Larry Fitzgerald: 2012 was most frustrating season I’ve ever had


Statistics don’t always tell the entire story, but they do a pretty good job of providing everything you need to know about how 2012 went for Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

His 71 catches were his least for a season since 2006 and he never had a lower average than the 11.2 yards per catch he picked up last year. The Cardinals finished 5-11 after winning their first four games and Fitzgerald is quite sure that he doesn’t want to go through another year like that in 2013.

“It was the most frustrating season, time, I’ve ever had professionally or even amateur. I’ve never had a year like that,” Fitzgerald said, via Bruce Cooper of the Arizona Republic. “It was tough mentally. Physically, it was tough. It builds resolve. I know I never want to go through a season like that personally or as a team and I’m going to do everything in my power not to ever repeat that. It left a real bad taste in my mouth.”

There’s reason to believe Fitzgerald will be able to avoid a similar taste this year. Whatever Carson Palmer’s flaws are as a quarterback, he’s well ahead of John Skelton and Ryan Lindley and the same is likely true of backup Drew Stanton should Palmer go down with an injury. The addition of Jonathan Cooper should bolster a leaky offensive line and Bruce Arians showed last season with Reggie Wayne that he knows how to find new ways to maximize the production of veteran receivers.

There still may be frustration ahead in what looks like a very tough NFC West, but Fitzgerald should find 2013 a little more to his liking all the same.

15 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald: 2012 was most frustrating season I’ve ever had

  1. He should have left the cards when he a chance….

    he would have been a great fit for the rams

  2. Recall after the Cards’ great run with Warner, Fitz said something like after tasting the caviar he can’t go back to eating Alpo. 2012 must have been brutal, on the whole team really.

    I always supported coach Whiz but the mangling of their QB spot was reason enough to get anyone fired.

  3. As a 49ers fan I can readily and easily admit that Fitz’s greatness and HOF ability are being wasted away in Cardinal country. The addition of an over the hill Carson Palmer may help things a little but with the addition of Chilo Rachal, who was owned by Aldon Smith to the tune of 5.5 sacks, this doesn’t bode well for a wretched offensive line last year.

    He’s such a class act and great talent I HOPE the HOF committee can look past those horrible teams he played on for years and put him into the Hall.

  4. Carson Palmer threw for maybe the quietest 4000 yards and 22 TDs in the league last year.

    Between Palmer, Fitzgerald and that defense, Cards could surprise some people this year.

  5. Can’t really build a team when one guy puts such a big dent in the cap. If he wanted to win, “Class Act” should have taken his talents to South Beach—or pretty much anywhere else—instead of signing for the money in Arizona.

    Or maybe he just likes the workload. If he started with the Giants or Pats, he’d have an extra season’s worth of wear and tear from playoff games. Arizona plays fewer cold weather games, and they always get January off.

  6. Trade him to the Ravens he would b a great replacement for boldin and a leader for the team with a WR like Fitz on our team the rings would just keep coming go get him Ozzie! Two 1st rd picks would do it

  7. Fitz is one of my favorite players in the history of football, of course as 49ers fan the best is still Jerry Rice. But if Fitz had a great QB he would be putting up hall of fame stats year after year. He probably has the best hands in football and this guy will catch any football coming his way. There is no way he shouldn’t be in the hall of fame.

  8. He probably could have gone to Dallas and got a few rings and broken every NFL receiving record.

  9. Carson Palmer is leaps and bounds better than what the Cardinals had last year. Fitz will have a better year for sure, I would say in the neighborhood of 90 catches, 1400 yards 12 TD’s with Carson throwing him the ball.

  10. Sampsonswag01: Your a idiot, they signed chilo rachal as a camp body , a back up at best. He is not practicing with the first team and it was publically stated he was signed for depth, a backup. The 49ers just picked up the Trash the Cardinals put on the corner in Adam Synder, one of the worse OL men in the NFL. Does that mean he is starting?? no!!
    Its this simple. Cardinals were without 4 of their 5 starters last year on the OL and had to throw rookies to the Wolves. Still in weeks 9-17 they only gave up 19 sacks for a 6.0% sack rate ranking 13th in the NFL. RT Bobby Massie gave up ZERO sacks in weeks 9-17 and was jus rated by the NFL and PFF .com as a top 3 NFL RT. The Cardinals Will have Levi Brown back at LT, he is above average in pass Protection and a monster in run blocking. Lyle Sendlein is back at C from a torn ACL. They drafted the best LG to come outta the draft in the past 2 decades in J. Cooper. They are moving D. College to RG, he is average and having a top OT like massie next to him helps him, having cooper at LG helps LT brown. They will have a good OL line in 2013, if they sign Max Starks and move Brown to RG a Elite Line.4th round pick Earl Watford didn’t give up a single sack in college, very athletic like cooper, when he is ready he will be worked into the starting lineup either midseason or 2014. Palmer ranked 6th in the league in sacks per drop back behind a bad Oakland line because he reads Ds very well and gets rid of the ball quick, He makes a good line look elite. He doesn’t historically give up a lot of sacks, He isn’t afraid to pull the trigger like Kolb or skelton who held the ball to long and had no pocket presence. Palmer is as good as any QB in the NFL reading Defense’s and making last second adjustments, he drops back and finds his target getting rid of the ball quickly.
    Carson Palmer puts up Playoff caliber QB stats every single season he has played a full season. Never had a comp % under 61%, never under a 85.5 Passer rating, His career numbers are better than Eli Manning’s and A. Smiths with a 62.5% completion Percentage, almost 30k passing yards, 190TDs-130Ints, and a Career 86.5 passer rating. Now that he has the most talented group of WR he has ever had between the #2 WR in the 2012 draft and AZs first pick Mike Floyd, Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts and a TE with good hands in Housler, in a vertical offense that stretches Defense’s out with multiple Receiver threats, it fits palmers skill set to a T, they have a Winning formula that will surprise a lot of people. They also signed Ryan Swope, who tied with Tavon Austin, they had the second fastest 40 time at the combine. He is not a midget like Austin, at 6ft 205 he will be the Cardinals welker in the slot. He was Tannehills and Manziels favorite target at Texas A&M, setting school records in Tds, Receptions, and Rec yards. The Cardinals also have a good running game with Rashard Mendenhall, Ryan Williams, both 100% healthy. They signed the 5th and 7th best RBs coming into the draft in Stephan Taylor and Andre Ellington, both set conference and school records. Taylor set PAC 12 records and Stanford’s record in rushing yards over 4300, the record for 3 straight 1k+ yard season’s, the record in YPC 5.1 and the record in TDs over 40. They fixed their 3 weak spots , QB with Palmer and backup Stanton, OL getting starters back and drafting OGs J. Cooper and E. Watford. Running game signing Mendenhall and drafting to very good rookies for insurance.2011 2nd round draft pick RB Ryan Williams had 2 seaon end injury’s in row, 2011 pre-season n broke his shoulder early last year . He got a Extra year to rehab his Knee’s torn Pattella tendon, its make or break it for him in 2013, he will be back 100% and hungry. The Cardinals also have improved upon last years 12th ranked D in the NFL, 5th in Pass protection, easily better on Offense than the rams in 2013 and have the best group of WRs in the NFC west. The Cardinals will surprise a lot of people of this season. Its Predicted 3 teams from the NFC west make the playoffs, I think every team in the west this year has a winning record, and the Cardinals can easily grab a WC spot.

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