Six Seahawks have tested positive for PEDs since 2011


Plenty of players test positive for performance enhancing drugs.  But the Seahawks definitely are in the midst of a troubling trend.

As pointed out by Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune, defensive end Bruce Irvin has become the sixth Seahawks player to test positive for performance enhancing drugs since 2011.

The others are cornerback Brandon Browner, safety Winston Guy, offensive lineman John Moffitt, offensive lineman Allen Barbre, and cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sherman’s suspension was overturned on appeal, based on irregularities with the sample-collection process.  Officially, then, he tested positive but the league determined that he did not violate the PED policy.

Irvin’s suspension also proves that, no matter how good a team looks on paper in May, plenty of things can happen to derail what appears to be a certain Super Bowl run.

78 responses to “Six Seahawks have tested positive for PEDs since 2011

  1. no waaay!!! a pete carroll team cheating?! who would have thought that to be possible or even likely. his track record is impeccable, and he also is one of the best cheerleaders in his age group. please don’t tell me this story is true!

  2. Carrol has the power to turn interceptions by the other team into game winning receptions. also his DBs’ really amazing technique of tackling the wide reciever during the flight of the ball is more proof that HE can make this all go away!

  3. I would put an asterisk next to Seahawks, but they have never won anything important. So they are not only cheaters, but they are also losers. They can’t even win by cheating. That’s when u know you are a miserable franchise.

  4. Well, you wear it you own it. Better it happens beginning of season than end I guess. If I was Pete, I would probably cut one of the remaining guys that have popped, Barbre is already gone, to send some more forceful message… Winston Guy would be my choice. Of the bunch, Irvin took the most responsibility, but given what was happening around him, should have known better.

  5. Que the pathetic Seahawk fanbase comments supporting these actions. A team that has accomplished nothing in their history yet run their mouths like they are significant.

  6. Ohhhh, this gonna be good!

    Coach Rah-rah & staff know NOTHING about this.

    The Seadderall Seashocks!

  7. When I first saw all of their defensive backs/corner backs, I was like “them boys be getting together in the offseason to lift weights and to work on their game”, because they were looking like collective monsters. I knew it was too good to be true. If they would have been my FALCCONS last year on drugs, I would have been 38 hot.

  8. Due to the events surrounding Super Bowl xl seahawks and Seahawk fans are absolved of all aspertions of guilt responsability and accountability for any perceived wrong doings missed calls etc….Ie Sherman was clean golden Tate totally caught that and

  9. Strength and Conditioning coach needs to be looked at, he must know something!

    It will be interesting to see if Jacksonville players on the defensive side of the ball test positive at a higher frequency. Gus Bradley is the new coach. So I will be looking for signals.

  10. Every team has players that use PEDs. Career extenders for the old guys and career enhancers for the younger ones. Have you seen the absurd bodies some of these guys have and how fast they are able to move them?

    I’m sure they have plenty of warnings as to when testing will occur and they still manage to fail. So if you want to make fun of Seattle, make fun of them for being stupid enough to get caught.

  11. So, here is the solution. Stop testing for them. Football fans really don’t care and testing has not and will not stop them from getting used. Give up and let them take the risk to their bodies if they choose.

  12. Why can’t the Seahawks just use HGH like the rest of the league? Maybe some of them ARE actually using Adderal to get a mental edge. I just assumed the acknowledgements of Adderal was a ploy to only be labeled with the most publicly acceptable drug.

    Oh, and did I just see a Saints fan talk about not winning anything significant without cheating? Really!?

    I know you all think this is systemic throughout the entire Seahawks team, & that Carroll is orchestrating the whole thing, but I give the man more credit than I do the likes of Winston Guy & Browner & Irvin, etc. Carroll would be smart enough to get them HGH and Adderal prescriptions if he were doing this in an organized fashion.

    It is likely a result of some guys that feel insecure about their mental abilities (or physical if the Adderal was just a cover story) due to the pressure of making an NFL squad, or keeping a starting spot. All of which is compounded that much more in Seattle because of Carroll “Always compete” philosophy. When high draft picks have been cut & undrafted guys have earned starting gigs, it’s easy to see why these guys go off the books to get an advantage.

  13. In a business that has so much money riding on performance… we havent heard the last of “performance enhancing drugs” nor will we ever. I think brandon marshall was quoted as saying he took viagra to gain an edge.

    Alot of these nfl guys are doing everything they can to get a bigger contract or be the best at their position. I dont really think something like adderall is giving people that dramatic of an edge. The nfl ought to revisit their policies on what they ban. They have some pretty ridiculous things on their list.

