Broncos still sticking with Rahim Moore


On Monday, the Broncos will practice for the first time as a team since capping a stellar regular season with an epic postseason collapse, thanks to a 70-yard touchdown pass that allowed the Ravens to force overtime.

The throw from Joe Flacco landed in the hands of Jacoby Jones because Denver safety Rahim Moore jumped too soon and flailed clumsily at the ball.  After, of course, Moore allowed Jones to run right past the safety.

But the Broncos are still sticking with Moore.  From coaches to players, Moore has been absolved of responsibility.

I think he’s over it; I think we’re all over it, you know,” Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio told the Associated Press.  “I think we all look back and see things that we could have done better.”

Linebacker Von Miller take responsibility for not getting to Flacco before he could launch the desperation pass.

“Rahim made a few key tackles that day. He was all over the place. It was just a football folly,” Miller said. “I don’t blame Rahim.  I blame me and Elvis [Dumervil]: 70 yards to go, we know they’re going to pass the ball.  That’s why they bring me and Elvis to close the game out and neither of us got to the quarterback.  I took it hard.”

Coach John Fox and executive V.P. of football operations John Elway both believe that Moore’s better days are in front of him.

“Rahim’s focus is on getting better from a year ago,” Fox said. “And there wasn’t one play.  It was a whole season.  He made great, great progress a year ago from his rookie year and we anticipate him to do that again.  He’s a very talented young man.”

“[H]e made tremendous strides from Year One to Year Two,” executive V.P. of football operations John Elway said.  “And I think hopefully he makes those same strides.  He really had a good year last year and we want to watch him to continue to grow.  Safety-wise, we feel pretty good.”

But not good enough to resist kicking the tires of Charles Woodson.

While there’s no reason for the Broncos to bail on a second-round pick in the 2011 draft, Moore’s ability to forget after having months to stew will be critical to whether he can continue to play at a high level — and to keep getting better.

If he does, last year’s gaffe will become a distant memory.  A very bad, awful memory, but distant nonetheless.

27 responses to “Broncos still sticking with Rahim Moore

  1. Rahim Moore jumped too soon and flailed clumsily at the ball.

    I’d love to see Florio try to knock down a pass. Or even jump.

  2. It doesn’t sound like he was absolved of responsibility. It sounds like his teammates realize that one player doesn’t lose a football game. He made a bad play, but they’re not going to beat him up over it.

  3. I’m not particularly familiar with Moores ability as a player but come on now with all this talk… even Revis and Sherman get burnt sometimes.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rahim make it to the Pro Bowl next year. He had 2 picks taken away (1 pick 6) last year because of a dumb penalty by other defenders. He can tackle and was drafted to be a ball hawk. Don’t base his talent off of one horrible play. Wait and see

  5. Some want to still blame the loss on Moore. Manning gets a pass once again. Did he not commit three turnovers with one resulting in a pick 6? Thought so! Manning screws up three times and nothing is said. Moore misjudged a ball and its all his fault. Ridiculous. Manning misjudged A LOT in that game!
    Go Ravens!

  6. I predict Moore will redeem himself in grandiose fashion this year. And Von Miller’s comments make me respect him more than I already do. Which is a ton…especially because he’s a chicken farmer.

  7. Moore had a pretty good season. If a player could or should get the boot over one bad play every player in the NFL would be in jeopardy.

  8. Here come all the sore winner Ravens fans. Worst group of fans I have ever been witness to. Guess that’s what happens when you like a rat bird for a team.

  9. They’re kicking the tires on Woodson to fill the position Jim Leonard had not to replace Moore. The Broncos went with 3 safeties quite a bit last year, when they did Leonard would come on (he’d also come on for Mike Adams on occasion) I guess it’s easy (and lazy) to say he’s replacing Moore but its simply not true.

  10. I wish this website would stop trying to make this into a huge deal, it was one play in a game where Denver’s top 5 D got shredded. They deserved to lose the game but still has a shot at the end and blew it. That one play did not define the game

  11. Rahim Moore was AWFUL his first year and was on the bench in favor of fellow rookie Quinton Carter. In his second year, he took a major step up and became a solid player until the Jacoby play. There’s no reason to expect that Rahim Moore won’t greatly improve heading into his 3rd season just as he did going into his 2nd season. The guy is a hard worker.

  12. This was and is an overblown story to undermind the fact that once Peyton Manning was his normal self in a playoff game with interceptions.

    Instead of falting Manning for his multiple mistakes it easier to blame Moore for his one mistake that would never matter if Manning did not make his multiple mistakes

  13. I agree with blkdmon. Moore getting beat on a play happens all the time in the NFL. That play only TIED the game. Broncos had almost 20 min. to win the game. Manning throws a pick in 2OT and Ravens win. It’s probably silly to blame one play, but if you’re gonna blame one, that play should be it.

  14. Grow up randy and stop the name calling. We’re just like a lot of other fans. We like our team and winning the SB was great.

  15. People remember that play and call it a mistake. They forget the broncos were given two special teams touchdowns and shouldn’t have even held the lead at that point in the game to begin with.

  16. He’ll learn & improve from it, to be sure. But for now his nickname shall be “The Toast of Denver”.

  17. Bronco fans will need a new scapegoat when the Ravens knock em out in week one. Luckily your stadium is a mile high so the tears will run downhill.

  18. No doubt their was a huge chunk of change slid his way to help him get over it. From a certain guilt-ridden QB who was got grossly overpaid due specifically to Moore’s error, and luck.

  19. Hey Joe, unless there’s one below sea level, tears run downhill in every stadium.

  20. As a ravens fan, it was 1 of the greatest games of my life! I still have the NBC “Turning Point” episode of it locked forever in my dvr . I dont feel bad for Broncos fans at all because 1; iv been on the other side thanks to Pats n Steelers and for 2; we were HUGE underdogs throughout the playoffs but especially that game (9-10pts). To see the look on those fans faces after they were dancing and smiling prior to those infamous 70 seconds……PRICELESS!!!

  21. The best part of all this was that Morris was used to Manning’s ageing arm from practice, that when crunch time came. He was underprepared for the rocket gunslinger Joe Money. He took a bad angle on the play because Manning at this point can’t throw a ball over 60yrds and Flacco dropped a bomb that he never had a chance to get too. One of the all-time Greatest Ravens Plays. I will never forget it.

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