Idzik’s 0-for-2 start has others taking shots already


New Jets General Manager John Idzik hasn’t even gotten his team to training camp yet, but folks around the league are already poking at his 0-for-2 start to free agency.

Idzik’s first two moves were to sign veteran quarterback David Garrard and running back Mike Goodson.

Garrard’s retiring because of a bad knee which the world knew about, and Goodson was arrested on gun and drug charges, pointing to his reputation for poor decision-making and immaturity.

Do these guys do background checks?” an opposing scout said of the Jets’ acquisition of Goodson specifically, via Rich Cimini of

Signing Garrard was great in theory, but few thought he’d hold up physically for long enough to win the starting job (since the same thing happened in Miami last year).

And while Goodson hasn’t pocketed all of the $1 million bonus which was part of his three-year, $6.9 million deal, that’s looking more like a sunk cost as well.

It’s not quite the start the Jets were looking out of their new G.M., who better hope some of his other decisions (namely the future of quarterback Geno Smith and how he handles Mark Sanchez) work out better.

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  1. C’mon.
    They were desperate for a running back and Mike Goodson’s arrest was really unforeseen.
    They were also desperate for a quarterback and Garrard was cleared.

    It’s not really the GM’s fault.

  2. It’s looking like the Jets will be getting the 1st draft pick in 2014. I feel sorry for whoever that’ll be.

  3. He may be 0 for 2, but I think he is an improvement over the person he replaced.

    The best time to judge him is when the seasons over, not before it begins.

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the big deal here? These were two relatively cheap signings, and it totally ignores that he traded for Chris Ivory, who is ten times better than all the Jets running backs combined, had a pretty good draft class, and got a decent deal for a player(Revis) who only had one suitor and Woody Johnson basically forced him to trade.

    Considering the train wreck they’ve been lately this seems like nothing.

  5. Two signings that didn’t seem right from the beginning. I’d be a little concerned Jets fans.

  6. im no jets fan but really they were low risk high reward signings its not like they signed javon walker or haynesworth to long term deals

  7. Don’t forget, the Jets had a tough time finding a legit GM because whoever took over was stuck with Rex Ryan as part of the package.

  8. Guess the drafting of Geno Smith and trade for RB Ivory were smart moves after all.

    There goes every “crowded QB” and RB argument by the experts.

  9. Its not like the 0-2 start helps but at least he didn’t sign the worse QB in the NFL for $8.5 million guaranteed or trade up in the draft and give away multiple picks to whiff at the #6 spot overall, no those are the sort of GM moves that can really sink a franchies.

  10. I think you gotta take it easy on the guy. They were fairly low risk signings. There wasn’t any big contracts that they had to eat. Besides lets not forget the Jets couldn’t give their GM job away. At least he stepped up to give it a shot.

  11. it’s open season on the jets, unless they are going to championship games and beating the pats in their stadium, I suppose.

    he also signed willie colon, antwan barnes, garay, re-signed pace at a cap friendly deal got the best deal he could for revis while NOT paying a cornerback 16 million a year AND lead a terrific draft.

    yea, guess he is 0-2.

  12. Sigh… here’s this Pats fan sticking up for the NYJ..again. I’d love to know who this “opposing scout” is because he either has a personal grudge or he’s perfect in evaluations. My guess is the former.
    Garrard himself thought he’d be fine to resume his career and I don’t think Goodson had any arrest history.

  13. I thought both of these moves were very questionable decisions. I didn’t know Goodson would get arrested, but I question why they are spending millions on a RB at this time while they are trying to rebuild, yet also making other investments at the RB position such as trading for Chris Ivory. I thought Goodswon wasn’t good enough of a prospect to pay all that money too while all of these other needs remain unaddressed.

    And any GM that would have thought it was a good idea to bring in a far worst distraction than Tebow, ala David Garrard, is just not fit to be the GM. He has less upside than Tebow and does a better job of blocking an unknown prospect of upside, he’s a drain of money, resources, and opportunity for the Jets to uncover fresh new talent that they desperately need if they want to transform to greatness.

    On my scorecard, the Jets’ mngmt is a lot worse than 0-2 right now, I see a lot more major mistakes and a giant number of small mistakes with the direction they are taking.

  14. “… pointing to his reputation for poor decision-making and immaturity.”

    Is it me or was the only bad thing I heard about Mike Goodson before this arrest was that he had some fumble issues at some point in the past few years?

    I think he has a lot less leeway on Garrard. This was a guy who hadn’t played in years, had known knee problems in said years, and was not even on a team last season- yet you think he could come in and start for your team, this season? Jets fans are lucky Geno fell to them in the 2nd round, because he is really the only hope for the future at QB for them

  15. When Goodson was in Carolina, he never had any off the field issues. When traded to Oakland he still kept his nose clean.

    IDK what happen when in got to the Big Apple.

  16. 0-for-2 start to free agency?
    Really? They only picked up two free agents?
    Wow, they should have gone after Colon, Garray, Barnes atleast then they would have been 3 for 5.

  17. I’m just curious, do other teams have opposing scouts, gm’s, executive’s talking about them to reporters and in the media? I see it done on a daily basis with the Jets but was wondering if say the “vikings” have rival teams scouts anonymously quoted about them?………What poor decisions has Goodson had in the past for you to say “pointing to his reputation for poor decision-making and immaturity”? I don’t know how you can say something without providing examples which are usually present especially if makes the Jets look bad since its become the trendy thing to do. I’m not saying those things weren’t true, just some examples would be nice. I’ve read his pre draft scouting report about not getting along with coaches if thats what your were referring to. If so how does that translate into Idzik should of known he would get arrested with a gun? From fighting with coaches to being arrested is a major leap to assume but lets laugh @ Idzik cuz he didn’t put it together like some anonymous scout. Gimme a break.

