Nick Saban: Rolando McClain was fair to the Ravens

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Linebacker Rolando McClain’s decision to retire from the NFL in an attempt to get his personal life in order seems like a wise thing for a player who has not been able to stay out of trouble since entering the professional ranks.

According to McClain’s college coach, it’s also a decision that’s fair to a Ravens team that signed McClain to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal after he was released by the Ravens. Alabama coach Nick Saban said he thinks McClain needs to get himself into a place where he can concentrate on football and that it was the right move to announce his retirement rather than go forward at less than full speed.

“For the Ravens, Ro’s being fair to them,” Saban said, via Don Kausler Jr. of the Birmingham News. “What he’s saying is that he’s not ready to play rather than them having to release him, where someone else can claim him. They can retain his rights. I think he likes the Ravens organization. I think he likes John [Harbaugh]. I think he likes Ozzie [Newsome]. He appreciates the fact that they gave him an opportunity, so I think he’s doing the right thing.”

In a statement, McClain said that “God willing” he’ll play for the Ravens one day and the Ravens will hold onto his rights as long as McClain remains on the Reserve/Retired list. It’s not the great favor that Saban makes it out to be, but Baltimore would certainly stand to benefit down the road if the former eighth overall pick is able to get back to a place where he’s focused on the football field instead of the courtroom.

15 responses to “Nick Saban: Rolando McClain was fair to the Ravens

  1. This just shows how much respect the Ravens have earned throughout the years. Best organization in the NFL, hands down.

  2. It sounds to me Rolando has already put himself on the right track by doing this before something comes up that embarrasses him, his family,the Ravens, and the NFL.
    I wish him the best of luck and hope he gets his life in order. then he can think about playing again. at 23 he has alot of time yet ahead of him

  3. Good to see Rolando giving the Ravens respect. Because we know once that season opener in Denver is here, the defending Super Bowl champions won’t see any sort of respect from the officials. They probably won’t even receive the the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Saban’s comments confirm my theory that Ro made his decision in consultation with Ozzie. I do believe that if he’s able to get himself together, Ozzie will give him another opportunity to prove himself in the NFL. Hope he can do it. McClain was a superstar at Alabama who called the defensive signals and played through illness. It would be a shame to see so much talent lost forever.

  5. Our arch-rival is the Ravens, but you really have to respect Roland McClain for accepting responsibility and ownership of his mis-steps. So many that have been similarly situated continually play the Victim Card and/or place blame elsewhere.

    I really hope the guy gets it together, and can have a meaningful and impactive football career — even if it’s in B’more.

  6. Nice spin campaign! This guy definitely has issues and he obviously wants to play for the Ravens, but he’s just doing this to cover his bases. 

    I bet Ozzie told RoMac that he was facing a suspension and the team was going to release him, at which point ANY scrub team who is thin at LB could snag him off waivers at a contract with minimal risk. 

    It was RoMac’s only option, but let’s not act like he sincerely wants to get his life together. He just wants to play for Ozzie & Baltimore, which apparently won’t be possible this season. The guy’s only looking out for himself, and not in the right way.

    Saban’s standing up for him, which proves my point.

  7. Well it’s nice of him to show so much respect for an organization who has done nothing for him but crap on the one that has. Glad everyone thinks his such a class act now. Too bad he couldn’t have thought like this 2 years ago.

  8. How about Jamarcus McClain spread some fairness to Oakland and cough up some of that guaranteed coin.

  9. Lots of money and free time especially since ditching the only responsibility/structure he had. We’ll be reading about you again REAL SOON LOSER

  10. Talk is cheap. Remember when he signed with the Ravens and said he wasn’t going to go back to Decatur and taking his second chance seriously? Then a week later he gets arrested This guy is a bum and a loser and is lucky he has the raiders money to hire a PR guy to say all the right things for him. No remorse and no luck wished on this loser.

  11. How about being fair to the Raiders and letting them know what a gigantic waste of garbage this sorry excuse for a human being really is?

  12. None of this, none of it, is going to help him beat blockers to the ball carrier. This is his major failing as a football player. As a citizen, yeah, he gets arrested way too much. So do white collar criminals. Oh wait…..

  13. He’s probably got about 10 million left from what he stole from the Raiders. I think that is more than enough to keep him in trouble for the next couple of years. When the money runs dry, he will crawl back to the Ravens if he is not doing prison time. Thank god for the Rookie salary cap so scumbags like him and JaMarcus Russell, the Ryan Leafs can not drain a team with one deal because they hit the lottery and lose all interest in football, and fall apart. He does not deserve to play in the NFL again. Unproven rookies never deserved to get paid the money they were getting these last years.

    My McClain Voodo doll is ready to receive the pins once he tries a comeback. I can’t wait to stick you Rolando, like you stuck the Raiders.

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