    Steroids… hgh… all the illegal stuff that gives a dramatic edge to people sure… but lets be real about adderall, its not even illegal. Why freak out over it.

  14. How long until the league starts taking action against the team for consistent violations?

  15. Hawk fan saying Carroll and Schneider to clean it up or get out themselves. One, maybe two guys you got a couple of bad apples, this many is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed sooner than yesterday. It now falls squarely on the leadership, unfortunately, given PC’s history, he will not /should not be given the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t know about it.

  16. If the NFL made the teams accountable by taking draft picks for multiple offenders they might take the whole PED issue more seriously.

  17. I said it ten times last year. “The Seahawks strike me as a team that won’t handle success well.”

    This actually work to their advantage if Carroll & Scneider can stoke the “we’re all we got” fires. It could also end horribly with more suspensions, a Wilson sophmore slump along with some finger pointing, back biting and a 6-10 season.

  18. Adderall? Really? Theyre cracking down on something college students use to pull of all-nighters? Really?

    There’s harder drugs in the training room medicine cabinet. But since those drugs are administered by team doctors, its okay.

    What a joke.

  19. Oh te simplicity of jealous haters. I KNOW…if I make this about Pete Carroll, then I no longer have to face the reality that he has out-smarted and out-schemed my team’s coaches and front office, and the seahawks’ historical dominance could then just be written off as fluke. THERE WE GO!!! Okay now I feel better about them smashing my 49ers, and utterly embarrassing our fan base by making my team look like a bunch of 8-man junior higher’s. get Goodell to revoke those wins!!! Cuz Carroll must be walking around the locker room an handing out pills.

    Haha. Haters. Keep hating. The Seahawks aren’t going away. Get used to it. But please do feel free to continue deluding yourselves with whatever excuses you wish, to make you feel better about your team getting annihilated by them.

  20. Who cares. Now if they were taking anabolic steroids that would be different. This “PED” term is thrown around too loosely. Sherman took Adderall. Other players have been accused of taking HGH. None of which are steroids. Adderall is taken by pimple faced kids with ADD, and it doesn’t suddenly make them better at football, and HGH is taken by players to help rehab from injuries. But you know what, screw it, lets just say “PED” and make every one think steroids right away.

  21. Pete Carroll escaped the college problems just in time. Now he’s into it all over again. Way to go Seahawks and coach.

  22. You asked for it..U got it. It’s like telling an actress not to get plastic surgery because it meet make you look better. This is what it is about.

  23. You asked for it..U got it. It’s like telling an actress not to get plastic surgery because it meet make you look better. This is what it is about. Bye the way! we asked for this…..

  24. Aderall is speed not a muscle builder but i don’t wanna take the acorn all these haters are holding on to away. Somehow the players decision to indulge has fallen at the feet of coaches & management to these people. Like there was a bounty program for taking…wait, that was a different team that actually did have cheating at the top.

  25. If I was a owner I wouldn’t ever hire Pete but Seattle fans could careless how it comes as long as they win. I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon. Sherman got lucky and he just a wanna be chad or TO diva type of player. You notice how easy they get cast aside in this league.

  26. My favorite comment was Adderall is not even illegal. Well if you don’t have a prescription for it, and you get your hands on it anyway and are taking it then guess what in the eyes of the law what you are doing is illegal.

  27. First off, just because a few players from the Seahawks tested positive for Adderall, doesn’t make the team as a whole “a bunch of cheaters.” I do think it is indeed a problem and Pete Carroll should take some responsibility into seeing that this kind of stuff stops.

    Also, the Redskins have had more players in the last two years test positive for illegal substances than the Seahawks. By the logic of everyone else, they are cheaters too.

    Furthermore, I think that there are many other players in the NFL that uses banned substances but haven’t got caught yet. It’s really only a matter of time. What do you think will happen when the NFL passes through HGH testing? That’s going to be an issue to even further complicate things.

  28. jrazz22 says:
    May 19, 2013 12:50 AM
    “Que the pathetic Seahawk fanbase comments supporting these actions. A team that has accomplished nothing in their history yet run their mouths like they are significant.”

    Yeah, because I loyally support my team, that makes me pathetic. I think what’s pathetic is that you’re insinuating something that’s not even true.

    I and many other Seahawks fans don’t support these actions and we are very dissapointed that this has been a reoccurring trend. The only one running their mouth is you with your ignorant assumptions.

