Super Bowls L and LI to be awarded this week

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NFL owners will be gathering in Boston this week for a meeting that has one primary item on the agenda:  Awarding two Super Bowls.

First, it’s Miami versus San Francisco for Super Bowl L.  Then, the loser takes on Houston for Super Bowl LI.  The votes will happen on Tuesday.

Via Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News, supporters of the South Florida Super Bowl raised $36.5 million to support their bid, which is more than twice the amount previously believed and $6.5 million more than Bay Area supporters raised.

For the powers-that-be in San Francisco (yes, we know the stadium is in Santa Clara), the broader goal has becomes cracking the Super Bowl rotation, which would put games periodically in the new venue instead of making a title game a one-shot, quid pro quo for building it.

“Owners remember successful Super Bowls,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Rosenberg.

The bar will be higher for Super Bowl L.  “It’s a bigger deal,” NFL senior V.P. for events Frank Supovitz told Rosenberg.  “Super Bowl L has to be above and beyond even that curve of improvement.”

That could make it even harder for Miami to win Super Bowl L, given the failure of an effort to secure public funds to upgrade Sun Life Stadium.  After hinging future Super Bowls to renovations at the place where the game is played, the not-so-subtle threat will come off as hollow, especially if Miami gets the 50th edition of America’s premier sporting event.

Miami could still finagle Super Bowl LI.  At times, the game is as much about the events preceding it as the game itself, and South Florida remains an ideal location for the seven days of events that come before kickoff.

35 responses to “Super Bowls L and LI to be awarded this week

  1. Come on NFL, show some courage and put the big game in Cleveland and Greenbay. Play it like it was meant to be played… In the elements.

  2. Super Bowl in Green Bay? Never happen. They don’t have nearly enough hotel rooms to support it, unless you want visitors to stay in ice shanties, or take shuttles from Milwaukee. Plus, I don’t think the NFL wants their high rollers paying hundreds for a game ticket, which is just a spot on a bench between 2 fat beer swillers.

    Besides, T.O. said it best – “There ain’t a damn thing to do in Green Bay.”

  3. Miami has no shot at either game. Santa Clara with its new stadium is a lock for Super Bowl 50 and Houston will edge out Miami because it has a more current stadium.

  4. “(Yes, we know the stadium is in Santa Clara)”.

    Take that, geography police!

  5. Bay area can really support a SuperBowl. We had to pay about $1400 per night in New Orleans because of the shortage of the hotels.

    In Bay area, between, San Jose, East bay and San Francisco and everything in between there are hundreds of decent hotels.

    Plus Santa Clara stadium will have one of the best public transportations you can possible have (between ACE trains and light rails).

    Santa Clara has also Approved a new Santana Row like entertainment district right across from the stadium.

  6. For get Santa Clara. Seattle has a new building and still hasn’t been given one. The weather in Seattle is better in the winter than Dallas or New Orleans. What are they thinking?

  7. Florida legislature needs to be punished for messing with the NFL – NO SUPER BOWL FOR YOU!

  8. I don’t think the Santa Clara aspect is a big deal at all. Heck Lambeau Field is in Ashawabenon, WI and the Giants and Jets home stadium is in a different state!

  9. There’s something ‘right’ about having the Super Bowl L in San Francisco in the most sophisticated stadium in all the NFL where a SB hasn’t been played in ages. And of course I’m biased because I hope to see the #49ers in that Super Bowl too.

    Either way it’ll be a great venue!

  10. Super Bowl L should be in L.A. Just like the first. A true neutral field. Rose Bowl or Coloseum seat 100K. But no precious sky boxes for the corporate yutzes.

  11. “Bay area can really support a SuperBowl. We had to pay about $1400 per night in New Orleans because of the shortage of the hotels.”

    New Orleans easily has enough rooms for a Super Bowl. The price that week had zero to do with shortage. Wait until you see what you’ll have to pay in New York next year. At $1400 per night, you had to be at a five star hotel within walking distance or a short cab ride from the SuperDome. There were plenty of rooms in the suburbs or New Orleans East for $150 per night or less. Before anyone turns their nose up at that, bear in mind that even those rooms are much closer to the stadium than the ones you get in most Super Bowl cities. New Orleans is in the Super Bowl rotation for all of the right reasons. She is over-qualified for that event.

