.  That’s my mentality going forward.”

Weeden said he hasn’t been told what the Browns plan for Hoyer.  “I have no idea,” Weeden said.  “I’m worried about me.”

Per Cabot, Hoyer arrives as No. 3 on the depth chart, behind Weeden and Jason Campbell.  Hoyer then will have the opportunity to climb the ladder.

Weeden thinks he’ll hold off all comers.  “You can’t play this position timid or [not] confident,” Weeden said.  “You’ve got to be confident all the time.  Once I got my head in this playbook and realized how good this system is and how good it fits the guys we have in place, it kind of made me excited and lit a fire under everybody to really want to take that next step including myself.”

Campbell, the first quarterback acquired by the new regime in Cleveland, wasn’t surprised by the new arrival.  “You usually go into training camp with four quarterbacks,” Campbell said. “You knew somewhere along that it would probably happen.”

The fact that it happened with Hoyer should give both Weeden and Campbell concern.  During his tenure with NFL Network, Browns G.M. Mike Lombardi heaped praise on Hoyer.  “I’ve said this many times: If I would have taken the GM job of the 49ers, I would have gone after Brian Hoyer, because I think he has all the traits and characteristics,” Lombardi said in December 2011, via Cabot.  “If I were the Cleveland Browns, I’d rather have Brian Hoyer behind center than Colt McCoy.”

Hoyer now has a dramatically better chance of being under center for the Browns than McCoy.  Whether Hoyer gets there ahead of Weeden and Campbell is to be determined.

If it happens, it would be an amazing development, given that Hoyer was out of the league for most of the 2012 season.

42 responses to “Weeden “surprised” by Browns’ decision to sign Hoyer

  1. “Weeden said he hasn’t been told what the Browns plan for Hoyer. “I have no idea,” Weeden said. “I’m worried about me.”

    It’s called “competition” and the BEST QB plays…..

  2. What has to hurt is the Browns were targeting QB – and they took almost 30 year old rookie Brandon Weeden over 21 year old Russell Wilson.

    Not trolling or busting on the Browns – they have a very cool loyal fanbase, and root for team through thick and thin, mostly thin of late (like me and my Pirates).

    But that would be a tough pill to swallow for any fan: taking Weeden over Wilson.

  3. I cant believe any team gave a 1st round round pick for a QB thats almost 30 and was far from an expected day 1 beast as it was.

    Then again it was the browns. Their fans deserve better.

  4. Kurt Warner was out of the league too once…I think if given a shot hoyer could outperform weeden and Campbell and be a legit starter.

  5. I guess Weeden didn’t pay attention to his own film. Otherwise it would be completely understandable.

  6. Why do all QBs have a sense of entitlement?
    If you are better than the guys they bring in then what should it matter?

    If you are truly the #1 then this guy should be battling to be your backup.

    EARN it, fool.

  7. Nothing surprises me anymore that the browns do and I’m a browns fan. I don’t understand picking him up he isn’t that good. Trust me the browns r in a lot of trouble when u have the FBI and IRS investigating you your in DEEP CRAP.

  8. Innie, meenie, minnie, mo as Romeo would say. But, seriously may the best man win and lead the Browns to more than 5 victories.

  9. So wait, because Lombardi likes Hoyer that means he has a better chance to start over Weeden and Campbell? Keep stirring that pot Florio.

  10. I want the Browns to do well,but dang they make it hard to have any kind of hope for them. They had actually built a solid 4-3 defense with some good young talent and what do they do?! Switch to a 3-4 and overpay a guy who couldn’t crack the starting lineup in 4 years!(Kruger) Did I mention they don’t have a 3-4 NT either? C’mon Browns. Get it together.

  11. This is ABSURD. Brandon Weeden has earned this job. What more does he need to do! The guy has been lights out, his performances have been memorable and his future has MULTIPLE rings in it.

    The fact that signing Hoyer even elicits a reaction from Weeden shows how much he sucks. If he were anything but awful he would just assume this is a backup signing, but since Weeden is bad at football he rightfully realizes this guy could take his job.

    The browns suck.

  12. Lombardi needs to wake up. Its Weeden all the way, live with it. These QB controversies in Cleveland are making me sick, no wonder we can’t freaking win. Find a QB and stick with him! And that QB is Weeden

  13. Thankfully Colt doesn’t have to put up with this garbage franchise anymore. Now Weeden and whoever else they bring in will soon realize they don’t have a clue in Cleveland. New ownership/management won’t change a thing without some REAL help for whatever QB gets stuck there. QB was not the problem when Colt was playing. He and now Weeden and anyone else they bring in at QB had/have NO team to support them.

  14. My guess is that Hoyer is insurance for if they need a new backup behind Campbell because Weeden either 1) bombs or 2) gets a decent trade offer. And if neither of those things occur (i.e. Campbell backs up Weeden), Hoyer is cheap enough to stick in at #3 without breaking the bank.

  15. Weeden Campbell Hoyer…….it doesn’t matter to me. I just want to watch respectable/competitive football. Last years squad would’ve went 7-9 or 8-8 with a better HC. While I wasn’t excited about the Chud hire initially I’m looking forward
    to seeing what this new regime can do. I really have no other choice.


  16. Hoyer could have the best nickname if he wins the starting slot – the “Weeden Wacker”.

  17. How many starting qbs in the league are “afraid of Hoyer”? That right there should show you how embarrassing this organization is right now

  18. Weeden threw for 3,385 yards in his rookie year to rookie WR’s under Pat Shurmer & his predictable offense. It will be interesting to see Weeden in an Offense with WR’s with more experience (plus Devon Bess & Nelson) with Norv Turner calling the shots. The Browns D has really improved, the Offense will get their chances.

  19. You’re worried about the wrong things already. Take care of business and Hoyer will be an after thought.

  20. great signing by the browns because nothing says championship foot like having a qb who has never thrown a pass that mattered in a NFL game as your starter or jason campbell over the guy you drafted last year to be the starter. just cut wheedon now and give him a chance to go with a team who will give him a chance.

  21. If Lombardturd was the GM of the 49ers their record would be 3-13 instead of 13-3! The Lombardfart is probably the worst talent evaluator amongst the 32 NFL teams!

  22. I’m just stunned that Mike Lombardi was able to sign to the best backup QB in the league!

    This is why he was relegated to a podcast.

    Same old Browns, same old Lombardi.

  23. Here’s my prediction. No matter who wins the QB battle, Cleveland will still be the worst team by far in the division, maybe the worst team in the NFL. Ok, not that difficult of a prediciton but the point is that this story is much to do about nothing that’s relevant.

    Cleveland’s the Charlotte Bobcats(soon to be Hornets again) of the NFL. They’re an irrelevant team, always have been, always will be.

  24. The guy played a few years behind Tom Brady so that’s gotta be worth something, right?

  25. Lombardi has always liked Hoyer, back to his days with the Pats. Watch out, this guy is pretty good, better than Cassel was in the Pats system(don’t forget, Cassell went 11-5 for the Pats and made a Pro Bowl For KC). He’s prob not gonna win the job with the money and draft pick investment in Weeden, but he may push him, especially if he falters again.

  26. The browns simply do noy know how to evaluate or develop players. I can count at least 8 QBs drafted by browns that turned out busts. bottom line is that if they draft a quality QB, within two years he would be a bust.

  27. how bad is it where your starting QB is worried about Hoyer coming in and taking your job!!

  28. Surprised he doesn’t have more poise for almost 30. His constant talking is making it easy to root against him. And I was actually pulling for him when he was signed.

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