  29. Saints fans, Patriots fans are bent, leaving comments on how the Seahawks should have an asterik beside their wins against you? Still bent?
    How about the Patriots, and spygate? Funny how the Patriots haven’t won any superbowls after they got caught cheating.
    How about the Saints bounty program?
    Maybe wait until the Seahawks win something, instead of prematurely getting off

  30. As a Seahawk’s fan and USC hater, it’s pretty clear that Pete has a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy when it comes to PEDs, improper benefits, recruiting, etc.

  31. Another jump on the Hawks article for you Mike. Why not publish how many players on each team have been busted? Also being a Lawyer, in the court of Law Sherman’s would not be counted, because he was found innocent. That did not fit your story, so you skirted around it. Don’t delete this like everything else I post, take the challenge and post how many all team have been busted. Seattle has 5 not 6, or does the innocent until guilty change to make a better story?

  32. All of this speculation surrounding the Seahawks and their use of PED’s, and they still Percy Harvin’s next outburst to look forward to.

  33. dstep24 says:

    “…the seahawks’ historical dominance…”

    Historical dominance??!! Nothing demonstrates the absurdity of Seahawk fan better than one talking about the team’s “historical dominance.” The all time Seahawk-Niner record is 14-14. This is mainly based on the fact that the Seahawks entered the NFC West at the beginning of a long Niners slump period. The teams played three times in the 80’s and early 90’s – Niners won every time. And over the last 2 years since Harbaugh entered the scene it’s Niners 3-1.

    “Historical dominance.” Hilarious. Seahawk fan has it backwards – first you win something, then you talk about historical dominance. Not the other way around.

  34. People on this forum are about as dumb as rocks. Even though the NFL lists Adderall as a PED, it actually makes people with ADHD more calm, and their attention focused. The ONLY way it could be viewed as a performance enhancer is if one of these guys wanted to study the playbook and keep their concentration on what they read.

    This is not a steroid. There is virtually no practical enhancement while working out, or playing football.

    You guys need to look at what you are saying before you type things.

  35. So you know, if you go lookup suspensions/NFL, Washington players have been suspended 6 times as well.

    Tampa Bay has 5. No question Seattle has more than most, but I think you guys would be surprised how many other teams have 3-4.

    What I can’t seem to understand is: Did Irving think he wouldn’t be tested??? Aren’t ALL players tested?

  36. With Pete Carroll’s history and reputation, the NFL needs to be looking even deeper into the Seahawks and their propensity for using PED’s. I would bet the farm that Pete has his fingerprints all over the promotion of PED’s among his players.

  37. Let’s have a little perspective here, shall we?

    Over the past three years, EVERY team in the NFL, (except one), has had one or more of its players ARRESTED on various charges, usually DUI or possession, but sometimes worse. I’m talking lawbreakers, not NFL “rule” breakers. So, unless you’re a fan of that one team, you need to shut your hypocritical pie holes when it comes to judging opposing teams, other players, and other fans based upon the mistakes of a few players.

    Or shall we just assume all Green Bay Packer fans and players are sex perverts because Favre sent a photo of his junk on the Internet? Or all Steelers and their fans are rapists, and all Eagles and Falcons and their fans animal abusers, and all Bills fans and players serial murderers?

    You hate spewers are complete and utter morons, living in glass houses while chucking stones with abandon. Grow the eff up!

    And that one team is the Houston Texans, but only because I didn’t check back further than 3 years, so stay humble, Houston.

  38. OK. Not ONE more post like “I have ADHD and … saved me…”. Everyone on the Seahwaks doesn’t have ADHD. 90 % of the diagnosed patients these days DON’T have ADD or ADHD. They have parents and a society that won’t say “Your kid is a hyper spaz, make him play outside for a bit each day”. Good Lord if my kid acts out he needs meds. Not!. These NFL players want a legal meth high pure and simple. Go ahead and delete now PFT, I’m being all anti PC.

  39. Can’t any of you people out there blaming all this on Carroll put the blame where it belongs? The individuals took the drugs. They’re grown men making big money. You think for one second Pete Carroll can control what these guys do off the field? That’s as stupid as most of your comments. Because Carroll broke some NCAA rules doesn’t have any bearing on the NFL. It’s low hanging fruit for every hater to keep referring back to. Btw, how does popping speed in May make you a cheater in September? Your criticisms might have weight if you had your facts straight.

  40. You can’t tell me Ray Lewis was clean when he came back from an October triceps injury so severe they announced that he would be out for the year, and then two months later he ends up playing in the playoffs and Superbowl. Yet the Ravens are the champions and they will go in the record books with no asterisk.

  41. I was gonna throw in my shots at seattle…. but man, being a Packer fan and having every other fanbase gang up on you on this website ….I know how much that sucks…. so, whatever, keep your heads up Seahawk fans, ….IT GETS BETTER.

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