  18. Goodson had ZERO problems in Oakland last season. No off-the-field issues. Fixed his fumbling problem. And, along with Marcel Reece, was serviceable in McFadden’s place. It’s not the Jets’ GM’s fault Goodson decided ruin his own career.

  19. Any GM that takes a job where the owner tells him who the coach should be, is already suspect. Especially when the coach is driving the clown bus.

  20. The issues are worse than the story pitches. First, you have to realize that when you scroll up the Latest Rumors, you have the new Jets GM losing to the Browns for the rights to freaking Bobby Hoyer. The same Hoyer they were interested in but somehow could not sign before the new GM took over. Plus, you gave the RB $1M up front in guaranteed money, so if you had just signed him to a minimum deal with incentives, would not be as hard to understand as these other nuggets. It is not ‘hate’, it is just calling stupid moves… well… stupid moves.

  21. I’m a Dolphins fan but come on guys.You gotta give a couple of seasons to run the team before you throw him under the bus.
    I would never want to be a GM of a NFL team..half of your teams fans would hate you as well as all the other teams fans

  22. Mr. Gantt you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to stir up more crap on the Jets.
    This is EXACTLY what gives the Jets the “joke” of a franchise tag ,complete BS non stories like this that get completely blown out of proportion by the so called media .

  23. I hate the Jets as much as the next guy…. but this is stupid calling a team 0-2 in May because things are not working out with two low-tier players.

    Every single team will sign and release repeatedly before September… so you can recycle this story for all other 31 teams at some point.

  24. Love the flattering picture you chose of Idzik, portraying him as the pastey Ethiopian, 6’8 110lbs.

  25. If they are so desperate for a QB, why not Vince Young? He invented zone read /pistol. Even if he did impregnate Fisher’s wife, that does not mean he will enjoy any personal time with Rex’s wife… I can’t imagine V.Y. Being a footie… He’s 30-17 as a starter. That record beats 2/3’s of the current NFL QB’s.

  26. Hey Gantt, name one NFL team that haven’t had a player arrested for pot or guns. There aren’t any. And he didn’t have a previous record. So much for background check. Like I said the other day before my post was removed, Cimini’s unprofessional so called journalism, has rubbed off on you guys. Why don’t you have a story about Cimini’s inappropriate tweet about his female colleague that he accidentally tweeted instead of emailing. You Jet haters are all the same and you all stick together. You never name your source because they’re made up.

  27. And you say “folks” around the league are taking shots but you don’t name one “folks”. You list one unnamed “opposing scout” according to Cimini who never names a source. That sure is a lot of folks. And you get paid to write this garbage???
    Totally fabricated non story.

  28. Rich Cimini and Manish Mehta are complete trash….. Constantly writing negative articles about the Jets that come from “anonymous” sources…..Put a name to the quote or there is ZERO credibility…..

    And any “average fan” that falls for the Jets are a circus mentality…..Get a clue

    Last I checked, the Jets have been one of the better teams in the league since about 1998…….With numerous playoff appearances and playoff wins in this time……So one 8-8 and one 6-10 season and suddenly the Jets are the worst franchise in the league??? Worry about your own team that hasn’t won ONE playoff game in over a decade (And there are alot of them out there)

  29. One unnamed scout???? is that the best you can do? I’m sure its one of the scouts Idzik fired this week.
    Where are the ‘Others”? A new all time low, even for your writers.

  30. Polamala- Pittsburgh’s top 2 picks from 2012 were both arrested and later released….You want talk about GM;s??????

  31. Opposing NFL Scout: “The New York Jets are the only team in this league that has a player who has been arrested! How dare they!”

  32. David Garrard signing is the only goof, and I would blame the Jets physicians more than the GM. What is the GM suppose to say – well our docs say he passed the physical but I think his knee won’t hold out?

    The Jet’s doctors took a pass already at other FA, so I guess we will see if THEY ( not GM ) are 0-2.

  33. This just in! Buddy Ryan throws a strong right hook to John Idzik eye socket! Hey someone needs to knock sense into the guy!

  34. This just in! Buddy Ryan throws a strong right hook to John Idzik’s eye socket! Hey someone needs to knock sense into the guy!

  35. This is actually one of the dumbest criticisms I’ve seen this year and just goes to show how tabloid the media is. Both Garrard & Goodson are incidents that were completely unpredictable.

    Garrard being that his injury unfortunately didn’t fully heal (at least to play football) even with time and Goodson a case of complete stupidity. In Goodson’s case not only does he not have a criminal history but he was a passenger of the vehicle, not the driver. Garant Evans was the driver and owner of the car and the one with a previous criminal history so Goodson is really just a victim of not using his brain. When you’re in a situation like this, EVERYBODY gets the same charge.

    His own fault of course but why do peple pay attention to these trash tabloid ‘journalist’ like Rich Cimini .

  36. well it seems the first comment i ever made on this site was deleted! I guess when i said that the coverage of the Jets the last 6 months was the laziest example of journalism ive ever seen it hit a few nerves!! And when i said i pitied the people who accept that poor level of sports journalism i didnt think that was enough for a delete! maybe it was the part about feeling American Society was crumbling because of the Jets circus comments i crossed the line!

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