Chris Cook doesn’t think Vikings will suffer without Antoine Winfield


The Vikings’ attempt to re-sign cornerback Antoine Winfield to a more cap-friendly contract failed when Winfield went to Seattle, but one of the cornerbacks who remains in Minnesota doesn’t think the team will miss him too much.

“I definitely don’t see that being the case this year. We’ve got a lot of young, hungry guys. We put in a lot of extra time and we communicate very well and we spend a lot of time together bonding,” cornerback Chris Cook said, via Tom Pelissero of “I don’t think we’ll be what people think we’ll be. I think we’ll be probably, most definitely a top secondary this year.”

It’s shaping up to be a big season for Cook. The former second-round pick has shown talent over the years, but he’s only played in 22 games over his first three seasons because of injuries and a suspension in 2011 after a domestic violence arrest. Entering the final year of his rookie deal, Cook has plenty of motivation to both play well and stay on the field. The Vikings’ chances of having a top secondary will be much better if the man making the prediction can do those two things.

With Xavier Rhodes coming to the team in the first round last month, the Vikings now have a pair of big corners to throw out against the likes of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall in the NFC North. That’s brought with it talk of increased press coverage, which would give Cook plenty of chances to show he can lead the kind of secondary he thinks the Vikings have in 2013.

40 responses to “Chris Cook doesn’t think Vikings will suffer without Antoine Winfield

  1. Falls in the category of “BS, but what’s he supposed to say?”

    There’s definitely potential in the Vikings’ secondary, but the Vikings are going to miss Winfield.

  2. queue tokyo and filth chiming in with some bs that is not relevant, so they can pretend that they are.

  3. Improved secondary? Maybe. If robinson improves defending the out routes, and cook stays on the field, i can see them being better this year. Top secondary? Not a chance. Not in that division.

  4. I don’t think it will suffer either. Cook has shown throughout his short career that he can contain the elite WR’s in this league. Move Josh Robinson to Antoine’s spot and have Xavier start opposite of Cook and if everyone plays up to their potential they may finally be Top 10 in Passing defense agian.

  5. I do not agree with what Chris Cook says but I do like the confidence he has in him self and His team mates. I do believe that as the tear goes on and they stay healthy this will be a better secondary than last year!!!

  6. Losing Winfield certainly hurt, but its not the end of the world. You don’t know how well a younger player will fill in. Last year they let Sherles take his place (no one knows why with Robinson on the Bench) and it was a disaster….but Robinson has a year under his belt, and he’s a player. He may not play the run as well, but he’ll play the pass better that Antione did in later years.

  7. No doubt Antoine was a great tackler for us but he sucks in coverage he’s like 5ft 7in tall and we are in a division that has Johnson, Marshall and Jones. I think that Josh Robinson will do pretty good in his spot the kid can tackle and he was the fastest player in the draft coming out last year. He is a similar player to Antoine.

  8. I’d really like to know why people can make comments about Chris Cook’s “pimp hand” but every Chmura hot tubb or Paul hornung put a wager down comment get censored…

  9. Cook can have a big impact on the team, if he can stay out of jail on Sundays.

    Anyone who beats up their girlfriend has serious issues in their life and I hope he gets professional help. I am not sure he is the type of teammate you want in your locker room but the truth of the matter is he is hardly in the top 10 of the Vikings biggest problems for 2013.

  10. Another joke;
    This is the time of the year when all draft picks and free agents will take teams to the Super Bowl.

    Another joke
    BC Xavier Rhodes as an experienced shut-down CB. If he really was a tall CB that can cover WRs like Calvin Johnson or Brandon Marshall, he would have been the first pick taken in the draft, especially without any good .QBs.
    CB Antoine Winfield was getting older and had some injuries, but he was a Baller and had invaluable skills that the Vikings desperately need.

    Rhodes may approach Winfields field presence with a few years of seasoning, but if he is on the field against WR Johnson in the openning game, his first nickname will be “Toast”

  11. Winnie’s getting old and injury prone……..Bigger, stronger, faster,…. and younger / less expensive will win the division this year.

  12. VIkes didn’t lose him…I thought he got cut because he cost too much in cap. 12 year guys don’t have much left in the tank usually. Its a hard sport to stay on top for long – NFL

  13. And just when I thought the vikes were doing a great job not drawing attention with someone getting arrested or putting their foot in mouth… Someone puts a mic in front of Chris cook.

    Chris, Antoine is 10x the athlete and 20x the man you will ever dream of being. We will definately miss him.

  14. Winny is no longer a starting CB you imbeciles, did any of you fools watch him play last year?

  15. Toine was great against the run, but he can’t cover anymore. Calvin was covered by Chris last year. The Vikings swept the series.

  16. To all you nubs out there in doubters land…..before you go spraining your little typing fingers trying to make a unimpressive remark…..check out Calvin Johnsons stats when Chris Cook is lined up across from him…..

  17. Your a 2nd round pick in your 3rd year and you couldn’t take the starting job from a 36 year old vet?! And now that he left to finish his career being part of the NFL’s all time greatest secondary you think your better off? Sucks to be you…easiest way to keep AP at bay? Score quickly and force Minny to pass…luckily they have one of the leagues worst secondaries now

  18. Hilarious how some of these people think that the Vikes are doomed, and Megatron and B-Marsh are gonna have a field day now.
    Antoine was a run stopper! Do you not watch football? Never once did the Vikings have Antoine running down the field with Calvin. He is a run stopper, not a corner that plays another teams #1 WR. I loved Winfield but hes been in the league a dozen years and lost a step.
    Great move Spielman.

  19. I agree with Cook to an extent. Winfield was a good player. However, he’s in his upper 30s and doesn’t have the speed he once had. Winfield’s stregnth is tackling against the run. However, his pass coverage has never been that great. He’s the type of corner that will allow the catch and make sure he tackles the receiver. This lets up a lot of first downs especially on 3rd and long (6, 7 8 yards).

    They will miss his leadership because he played his heart out. He’s a great role model. But he was also oft injured over the past few years. Therefore, I can see the defense getting better with the younger talent especially now that most of them have 1+ years under their belts.

  20. Following the Seahawks recipe. All you need now is a qb and some receivers and better corners and a better line……….all you have is AP.

  21. purpblooded says: May 19, 2013 10:54 PM

    “Winnie’s getting old and injury prone……..Bigger, stronger, faster,…. and younger / less expensive will win the division this year.”

    Indeed it will…Just not in Minnesota.

  22. paulnoga:

    “If Xavier Rhodes was a true shutdown corner that could stop Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall, he’d have been the top pick in the draft”

    Was Darrelle Revis the first pick in the draft? Browner? Champ Bailey? Sherman? Tillman? Peterson? hmmm, no none of them were. In fact, there hasn’t been a DB taken with the first overall pick since 1956, Gary Glick. He was the only one ever. Oh BTW, Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall weren’t “number 1 overall picks” either. There are other great picks that weren’t “the number 1 overall pick”, hmm Adrian Peterson?

  23. I think all fans will mis A.W., but what is Cook supposed to say: “we’re doomed, we stink. The only reason we have made it to the pinnacle of our profession is sheer luck. ” These guys have to have a certain level of confidence, albeit some more than others, to make it to this level.

  24. Athletically the Vikings will not skip a beat but knowing where to be, when to be and how to be could be an issue. Either way Winny didn’t have much left in the tank so he wanted to go play third fiddle behind loud mouth and the other one instead of being exposed again by Rogers.


  25. Seahawks = the 11 Eagles. Can’t wait til they fall on their faces. They will be a suprise no good team and the Cardinals will be the suprise team in that division.

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