Geno Smith says he’s learning how to handle criticism


Geno Smith is learning, and in a hurry.

And that has only partially to do with football, but everything to do with how he deals with the attention he’s going to be getting as a Jets quarterback.

Smith said reports about his immature behavior before and after the draft were “inaccurate,” during an interview with Alex Marvez of and Jim Miller on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“It’s just eye-opening. It allows you to see exactly what business you’re in,” Smith said. “I understand it’s part of my job to handle that. I’m going to take it in stride and do all the things that are necessary to make me and my team look good.”

Good luck with that.

From reports about his draft weekend travel plans, to the criticism he’s taken for switching agents, Smith thinks he’s been unfairly portrayed.

“From the standpoint of me being a diva, you talk to my teammates and coaches from Little League. Nobody will say that,” Smith said. “From the standpoint that I switched agents because of where I fell in the draft, I’m not naive. I understand an agent can’t get you selected higher or lower. It’s based on what teams need and the decisions they make in the front office.

“Just the whole draft experience and everything that went down, I was supposed to be leaving the draft and all that stuff, that was inaccurate again. There were a lot of things that were said that were anonymous and inaccurate. But all that comes with [the territory]. I’m built for it, so I’m not really worried about it.”

Given the Jets’ recent dysfunction, he has an opportunity to not only win a starting job, but to make himself look good in the process simply by being the new guy. He’s prematurely predicted playoffs, but he’s never butt fumbled, which gets him off to a good start.

But to succeed, he’s going to have to prove he can handle both responsibility and criticism, because both are coming.

20 responses to “Geno Smith says he’s learning how to handle criticism

  1. Wasn’t he the one who mouthed off about leaving the draft after he didn’t go in the first round? How can that be inaccurate?

  2. I have to say I think Geno is doing a pretty good job traversing his initial couple of weeks after being drafted. He has a great attitude, a good presence & air about him plus he is working hard and showing leadership regardless of what the news meat grinder has been trying to portray.

  3. If he spends his time in the film room, stays off Twitter and hones his sense of humor, he may get through it.

  4. “Wasn’t he the one who mouthed off about leaving the draft after he didn’t go in the first round? How can that be inaccurate?”

    Well, genius, if it isn’t true, it would not be accurate. That is how something is inaccurate. Did he mouth off? Or did he decide that there wasn’t any reason to be there before he changed his mind?

    Or… what’s your angle here?

  5. So his “Little League” teammates don’t think he’s a diva, but everyone since does…

  6. On the NFL network coverage of the draft, the female interviewer talks DIRECTLY TO HIM and says “you were going to leave the draft and leave NY after last night, can you talk about why you decided to stay?”

    He says he wanted to represent his family, yada yada yada. NEVER did he refute that he was going to leave then. Isnt that a bit odd?

    Didnt find the video on youtube, but its on the nfl mobile app.

  7. What I saw around draft time attitude wise leads me to believe he will eventually be eaten alive by the NYC media

  8. I think Geno was just disappointed because he and almost everyone else expected him to go top 10. There’s nothing wrong with that. Plus I read that he fired his agents because they told him he was a top 10 pick and that he shouldn’t participate in the Senior bowl likewise.

  9. Look at all you grown men bickering about a football players personality…. He hasn’t even taken a snap in the NFL..

  10. What the Jets need is a mature and responsible QB, who not only can execute plays, but also take the mantle of accepting responsibility being a leader on a team that desperately needs one.

    Thus far Smith has looked like the exact opposite of that – seeking to blame others for his standing (or lack thereof) in the draft and parroting the interim coach of the Jets by boldly predicting playoff success.

    Only the most brainwashed of Jets fans can convince themselves that bodes well – though understandably he’s the best hope the Jets have.

    All that being said, Smith will have every opportunity to show that his initial missteps were just an aberration.

  11. no matter he says or does you jet haters will spin it your way. same with the media. the giants took nassib when they have NO linebackers or safeties, and they are brilliant at drafting.
    the jets took the highests rated and consensus best all around qb in the draft with their 3rd (3rd!!!) pick and they’re a circus.

    tell you all what – unless you’re in pittsburgh, san fran, baltimore, new england, seattle, new orleans, the giants……just bug off. the rest of you dream about 2 championship games in the last 4 years.

  12. Jets fans cannot talk now, but I suspect we’ll be able to during the season, so have at it.
    (Mention how your team is doing also then).

  13. Been thru a lot of disappointment as a dolphins fan, especially at QB. (Hope our current one isn’t as well) . As a Dolphins fan I hate the jets. But I do think he deserves a chance to put jets fans out of their misery by taking the starting job from Sanchez before he gets booed off the field. And if he can’t beat out Sanchez then the criticism was correct.

  14. Don’t know the guy, but he just seems to rub ya the wrong way just looking at him. Not very approachable. I think he is gonna have a tough career the way he carries himself.

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