  12. The coldest summer I ever had was a summer in San Francisco…

    San Francisco is a horrible place for a SB. You can’t walk anywhere. Its a great city and all, but it is nearly impossible to get around.

    Try walking up California to the top of Nob Hill. Best Chinatown in the USA though.

  13. Every Super Bowl should be in New Orleans. Period. Bests locale, restaurants, clubs, music, you walk to the game, lots of hotels, and it’s
    just a great town that knows how to do it right. Plus, it’ll be like a home game for the Saints!

  14. The Superdome had a 30 minute blackout which nearly cost Baltimore the game. That embarrassment should be a reason alone not to have another superbowl in New Orleans for a long time.

  15. I say, lets have it in Philly. I’m an eagles fan, at least it be a sure way to have a SB ring.. even if only temporarily in the house.. -(

    But seriously, New England, New York, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Buffalo, even Washington ( i shudder at that one).. All big cities, with more than enough room with hotels and mass transit..

    Oh, and didn’t the championships used to be played in those cities, before the All Powerful Superbowl was invented, and some numbskull said only southern cities can have them..

    I’m all for northern cities hosting, and teams playing in the elements. this isn’t supposed to be a GENTLE man’s game.

    And for that matter, Seattle, Denver, Cincci, Cleveland..

    I think it’s BS in the current host cities are all from the south..

    I’m e=xcited to see the SB in NY. that’s freakin awesome!

  16. They’re not really going forward with the L and LI thing, are they? It’s time to switch to 50, 51 and so on.

  17. Using a picture of the saints or a saints player in this story is like using a picture of lance armstrong for the tour de france or a Seahawks player for the probowl.

  18. with the stadium and possible relocation rumors out of south Florida, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got passed over for both.

  19. The very real possibility of watching our Niners play for their 6th or perhaps 7th Super Bowl win, on their own field, in their brand new stadium…..Priceless.

    It’s a great time to be a Niner’s fan!!

  20. So when it’s in San Fran are there going to be special seating sections for the overwhelming homeless population?

  21. Don’t have it in Bay Area… Shootings all the time. Especially at whiner events. Warrior game last week … 2 ppl dead. Violence after giants World Series…. Niner game pre-season… Violence at the stick..they don’t know how to act…Super Bowl l /Miami. LI Houston.

  22. I’ve been to 5 Super Bowl cities during the week of the games and attended 2 games personally. In my opinion, it was always about a city that had great weather and entertainment in January. Millennium fans will argue why their city should be a host, but nothing compares to San Diego, Miami, and New Orleans. Weather wise who has 80 degree weather in January? So Cal and So Florida only. I passed on attending Indy. I heard many had a crappy experience. I never understood the concept of “experiencing” what a city has to offer when it’s 27 degrees outside. For those of you not familiar with the concept of localized hotels to accommodate not only the 69,000 in attendance, but the additional security, weekly parties and events, and media that easily add another 30,000 plus in need of a place to stay. Jacksonville was a great city, but having hotels 45 minutes away is not convenient. The same with Green Bay. No hotels and NOTHING TO DO. Get over it already. The rotation should be N.O., S.D., Rosebowl, Miami, and Arizona.

  23. come to cincy – MLB finally broke down and the nati hosting MLB all-star game

  24. the next SB should be played in Stockholm just to stick it to all you warm weather whiners

  25. hopper15 says:
    May 19, 2013 2:09 PM
    The Superdome had a 30 minute blackout which nearly cost Baltimore the game. That embarrassment should be a reason alone not to have another superbowl in New Orleans for a long time.

    MetLife Stadium is the next SB host. They’ve already had 2 blackouts in one game. Guess what? These things happen from time to time. San Francisco once had an earthquake during the World Series, so according to your brilliant deduction, I guess that they shouldn’t have a Super Bowl there, either.

  26. Yeah, south Florida is nice in February, but the owner is a clown who won’t put up the money to fix his own stadium.. Go San Fran er. Ta Clara !

  27. But if the Super Bowl isn’t in New Orleans we can’t hear about Katrina for the billionth time.

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