Tulloch gets motivation from reaction to his spot on Top 100 list


Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch recently landed on NFL Network’s Top 100 list.  Four spots higher than Darrelle Revis.

Which prompted a candid reaction from MDS.

And so Tulloch has found a way to find extra motivation, based on the response to his placement ahead of Revis.

“Trust me, I’ve been [a] fourth-round pick, undersized, this and that.  I’ve heard it all,” Tulloch said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.  “I’ve came to the league, I’ve played a long time, I’ve made good money, I’ve done it all.  At this point, you can keep throwing stones at me but I’m going to keep breaking them up and keep doing what I do.  That’s just another one.  It’s all good.”

Still, Tulloch believes the players who vote on the top 100 players (actually, the players who vote merely pick their top 20) got it right.

“People don’t realize that when you play the game of football you endure a lot and you go through a lot and the players, they understand that,” Tulloch said.  “So for the players to vote [me in the top 100] and leave the writers out of it, it speaks volumes because we know what it is to go week in and week out and play against one another.”

Tulloch was more direct in response to MDS’s assessment of the wisdom of Tulloch’s placement ahead of Revis.  “Lol I love it when people hate @ProFootballTalk Michael D Smith!” Tulloch said on Twitter.  “He can sit behind a computer & write about something he wish [he] could play!”

Tulloch has a right to his opinions.  And so do we.  On the question of whether Tulloch is actually a better player than Revis, we’ve got a feeling that most people would agree with our opinion.

11 responses to “Tulloch gets motivation from reaction to his spot on Top 100 list

  1. Except it is an annual list. And over the last year, one of these guys had a shredded knee, and the other one did not.

    Are you going to write an article about every player that is listed above Revis? Because you can make the case for the rest on the list as well.

  2. “He can sit behind a computer & write about something he wish [he] could play!”

    – well, let’s ALL admit he’s pretty much nailed that assessment of PFT writers and the peanut gallery

    Speaking for me, I like the guy’s attitude. The players themselves recognize the guys who did it through hard work – and rank them higher than those guys with more talent who didn’t work as hard as they could have.

  3. While I would like to see more players voting on this before I take it with any kind of seriousness, I do agree with Tulloch.

    Does anyone really think that Revis had a better season than Tulloch did last season? Revis played in two games and the Jets lost half of those games and gave up over 4 scores in each of the two games.

    The Lions weren’t exactly sterling on D last season but Tulloch was one of the better players on a sub-par D while Revis was an injury casualty on a sub-par D.

  4. As a lions fans I appreciate the guys work ethic and professionalism , he’s a great team player ,,, keep up the hard work dude and let the negative talk jus motivate you

  5. As a Jets fan, it pains me to say this,,,but Revis is not an “island” anymore with that busted knee…so perhaps the list is correct after all.

  6. Revis played TWO games and made the list because there obviously were players who didn’t understand that they were supposed to rate the best players from last season only. Revis shouldn’t have been on the list at all.

  7. This was the top players of 2012 wasnt it?? Tulloch playing well for 16 games is absolutely better than revis playing really good for 4 or 5.

  8. Not sure how this is an issue. Jerry Rice is, historically, a better football player than anyone on this list, so why isn’t he number one?

    Oh wait, it’s because he wasn’t playing in 2012. This is the “Top 100 Players of 2012”, not “The top 100 players based on reputations”. Dwight Freeney, London Fletcher, and Troy Polamalu, future Hall of Famers, clocked in at 80, 86, and 91 respectively. Why? Because they’re old. All were historically great players in their prime, but their production in 2012 landed them the spots they deserved. Similarly, Revis production earned him the spot he deserved, and Tulloch’s play earned him a higher spot.

    Tulloch had 101 more tackles, and 3 more PBU’s- Tulloch got the higher ranking. These are facts.

  9. Isn’t it cute the way that Florio rushed to defend his GF’s honor? Ah, true love is blind!

  10. I disagree with Mr. Florio and am disappointed that he is unable to see the forest for the trees when that’s the strength that helped make his site notable. Regardless, a pragmatic, objective view was tossed out the window here.

    The vote was supposed to take into account ONLY the impact on the field, in games played last season. You cannot make a statement regarding the list if you disregard the context in which it was created in the first place.

    It’s one thing to argue that Revis is a better player than another. It’s another to try to argue that you would take his two games’ worth of production over a full season of someone else’s work last year.

    If the players voted for Tulloch, then there you go. Expand your thinking and deal with it.

    Either people at PFT just want to have a topic with which to stir the pot and keep people checking in and posting, or they genuinely have that hard a time mentally conceiving of how to evaluate and rate only last year’s performances in the manner stipulated for the list in the first place.

    Tsk PFT. Tsk. You’re better than that.

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