Husain Abdullah wanted to return to football in 2012

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Safety Husain Abdullah drew a lot of attention for his decision to skip the 2012 season to join millions of other Muslims on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

It’s not every day that you hear about a NFL starter in his prime walking away from the game when he’s still healthy enough to play it and Abdullah told Bill Williamson of that he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t be able to land another job in the league. Abdullah said he was fine with that scenario — his brother and fellow safety Hamza hasn’t landed a job after taking the pilgrimage as well — but that he also worked hard to get back into football shape upon his return from the pilgrimage in hopes of landing a job with an NFL team before the end of the season.

“But teams figured that I missed OTAs and training camp that I might not be ready,” Abdullah said. “I understood. So I had to wait. It crossed my mind that I wouldn’t get a chance. I was at peace with that. I was so grateful do to something I waited my whole life for.”

Abdullah wound up signing with the Chiefs in February, which looks like a pretty good spot for him to resume his career. Eric Berry is set at one safety spot, but Kendrick Lewis struggled with injuries in 2012 and could be vulnerable to a challenge from Abdullah this summer.

18 responses to “Husain Abdullah wanted to return to football in 2012

  1. Good for you and your Muslim brothers. I personally could care less if you ever play in the NFL again. But hey, at least you went to Mecca.

  2. He is so fanatic that he dumped a season for pilgrimage. He will definetly fast -not gonna eat or drink for whole day, spend the nights eating and praying- during Romadan. He will be a liability for long period, even if he good now. FOOTBALL IS SECONDARY FOR HIM AND WOULD BE A LIABILITY DOWN THE STRETCH. IF I WERE A GM OR COACH, I WILL NEVER TOUCH HIM.

  3. I wish him well on the resumption of his career.

    But imagine how Flo and this site would handle it if, say, Tebow took the year off for a missionary trip, or an LDS player took two years for his mission.

  4. It’s nice to see someone making a decision, sticking by it and accepting possible consequences without whining or suing someone when things don’t go exactly as they wish. That used to be called simply “being an adult”.

  5. Hopefully the team he lands with will be the Chiefs who signed him in February.

  6. My respect for him and his brother for making haij to Mecca and not be influenced by the all might $$$ , he accomplished a huge thing and know he can resume his football carrer

  7. Watched Abdullah for a few years, and while he’s not horrible, he’s not worth it. He fasts during Training Camp, the one time where you need to be at your best, both mentally and physically. He could be so much better if he just ate and drank. Football is not a priority for him, so signing him should not be a priority for any teams. Wish him the best in life, but glad he’s not a Viking anymore. I have nothing against the Muslim way of life, but I equate that to skipping pre-game warmups because you’re christian and need to go to church.

  8. sounds like some people are mad. Hakeem The Dream fasted during Ramadan and played as well. Everyrhing is secondary to a man’s faith and family (one or the other or both). He worked hard to get back to the NFL and now he is. He’s not like other players who party and stuff their faces after signing a contract so let him be.

  9. Hold the press….football is not the most important thing for a player, god forbid they have personal priorities. Some thing be it family, religion etc… Are just more important to individuals, football is just a job.

  10. Wow!! These are the kinds of stories that reveal the bigotry, ignorance, and hatred of people. I knew that some of these comments would be just what we have here. I don’t think this guy is an “American Hating Muslim”. But Americans are hating him just because he is Muslim. I wonder if they hate Mormons for going on their missions also?

  11. Good for him for putting his faith before money. You have to respect the dude for that. As for his fasting during training camp, he can and must (according to the religion) if it threatens his life or livelyhood. These guys fast during Ramadan their entire adult lives; they know how to do so without hurting themselves. Plus, in a few years; Ramadan will fall on the off-season, so it won’t affect him at all…

  12. Sorry, I missed a sentence… I meant to say: as for his fasting during camp he can and must (according to his religion) stop fasting if it affects his life or livelihood. Not breaking his fast under those circumstances it haram (a sin), so there’s nothing to worry about…

  13. Really was a nobody, backup for Vikes, should fit right in with the Chiefs…

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