Trent Richardson won’t be prosecuted for assault that resulted in lawsuit


After two women sued Browns running back Trent Richardson for allegations that he instigated their assault outside his home in December 2012, some pointed to the absence of criminal charges as proof that Richardson is blameless.

At the time, a representative of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office explained that the alleged victims had not cooperated with the investigation.  (Their lawyer disagreed.)  Now, a prosecutor has confirmed that there will be no charges, absent additional information.

According to the Morning Journal, Elyria City Prosecutor Matt Mishak said that, due to conflicting statements, there was no probable cause to arrest Richardson.  Mishak added that, absent new evidence, charges are unlikely.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit against Richardson was transferred from Cuyahoga County to Lorain County, a move that presumably occurred at the request of Richardson’s lawyers.  It’s part of the games lawyers play as they try to position cases so they’ll be heard by judges and/or juries deemed to be more favorable.

The absence of criminal charges has no impact on a civil lawsuit, which is subject to a far lower standard of proof and can be filed without meeting any initial burdens like probable cause.

3 responses to “Trent Richardson won’t be prosecuted for assault that resulted in lawsuit

  1. Lawyer “games.” The forum shopping happened when the plaintiffs’ lawyer filed the case in Cuyahoga County if the alleged incident happened in Lorain County.

  2. Adding to Audient’s observation, the proper location for the lawsuit is either the location of the incident or the residence of the defendant, Richardson.

    Since the incident occurred at his residence, there is no basis whatsoever for filing in Cuyahoga County. It may have been chosen for the simple expedient that it’s easier for the Plaintiff’s attorney to walk across the street to attend court proceedings than drive to Elyria.

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