Charles Woodson interested in Lions, if they’re interested in paying

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When Charles Woodson recently expanded his universe of potential teams from contenders to non-contenders, presumed in that message was that, to get him, the key factor is the money he’ll be paid.

This means that Woodson would be interested in playing for the Lions, if the Lions are interested in paying him what he wants.

“If I make it out of my visit with Oakland, like I just made it out of the visit with Denver, then I’m open,” Woodson recently said, via Angeliqu S. Chengelis of the Detroit News.  “Here’s the thing about the Lions, the Lions have players.  What the Lions haven’t been able to do is put it together.  That winning attitude and to be able to start those winning ways, it has to start somewhere.  So, would I be open?  Sure.”

Woodson has returned to Michigan for a weekend fundraiser at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, to which Woodson contributed $2 million in 2009.

That number could be the operative number this time around.  We could see a team being willing to pay Woodson $2 million for a one-year deal, but Woodson wanting more than that.

There’s no reason for Woodson to accept a lowball offer in May.  If he’s going to eventually settle for whatever he can get, he may as well wait until after training camp to take it.

Woodson was cut earlier this year by the Packers, who have shown no interest in bringing him back at a reduced salary.  The 49ers hosted him in March, but barring injury will be out of the mix given the arrival of Craig Dahl via free agency and the drafting of Eric Reid in round one.

The Broncos and Raiders currently are the primary candidates to land him, with the Giants reportedly having some interest.

As Dwight Freeney recently learned, all it takes is one injury to push the market to a level where it currently isn’t.  That’s the risk any team pursuing Woodson currently is taking by not closing the deal.

27 responses to “Charles Woodson interested in Lions, if they’re interested in paying

  1. Biggest point in this story: Charles Woodson donated $2million to a children’s hospital. Awesome.

  2. Well it could be interesting if the Lions are ready to compete seriously this year, but as we have seen in seasons past, the Lions often get caught in no-man’s land when trying to balance their short term goals with the long-term. They would have to give up a young prospect to find a spot for him, so that’s more compounding problems of the future if they don’t have their act together to fight for a title this season after signing him. The Lions first need to really decide what kind of team they want to be.

  3. And the lions aren’t a contender because?

    Lets remember Rodgers doesn’t have Jennings anymore and Finley is one fit away from being gone. And that defense without Woodson is a lot different.

    Sure, lions will need to stay healthy and stafford has to find someone other than CJ… But I don’t see why they can’t be considered a contender for a playoff spot.

  4. Oh, they know exactly what kind of team they are. That is not in question. What they need is to develop consistency and make sure the pieces they have acquired fit and develop, too. Oh, and stay healthy.

  5. If Woodson has looked at any cap-related stories, he knows the Lions don’t have a lot of money to play with. So why make a statement like that?

    Why would you walk away from an offered contract in Denver, who WILL compete this season, and then flirt with teams like Oakland and Detroit? Has he mismanaged his money to the point that he would rather get paid than compete?

    I understand that it’s the end of his career and you want to get as much money as possible, but here’s the deal – if you haven’t been offered The Big Contract at this point in Free Agency, you’re not getting it.

    Go out and finish your career with some dignity and honor and COMPETE, man!

  6. Watermelon1, Rodgers didn’t have Jennings for much of last year either, and they won a Super Bowl without Finley. Plus GB will have Lacy and Franklin, which may open things up more for the Pack’s passing. D different without Woodson? Yeah a little – but there’s as much good as bad in that. Lions may be able to contend, but if they do it’ll have to be because they got a lot better, not because the Packers got worse.

  7. So when the Lions lose twice to the Bears, and Cutler’s career record against Detroit improves to 9-2, will Charles open his yap again and say, “That was just Jay being Jay?”

  8. Also, the packers didn’t miss a beat without Jennings. And Finley has nothing to do with anything. Don’t act like he’s a vital part of that offense. He only looks good when he plays the Lions.

  9. watermelon1 says:
    May 19, 2013 3:46 PM
    And the lions aren’t a contender because?

    Lets remember Rodgers doesn’t have Jennings anymore and Finley is one fit away from being gone. And that defense without Woodson is a lot different.

    Sure, lions will need to stay healthy and stafford has to find someone other than CJ… But I don’t see why they can’t be considered a contender for a playoff spot.

    Woodson’s not played much lately on that defense. Less than 1/2 the year last year.

    That defense – without Charles for the most part – was 11th in the league against the pass, AHEAD of the Lions. 8th in interceptions, a full 15 places ahead of Detroit.

    GB’s D will be what it is without Charles. Whatever happens in GB this year on defense, CW wouldn’t make a material difference.

    Is he a good player? Yes but he’s no longer a tier 1 CB and at best, he’s a serviceable safety. Nothing he did last year set the world on fire from that position either.

  10. Comments focusing on money outnumber comments mentioning his charitable work 4 to 1.

    And the PLAYERS are the ones who only think about money?

  11. If CW was totally honest he would admit that part of the reason is to get revenge just like Favre did & just like Jennings will try. Then when the Packers beat the snot out of those2 teams 2X this year and we go to the playoffs as a serious contender for the SuperBowl they’ll wish they took a pay cut.

  12. good luck with finding a team who will pay you that last “Big Pay Day” of your career…I guess he has hope cause Ed Reed got a nice deal with Texans before he retires

  13. Well it’s kind of hard to bust some ones balls about wanting more money when you see how much he has donated to children’s hospitals! If it’s only going to be a 1 year contract then I don’t see the harm in giving him a little bit more money! I think he has earned it over his career to go out with a decent contract! Who knows you could be over paying or you could get a steal depending on how he plays!

  14. With the Raiders it’s not so much injury, it’s Usama Young and cap space. If McKenzie has to give him a 2-year deal to fit him under the cap, it’s probably not a wise move.

  15. Woodson’s skills as a CB have been
    gone for 3 years now. and he is a below average saftey at best so the money he wants for this season wont happen. Maybe he should ask Urlacher cause he knows how this will turn out

  16. Woodson is basically already a Raider. The Agent likes the deal and so does Woodson. They have already informed the Raiders if they d not get a bigger deal elsewhere by Tuesday they are willing to sign with Raiders.

  17. First ballot hall of famer, one of the best CB to ever play the game. Doesn’t matter what he does next year or the year after its not what he’ll be remembered for.

  18. Mr. Woodson has the mental know how to stay on the field, but the body heading into a 15th year just can not keep up.

    I think he would be a best bet on a team that needs secondary help due to suspension. Seattle would be perfect except they are going young.

  19. Good luck Charles, Silver & Black appreciated your time here, understand why you left and understand you will not ever wear that uniform again…

  20. I wish the Cowboys would sign him for a year or 2. Church, off a major surgery and Matt Johnson, hurt all last year, makes Safety a questionable position at best. Will Allen is ok, but Woodson is a better playmaker and a strong leader – which they need.

  21. Even if he’s now older and injury prone, this future Hall of Famer will be able to help any team; even if it’s only from a position of leadership.

  22. once a raider always a raider, but first you need to be a raider…….i think the tuck call, made Charles take the first bus out of town. He realized than the league had it out for the raiders, and beating the refs is a difficult task week in and week out. Same can be said for Gruden….maybe CW can come back and be a Raider. Hopefully with Al’s passing and the league’s bias against the raiders, those unlevel playing field have been diminished.

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