Patriots hold football clinic in Newtown


The pages of PFT are filled with all kinds of stories and far too many of them are about football players and/or teams behaving badly.

So it’s nice when we get a chance to feature the other side of things. One such opportunity presented itself Saturday when the Patriots went to Newtown, Connecticut to hold a football clinic for hundreds of kids between the ages of 6 and 14. Patriots owner Robert Kraft owns a company in Newtown, which was the site of the horrific murders of 20 children and six adults last December.

“As a part of the New England community, I think all of us were devastated when we saw what happened here and if it can happen in the town of Newtown, it could happen in any city or town in America,” Kraft said.

Around 30 current and former Patriots players, coaches and cheerleaders took part in the clinic, which saw more than 500 participants pre-register and more register on the day of the event. The Connecticut Post reports that Kraft got involved as well, playing cornerback against a youngster trying to catch a pass from tight end Rob Gronkowski and drawing calls for a pass interference flag when the receiver tripped over Kraft’s feet.

“Out of bad things, good things can happen, and the good here is to see the resilience and the mental toughness and support this community gave to one another,” Kraft said. “We saw it in Boston right after the horrible events on Patriots’ Day, the same way the community came together.”

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  1. Nice D Robert. I hope he gets fined by the league for excessive force. That should be like 10 Gs. In the spirit of the game of course the league deserves to get a little scratch and these kids deserve to be part of a realistic experience and get their cut too.

    It’s just business; you know playing football.

  2. So where are all the people who have been calling them a classless organization ? The patriots are one of the most generous franchises out there

  3. “The pages of PFT are filled with all kinds of stories and far too many of them are about football players and/or teams behaving badly.”

    I believe thats your choice, sir. Theres a reason the news is mainly out to report on murders, rapes, etc. Its more gripping than cutesy stories all the time, and the ratings actually prove it. However, those who report the news (or write the stories) have the option to focus on whatever they want. If you think far too many on this site are negative, work harder and report the positive. SO MANY of these players have developed their own charities and do great events with/for them all the time throughout the year. We dont see that. We see titus young get arrest 12 times in a day. Thats your choice, sir.


  4. all the pats bad press from booting a guy with diabetes and other assorted belichick maneuvers at least this doesn’t smell like those other moves cudos to mr kraft I still cant root for your team but at least this you got right

  5. The perpetrator on that horrific day in Newtown clearly had an extreme hatred for his fellow man. He took his hatred out on completely innocent and helpless individuals who had no means of defending themselves. When a true challenge in law enforcement had arrived..the killer was too much of a coward to take action against people who actually could defend themselves.

    Those police would have gladly obliged his death.

  6. What a great story and it definitely shows how classy the Patriots are but am I the only one that found it amusing that Robert Kraft tripped some kid?

  7. Let’s see the usual filth like AndrewPrough and Mazblast turn this into a Patriots bash fest.

  8. didn’t they get caught cheating a while ago? and didn’t the head coach have an affair?

    and I’m not sure, but I think they just dumped a player because they found out he has diabetes…geez, what a circus!

  9. Kraft and his family have done a lot of goods for communities in New England. Kudos to the Patriots.

    In response to some of the posts, I worked with the he perpetrator’s father back in the 90’s and a friend still works with him. He’s a good man. His son is mentally ill. It appears the mother, who the son lived with, suffered mental illness as well. The family failed miserably when they let him have access to guns as did his doctors and our gun loving society as a whole. I know it makes people feel better to put all of the blame on a sick individual who committed truly horrific acts, but the answer to this tragedy isn’t about who is tougher, or about policemen that would have gladly obliged the perpetrator’s death. It is about who is smarter, responsible, and more humane.

  10. to put all of the blame on a sick individual who committed truly horrific acts

    That’s right square where it belongs.

  11. How about all the people who have kids killed by drunk drivers? A 6 mouth old was killed a couple weekends ago in Connecticut, because a drunk driver, who had several previous DUIs, rear ended the car that the baby was in (in a car seat).

  12. Kudos to the Patriot organization. But, it would have been better if they had taken a stance in favor of banning all handguns, semi-automatics and large-capacity bullet cartridges.

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